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Sam Tabor
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We played a tiny mini golf board game from the 90’s, and it was insane. This was SO COOL. Let me know if there’s any other tiny mini golf games I don’t know about. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Kathren and you should play geometry dash together.

  2. to b totally onest ive nevr seen two adults have so much fun playing with a kids toy

  3. Sam…you brought me back to my childhood today. that was one of my most favorite games ever….i miss it so much….

  4. Why the …. Do you have a piercing thing ıdk What they called

  5. Comment me if you saw the cones on the ceiling

  6. Is it just me watching this at 1:00 AM

  7. why are there cones hanging on the ceilings

  8. some how sam always win the mini golf video

  9. me before watching this video : pfft this video will be so boring, it's just and old toy.

    me after : wow.

  10. You should try this game called Run Yourself Ragged! It’s basically a board game where you must complete obstacles using a small marble.

  11. Catherine says I get it then I look at the ceiling and see the cones and say I don’t get it

  12. Why is it cones on your roof right next to your fan your daddy big


  13. J’adore🎃😃🤑🎃😃😛😀😀😜👩‍🌾

  14. Sam just says oooooh i got 7 oooh we both got hole in ones 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Why are there upside down cones attached to the ceiling?

  16. at the level 2 sam tabor launch the ball to the end but the ball went backwards

  17. Excuse me where i am can Buy this gane please

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