This Game Is IMPOSSIBLE! Come Play Puff Ball With Us! #boardgames #couple -

This Game Is IMPOSSIBLE! Come Play Puff Ball With Us! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Looks like your wife is good at blowing.

  2. Cause you are blowing at an angle my guy. She is blowing straight on. Physics homie.

  3. Who couldve guessed that she was better at blowing?, wholesome?
    , not so much

  4. “You just don’t know how to blow!” 😅😂😂😂

  5. I swear this is one of the most wholesome relationships I have seen

  6. how many board games you have?yes!how many board games you have? all!

  7. HAHaven are copying you I would like to say!

  8. YUS, SHE SAID IT. now I can say, she just has good game at… yeah I still can't say it lol 😂🤦😭

  9. Guess we know who wrote the caption 😏 love these 2 so much! 💜

  10. Хули она пол стола забрала, как он будет задувать эту херню в лунку?

  11. It was your angle brother!!!!!! So cute 🥰

  12. the question at this point becomes what game do they not own

  13. How many games do you have? Genuinely I am actually curious

  14. Вы такие милые и сладкие! ❤
    А сасое главное, счастливые)

  15. It's impossible…

    Obviously not 🤣🤣🤣

  16. That guy is blowing sideways how do he think he'll score

  17. Так не честно она ровно дует а он боком иза этого она выйграла

  18. You blowing at an angle so the ball will most likely go to the side

  19. Man You can't do it cuz you aren't in center to the game so when you blow which apparently you don't know how to as per your partner you send the ball to the side. THE BALL IS MOVING SIDEWAYS WITH YOUR BLOWS.😂

  20. Hard to win this when she’s literally taking up most of the space and hes at an angle.. better luck next time

  21. Lol I like to imagine that y’all play a game every night to decide who makes dinner like “babe are you hungry?” “Yeah lemme grab the Yahtzee rq”

  22. Amo como ella lo mira. Tiene una mirada dulce ❤

  23. Well, that game blows. (I'll see myself out.)

  24. The guy was not playing correctly. He wasn’t straight in line with the game

  25. You just don't know how to blow bruh y'all were all innocent and cute… Until now… 😂😂😂😂

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