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Ticket to Ride – How To Play

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In this video we’re going to learn how to play Ticket To Ride! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – The Setup
01:30 – Train Cards
01:52 – Too Many Wilds
02:05 – Destination Tickets
02:52 – Gameplay Overview
03:14 – Claiming Routes
03:54 – Multicolored Trains
04:30 – Gray Spaces
04:38 – Gaining Points
05:11 – Double Routes
05:37 – Drawing Train Cards
05:57 – Taking Wild Trains
06:23 – Emptying the Train Deck
06:50 – Drawing Destinations
07:57 – Ending the Game
08:10 – Scoring Destination Tickets
08:42 – Incomplete Destinations
08:59 – Longest Path Bonus
09:34 – Tiebreaking Rules
09:59 – Conclusion

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  1. This video is perfect, I'm currently trying to convince my cousins we should play a boardgame or 2 at Christmas this year instead of watching 2 player video games. They only really know games like Clue or Monopoly. There are 5 of us.

  2. You sound just like Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, with the same mannerisms and phrasing! Great tutorial, thank you ☺️

  3. If I complete the routes in my hand before a player has only two trains, do I have to continue to pick up ticket route card or able I able to just continue to lay trains down without having a mission?

  4. For your final turn, if you only have 3 trains left, can you acquire a track that is 4 or greater cars long? Or can you only acquire a track that you can physically put a car on?

  5. Got this for my dad for Christmas, has he had wanted it for a while. My mom doesn’t like complicated games (villainous) so she quits before we start. For Villainous and this wonderful game, you have been helpful to keep all the players at the table!

  6. Excellent explanation, thank you! I wish I had watched this before trying to wrap my head around the in game instructions live, with two impatient 11/12 year olds wanting to get back to their smartphones… 😀

    7:13 – You are saying 'can't discard', right? Or is it 'can discard'?

  7. Thank you for this video, it is a great explanation. However I have a question I haven't found any answer anywhere so far…
    Am I able to use a route (part route) already taken by me for another destination card? Eg
    Route 1, Miami – LA – have Miami, Orlando, (New Orleans, Houston), Phoenix, LA stations and routes.
    Route 2 Jacksonville to Seattle. All the other routes are taken towards the North. Can I use the Jacksonville, (New Orleans – Houston) part as the part of my route or it can be used only for 1 destination card?

  8. the perfect how to video yet again. is there anyone better on the net for learning games? i submit that there is not.

  9. Very well explained Rodney. You ARE the man! Thanks.

  10. Thank you so much. This is a brand new game to our family. We have not seen it played or played it ourselves. This was very helpful.

  11. Please clarify what happens as the game is coming to an end. When a player is down to 2 or less train pieces and everyone gets a final turn if you have 5 of the same color card but fewer train pieces left are you allowed to claim the route? (You have the correct number of cards but are short train pieces.)

  12. So when placing trains on the board, it has to be all wagons at once ?? Can’t put one wagon at a time ??

  13. When does the game end?? Only when all the trains of a certain Color are over with a participant???

  14. I remember when I was younger always being obsessed with a game called transamerica which is like a much more basic version of this, but after a while my family found it too easy and so we would add more rules

  15. why are the subtitles available only in persian and dutch but no english????

  16. My wife and I just played – we were tied right to the very bitter end lol Really great video and fun game. Thanks

  17. Love the videos!
    Any chance you got one for Root?

  18. Say a a route is three cars long can I claim it with one train and fill the rest in as its possible or do I need three cards straight from the off to claim

  19. Thanks for the easy tutorial. I'm too lazy to read rules anymore

  20. Can you pick a multi color train from the face up five cards after selecting one card from blind draw pile?

  21. The best Ticket to ride is the Scandinavia. It's very good with tunnels.

  22. View #1. Now just a few more before I can start playing the game. Phew. ☺️

  23. I planned on playing this game with my wife and mother in law, but there were just a few of the more strange situation rules I just did not understand. Thank you for making it more clear. Now I feel confidant enough to give a match a try.

  24. I just bought Age of Steam and I was like "wait I think I need something people-friendly of a train-themed board game" and the number 1 that pops in the internet is this. Glad I bought the Europe 15th Anniversary because not only the production is quality at its best but I'm so surprised how simple but addicting the game is, much more than AOS actually 😅. But the latter is for an occassional brain burn I seek. Nice tutorial video!

  25. Thanks for the explanation 🙂 one question: can you always choose to use your turn on taking 3 new routes or only if you finished all the routes you already have on your hand?


  27. Thanks so much this was %100 helpful the instructions of the game that it gives are confusing and you made it sooo clear

  28. Hi, Thanks for the explanation. I do have one question though!

    On the bottom right corner of the Amsterdam edition there is a box that states:

    Do you know what this means?

  29. Thank you! This helped me and my sons so much

  30. Strangest Beatles music video I have ever seen.

  31. Thank you so much for this video. You were concise and pleasant to listen to. I bought Ticket to Ride – Europe (and India/Switzerland expansion pack) as a surprise for my group of friends. I watched a video and it's pretty complex for us newbies (me especially as I will be presenting the rules of the game). .. So I'll be buying this original, easier format. You've given me confidence that we can learn it easily enough and then venture onto Europe – with ferries, tunnels and more options. .Thanks so much!!

  32. Remember: no matter how well known and famous a game is, every day someone out there is learning to play it for the very first time.

  33. Can 6 or 7 play if you add different colored train cars?

  34. This is my first video of yours i've watched. I must say, you are very thorough and detailed in the gameplay. I really enjoyed it and I am actually going to mostly use your videos as sources to future games I might get! thank you so much!

  35. We love love love this game! Thx for the tutorial

  36. Can I draw blindly and then draw a face up wild card?

  37. Just played this for the first time, super fun game. I have a question about collecting points. According to the score card we collect points after putting down a certain amount of train cards. When the route is completed donyou get the number of points indicated on the route card as well as the points already accumulated from putting down train cars for that route?

  38. Great video! Can you only put down one train at a time, or do you need to hold all the cards to complete the entire route from city to city before you can claim the route?

  39. one other question…if you decide to pick up three more destination cards, do you turn in your original three?

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