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Tier Listing a Board Game Shelf | Ep 1

The Brothers Murph
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Remember What’s on that Shelf!? Well this is a newer iteration of that idea. We will be going through and waxing poetic about the games on our shelves, but then just switch it up we’re going to tier list those games. Ranking stuff is always fun! Make sure to check out Shelfsides video where they tier ranked their collection:

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  1. Sad that abomination didn't rank better, would be a theme my husband would really be into

  2. WERK. As a data nerd, I wanna see the full analysis of all the shelves at the end.

  3. Really liked this new series, interesting and fun 😀 Looking forward to the next episodes 🙂

  4. Seeing Abomination as the first game on your shelf today piqued my interest. All the reviews I watched before picking it up (at a good price) made a big deal about the theme with some liking it and others being completely turned off by it. I felt like too many of those reviews didn't make it past reviewing the theme to get to the game mechanics. To each their own, but I personally agree with you that it's a novel (dare I say "fresh") theme to me in board games. I was also quite pleased with how well the theme is integrated into the actions and their consequences as well as what the resources are and how they work.

    Overall, I've quite enjoyed Abomination and have played it twice with my teenage daughter. The theme was actually a significant factor in getting her to play and helped her stay committed even though it's the most complex game I've taught her. She liked the game enough to request we play it again. Regarding your concern about game play length, all games with my kids typically take at least twice as long as the box suggests unless it's a simple card game they've played a dozen times. I'm curious how quick Abomination would need to be for you to earn it a higher ranking? I could see an hour as reasonable for a 2-player game with experienced players (though I see the box says 90-180 mins).

    Nice video format BTW!

  5. Loved this, cracking series, can’t wait for more!

  6. would you say Rajas feels similar to Castles of Burgundy in a way? Sounds similar mechanically

  7. Really enjoyed it can't wait for the rest!

  8. I really like the concept and execution of this review. Looking forward to the ongoing series.
    You just might want to get a lazy susan and/or adjustable height stool that you can put the game being talked about on, to save your arm. 🙂

  9. You didn’t start by telling us the name of the person who owns that shelf!

  10. At the end this tier project, you can tier list the shelves by people who bought the shelves based on the way you tier listed the games on each shelf. I’ll tune in for that.

  11. Looks at the stack of games by my bed. Ummmmm hehehehe

  12. Great to see this series back, and love the new format!

  13. Great video! I've been thinking of doing a tier list for my monthly games played videos👍 I really liked my 1st play of Skymines, but I also want to play again and try the other side of the board.

  14. Bummer that Abomination didn't work for you guys. I really enjoy that game, I agree that it can run a bit long though to me I don't ever feel like it's dragging when I play. Definitely an "A" tier game for me.

  15. Do you guys have a playthrough of Rajas of the Ganges? I remember hearing about it your play or not play for top 1000 and then again when picking one game per shelf! And now S-tier… making me very interested and a play through would be awesome 😅

  16. Love the format. Fun way to give reviews to a lot of your games.

  17. I approve of this change in format for shelf reviews… Oh man been seeing too many political adds, glad that's over for a bit! Vote Nick for President!

  18. Honestly, I like this idea to tier-list your shelf. However, 1 thing that really irks me about your shelf collection is that there barely isn't any form of organisation. Except 1 shelf where you have a lot of Garphill games, although even that shelf has some non-Garphill while you had a few Garphill elsewhere. Also, you could have easily placed the heavier Uwe together. Besides designers, you could have organised by theme or types, of course taking note of box sizes which matters to me personally too. All said, many ways to organise, but I can't really see much organisation at all, which is personally a downer for me when I see such a huge awesome collection.

  19. I like this idea of ranking shelves, and your honesty is so good.

  20. Rajas is one of my favorite games and I only bought it because of both of your enthusiasm for it. I have both of the goodie boxes waiting for me at home when I get back next year. Can’t wait.

  21. I also want to see more games build upon Sorcerer City. Do you feel Fit to Print does that?

  22. My Kickstarter sponsored shelf is 1st of the Series! (With even more games than originally as Histrio is no longer front facing).

  23. It’s kind of silly to me to not have the theme of Mombasa which is history based and could be thought provoking (which it has been). Second edition should have instead implemented local impacts etc. But no, instead we get Skymines which you basically shrugged and said ”alright whatever” about because it’s a totally meaningless theme. Playing history is not endorsement.

    Great format btw, as was the Shelfside one. Lots of info in relatively short time 👍🙂

  24. I played My Father's Work again last night and while it is definitely long it's a great game. I think a difference for me between that and Abomination is My Father's Work keeps you invested by changing things up as you go with the evolving story and rules set so there's always a sense of progression, while Abomination did kind of feel like you're grinding the same routine for too long. I do love the idea of Abomination and the production of it and that it didn't pull any punches with it's theme. But yeah, I just don't feel like I can justify playing it over My Father's Work, especially when My Father's Work even outdid Abomination in production value, it's suuuuch a good production. Plus another thing that stood out about My Father's Work is that there is a lot of humor, almost every card has something funny attached to it, while not interfering with the overall dark theme, it's a great balance, great game.

  25. I dont get the difference from doing a tier rank S + A to D of a shelf compared to showing your collection in the order of your BGG rating.

  26. The worst thing to say about a game as commenting on it, "It is a game". "B" is not neutral.

  27. Shame to hear about Abomination running too long, the theme looks unique and different!

  28. Make it 41-51 people who've bought Histrio through your recommendation and after watching your other video on the game. I was able to grab a sealed copy on Mercari for $30! It arrived today and I can't wait to give it a try!

  29. Would you say the Sherlock is at least a game…?

  30. Wasn't sold at first, but I'm digging the end result. I make my own little game out of trying to guess where you rank it a) before you start talking about it, and b) right before you give the ranking. Looking forward to more!

  31. You guys bring an energy and creativity that is soooo needed. Finally some creative content. So tired of boring faces talk about a game for 20 minutes

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