These Retro Board Games Are Suddenly Back! | Board Game News -

These Retro Board Games Are Suddenly Back! | Board Game News

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This episode: all the latest board game news for October 2022.

Wonderlands War Kickstarter
The denizens of Wonderland are choking on the ever so serious business of war!


Tidal Blades: Banner Festival
Pre-order Tidal Blades: Banner Festival on the Lucky Duck Games website!

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  1. Let me also mention a reprint of Kingmaker! Not by Renegade but…

  2. If you ever find out if axis and allies and zombies will have a 2nd edition please inform me

  3. Oh god no, I own every Axis and Allies. I don’t have the room for new versions!

  4. Might be retro or faithful to the game's past, but that artwork for Judge Dredd does nothing for me. If there is a reprint for Robo Rally, as compared to the Hasbro version, PLEASE USE BETTER COMPONENTS.

  5. I'm really interested in Wonderland War. So far as Asmodee…I hope that there are still small businesses around, independent of them, succeeding well. ^_^

  6. Kemet… Cyclades… Inis reprint next year?

  7. We're extremely excited. It's a real treat to get to work on classics. 🙂

  8. Command & conquer (original first one) IP for the axis & allies world.

  9. Does this mean that even axis and Allie’s and zombies will get a 2nd edition

  10. Wait – the news wants to know my thoughts on things? I’ve been waiting for this moment… perhaps my whole life…
    I think Asmodee being a one-stop shop for printing and distribution might be a good thing, especially in a world where we are often hit hard by shipping and production costs as a consumer, especially on crowdfunding sites. Having a mega-corp that can do the printing and distribution on each continent without needing to ship would be ideal.
    The downside would be if Asmodee tried to take creative control of someone like a Stonemaier or Floodgate Games. I think then we end up with a more limited pool of ideas.

  11. Anything that moves towards a monopoly is bad, all modern games know this ( :

  12. Proudly one of the 10’s of Chaz fans

  13. I’m a Chaz fan, and I think their should be more than 10 of us…At least twenty. Great video!

  14. Oi, Matthew! Don't be so reductive. There are dozens of Chaz fans out there… DOZENS OF US!

    P.S. I don't know if WIP is ever going to do like a 'question of the day' thing, but I'm curious to know people's thoughts on the following: "If you were playing a team hidden role game (e.g. The Resistance/Avalon, Secret Hitler, BSG/Unfathomable) and you were one of the two antagonist players… which WIP team member would you want to be the other one?"

  15. Asmodee acquiring all these companies reminds me of the Microsoft merger. A monopoly is NEVER a good thing for consumers …. So I’m surprised there isn’t pushback against this
    Time will tell

  16. I, for one, cannot waitt to get my hands on Agricola: My Two Dads Edition.

  17. I was 17 in 1981, so 17+1,000……Wow! I'm old!!!

  18. My son Loves Axis and Allies-he will be thrilled to hear about a reprint

  19. Would Acquire be reprinted as part of the Avalon Hill re-release?

  20. Great to see the Judge Dredd game getting a new version. It was one of the first games I ever bought back in the 80s. I recently got round to sleeving the cards (which are paper thin). I don’t like to rush into things.

  21. How about bringing back Fortress America again!?!

  22. As a Canadian who sees all games being shipped 2-3 months in advance to USA or never seeing them arrive at all, I would hope that's where Asmodee could be helpful in becoming a more central hub for printing and distributing games. As long as they respect the designers and don't start making all games bland and similar. Now that would be a tragedy.

  23. I’m a fan of Chaz 😃 I think he’s cheeky and fun 😆

  24. Global competition watchdogs will be scrutinising Asmodee’s latest moves for any hints it would harm consumer interests. Most of them are toothless paper tigers that just rubber stamp such programs but the EC has shown it will take action in similar circumstances.

  25. Asmodee also purchased miniature market in the US. That should help them with American distribution also. (Or whoever bought asmodee)

  26. I'm a Chaz fan "Stick, Stick, Stick, Stick, Sticky, Sticky, Stick, Stick" 🙂

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