This puzzle box opens in one move #shorts -

This puzzle box opens in one move #shorts

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Karakuri small box Block R –

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  1. love it. did it come with any clues?

  2. Pretty simple and also a bit easy. But what makes it a little difficult is that you cant see the small shape line between the covering and the box

  3. Even when the solution is so simple, they still manage to make a fascinating puzzle box, due to the flawless finish.

  4. This is the puzzle where I would give up on using tricks after 30 minutes of failed attempts and just break it with a sludge hammer.

  5. How to confuse robbers in 35 seconds

  6. Hele já kdybych to měl tak na to 100% nepřijdu. Děláš to podle návodu nebo na to přijdeš a pak uděláš video?

  7. Im really amazes on how well
    they're made

  8. Better than mine. Same move but you can see the seams.

  9. No-ones stealing from u with that, lol. Honestly if I was robbing u I'd give up in the 1st minute with those puzzles 😂

  10. I would use only one move which would be a swing of a hammer,which would create an impact on this wooden box and crack it open

  11. I need an answer
    You find the solutions by your own or you get them from somewhere????????

  12. If you put something inside, you can shake it in all 3 planes until you find the one that starts to open it.

  13. Да ну нахуй!))) изысканно, да, но просто один паз?… Хотя-бы сделали бы его кубическим! 🙁

  14. i could see the seams before he ever showed me

  15. So it’s just a box that you have to open nice puzzle 10/10 😂

  16. I thought he was solving a chocolate puzzle

  17. Imagine Tanjiro getting a new box for nezuko and he got this instead of an easy-opening box. Now nezuko has 2 choices, either solve it or destroy it


  18. I can see the seams tf u talking about?

  19. I was so sure it had to be spun that when you just pulled it out I laughed.

    For being so simple it's a pretty effective puzzle, only problem is that throwing or shaking it might unintentionally solve it lol.

  20. i dont know what you mean i can see all the seams even in places that.. dont have seams

  21. I saw the seam before you did the solution 😂and once you put your finger on those squares I knew I was right and sure enough that’s where the lid was

  22. This puzzle can be solved in one move.

    Me: Uses hammer

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