To Back Or Not To Back - Deep Rock Galactic, League of Dungeoneers, The Shivers & More!!! -

To Back Or Not To Back – Deep Rock Galactic, League of Dungeoneers, The Shivers & More!!!

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In which I talk about the latest batch of Kickstarter games, brief overviews of the campaigns and whether or not they are games that will hold their values. A whole bunch of links below 🙂

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:10 – Cult of the Now
0:00:50 – Gamefound Disclaimer

Board Game Adjacent
0:01:05 – Gamefold
0:02:00 – Toyozzo Game Table
0:04:10 – Margrave: The Marcher Lords
0:05:15 – The Quest Compendium

New Campaigns
0:07:00 – Defenders of the Wild
0:10:00 – Deep Rock Galactic – Space Rig & Bipme Expansions
0:12:50 – One Card Maze
0:14:00 – Paragons: Age of Champions
0:16:55 – Forage
0:19:10 – Aberration
0:23:55 – Cretaceous Rails
0:27:55 – League of Dungeoneers
0:30:10 – Diatoms
0:33:00 – Hello Kitty: A Day In The Park
0:34:30 – Merchants of Magick
0:37:00 – Tiny Mini Golf
0:38:42 – 99 Ninjas
0:40:40 – The Shivers Expansions: Triple Terror!
0:43:50 – Picks of the Week
0:45:10 – Upcoming Campaigns

Cult of the Now –
Gamefold –
Toyzzo Gametable –
Margrave: The Marcher Lords –
The Quest Compendium –
Defenders of the Wild –
Deep Rock Galactic – Space Rig & Bipme Expansions –
One Card Maze –
Paragons: Age of Champions –
Forage –
Aberration –
Cretaceous Rails –
League of Dungeoneers –
Diatoms –
Hello Kitty: A Day In The Park –
Merchants of Magick –
Tiny Mini Golf –
99 Ninjas –
The Shivers Expansions: Triple Terror! –
Cascadero & Cascadito –
Erune Light & Darkness –

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  1. I laughed a little too hard at that sofa joke! 😅

  2. I get that talking fast is kind of your thing and I have gotten used to it but there are times when what you are saying is not comprehensible. You have good things to say, that's why we watch, so we want to understand what you are saying. In the interest of communicating with your community I would suggest slowing down a little.

  3. A year and a half? Someone's feeling optimistic today

  4. Do I’m really on the fence for league of dungeoneerrs.

    I want to play it and like it but the shipping and cost is really high to US 😢

  5. Ticket to Ride Europe IS better. Sorry couldn't resist. I am excited about Forage and I love the reference. It's the only one in today's video that I plan to back. Appreciate the video!

  6. Not one word on the massacre that jewish civilians in israel are suffering at this moment by the terror organization Hamas?


  7. Do you know when Secrets of the Lost Tomb will be launching? Also will you be doing a deep dive?

  8. I’m one of those in that group that really likes Paragons: Age of Champions. I’ve followed it closely since the KS campaign and think it’s really nice game that can rival MTG because of 2 points:
    1) It’s cost effective (allowing more people to play competitively)
    2) Easy to pick up and play

    The biggest challenge I’ve seen for the game is the lack of exposure, which impacts the amount of people for the player base. That’s why I raise my tiny voice to help bring awareness, because I simply want more people to see how fun this game is and to have more people to play with 😊

  9. toyzzo is 100% a scam. just outright say it. They haven't addressed ANYy backers comments, they are doing everything in the book for delay tactics and to gaslight buyers. There are so many redflags, all you can see is a sea of red. VFI offered to inspect their factory, and look over their books and if it all looked good give their endorsement. Toyzzo isn't taking them up on the offer.

    In fact- there own logo is a scam and is copied from here –

  10. Defenders of the Wild seems a bit unlikely to end up in retail, but I hope I'm wrong about that. That said, it would be truly amazing to have a game based on ideas of community resistance and revolutionary struggles come to a larger audience. I very much like the folks behind it and will be supporting them during the campaign. They're good people with solid politics and great game designers 💜

  11. what happened with the Queen Big Box campaign? it got supended without any updates, at least I havce not gotten anything. If I had seen that earlier I would have bought Shogun at Essen last week.

  12. Aberration looks really interesting but its very pricey for the content.

  13. Hoping to see you cover Deckhand when the campaign launches in October

  14. super tempted by LoD but man will I ever play it enough to do it justice?

  15. Hi Alex. Just wanted to wish you and friends and family in Israel all the best and strength and safety for times to come.

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