This Board Game Was Invented 5,000 Years Ago. How to Play It? -

This Board Game Was Invented 5,000 Years Ago. How to Play It?

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Board games are older, much older than you probably think. The Royal Game of Ur, also called the Game of Twenty Squares, was invented around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The game wasn’t only played by royals. People from all social classes enjoyed this 2-player strategy race game. The game evolved with time, and then it was replaced with other board games.


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  1. How to modify mahjongStep 1: Create new rules:Get 3 same tiles instead of 2, like a tile-matching video game.Every combo of 3 same tiles gives 30 points. Extra tiles are bonus points.Directions, Flowers, and Dragons can be matched differently.Matching three 6 tiles makes you out because it's evil.

  2. 😢 you explained to fast, please if posible make a new video where you explain the games slowly, thanks ❤

  3. the only game here ive ever heard of was wari/mancala
    i didnt know it used to be called wari and people used to use seeds instead of marbles or pebbles but ive played mancala multiple times throughout my life, its fun

  4. Board games are really awesome, i like playing board games with friends. Trivial Pursuit IS My favourite board game and favourite card game IS UNO. 🃏🎲

  5. Trying to extract my dominos? No chance! Deleted


    Hello I heard if you say a creators name you get pinned. BRIGHT SIDE BRIGHT SIDE BRIGHT SIDE

  7. Every Avatar fan whispered under their breath, “Pai Sho?”

  8. Wari game is actually known as pallaguli in Tamil , it is a famous and original (ig) game of Tamil nadu , India 🇮🇳

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  10. Bright never disappoints us, he's an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces. His content is amazing.

  11. I learned to play Senet in the Nancy Drew video game Tomb of the Lost Queen. t didn't like it much though. It was hard to win😀

  12. You can play Senet in one of the excellent Nancy Drew adventure games for PC. Nancy Drew #26: Tomb of the Lost Queen has this game as part of the game play. One of the NPCs in the game teaches you to play and after that you can play against her as often as you want just by walking over to the game. I keep a saved game with that screen and just pull it up whenever I want to play it. It's a fun game.

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