This Game Takes Some SERIOUS Skill To Master! #boardgames #couple -

This Game Takes Some SERIOUS Skill To Master! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Hi i love this game what the name of this game

  2. This has got to be the most boring game ever LoL

  3. Y’all could skip the bullshit, not be lazy, and cook dinner as a team

  4. Dang, other vid has her destroying him at this!

  5. I played Mouse Trap as a kid so id actually be great at this

  6. This couple has quite the eclectic collection of old board games. 😅

  7. 😂Ha ha ha ha ha bro what the hell was that

  8. The Legend says they never do the dinner

  9. I Wish More Married Couples Now A Days Where Like These 2.

  10. It is not that hard
    I have the original game that was made in the 70 s
    I have two of them it is called hit the spot They are over 50 years old
    I can get the ball to the top all the time.

  11. Why not just go for the 5000 on the first try.

  12. We have never seen the loser doing punishments

  13. I would have just hit pluto immediately… Guess im just built different

  14. It's odd to me how anyone could struggle… Playing this game…

  15. You have to open all the ways, and close fast.
    Almost to the point the bars bend, this helps shoot it to the moon.

  16. Seriously. Why do you not tell us the names of these fabulous games?

  17. I love cooking. I’d lose on purpose.

  18. What is game called. Would like to buy 1

  19. I’ll tell you the trick. It is speed. Close the metal rods fast and that ball takes off.

  20. You guys should post videos on two player board/card games and how to play them. With the board/cards layed out and a short clip of you guys playing them! That would help so much!

  21. We had this game back in the late 60s cool game back then

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