To Back Or Not To Back - Moon, Hijacked, Taverns & Dragons & More!!! -

To Back Or Not To Back – Moon, Hijacked, Taverns & Dragons & More!!!

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In which I talk about the latest batch of Kickstarter games, brief overviews of the campaigns and whether or not they are games that will hold their values. A whole bunch of links below 🙂

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:21 – Sponsor
0:01:08 – Cult of the Now

Board Game Adjacent
0:02:25 – Fractured Universe
0:03:25 – Land of Eem
0:04:25 – All On Board

Cancelled & Not Funding
0:06:38 – Leviathan Wilds
0:07:38 – Mantle Of The Keeper

0:08:53 – Company of Heroes

New Campaigns
0:10:15 – Neko Boss
0:11:47 – Deluxe Hanafuda & One Hundred Torii Expansion
0:13:55 – Bagh Chal
0:15:58 – Moon
0:17:58 – Taverns & Dragons
0:20:49 – Isle of Trains All Aboard
0:23:45 – Hijacked
0:27:22 – Sunshine City
0:29:25 – Bag of Dungeon 2 The Cursed Forest
0:31:10 – Picks of the Week

Cult of the Now –
Fractured Universe –
Land of Eem –
All On Board –
Leviathan Wilds –
Mantle Of The Keeper –
Company of Heroes –
Neko Boss –
Deluxe Hanafuda & One Hundred Torii Expansion –
Bagh Chal –
Moon –
Taverns & Dragons –
Isle of Trains All Aboard –
Hijacked –
Sunshine City –
Bag of Dungeon 2 The Cursed Forest –
Quodd Heroes –

Why I Look at the Value Return on Kickstarter Games –

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  1. 16:27 To me, it kind of reminds me of It's A Wonderful World – because of ente drafting and building.

  2. You should probably look at the other side of the coin when it comes to board game copyright… I am afraid you will think having the ability to get designs copyrighted as a positive for the industry. It would not.

    First off. This is and has actively destroyed the music industry for the benefit of corporations, not consumers, and not artists/creators.

    Considering how iterative the Board Game space is, designs being copyrightable would have been a disaster. Just think about it. You would be able to copyright mechanics…. Think about how many games in your collection that would not exist because Hasbro owns the rights to a mechanic.

    I just hope you take a more critical view if this ever gets proposed. Copyright is not inherently a good thing and has very rarely been used for the good of creators.

  3. Lord of the rings meet the Muppets! Funny quote of the day! Thank you for the video Alex

  4. I backed Bagh Chal for 3 reasons: 1) supporting this small publisher, 2) supporting the awareness of this game and 3) because it seems like a really neat small travel game.

  5. "Sometimes getting too much content can make it harder to play a game, not easier, as tempting as all that content is." So, so true.

  6. Moon looks intriguing, but I have zero interest in the others. Perhaps I am getting past my KS addiction!

  7. Copyright is for the way that you say things (or the pictures you make, or the like), not the things that you say. The only real protection boardgame mechanics have is patent, and that has to be for something specific and not covered by prior art. There have been a very limited number of patents (most notably for M:tG, which expired a decade ago) for game stuff, because it's expensive to get the patent in the first place and both difficult and expensive to enforce the patent.

    So yes, copyright doesn't work for the functional elements of a game.

    Note that there is also trademark, which is intended to keep you from passing your product off as somebody else's product, so you do have to be careful not to create confusion in the marketplace between your knockoff and the original you're knocking off.

    NB: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, talk to a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction.

  8. The artwork and theme of Taverns & Dragons make it an instant back for me! It looks like a game that I can play with friends AND with my family. It's hard to find a game that is in that sweet spot.
    I wanted to like Moon but sadly the artwork is putting me off…

  9. I would apreciate more time for more info about a campaign

  10. Ah Hijacked! I tagged you on Instagram to look at this game, so of course I think I am the one bringing you to this kickstarter lol. I have played this and it did not dissapoint. It is really fast, it has an interesting theme, well designed and fun to play. We played a game 15 minutes per player. I am a happy backer!

  11. For Leviathan relaunch I would'nt put Rahdo's recommendation on the top of the page because it's hard to take Rahdo seriously… 😉

  12. Alex doing this video as if he's blissfully unaware that "Isle of Trains" reads as " I love trains" when you read it out loud lol

  13. I agree – there is nothing on there causing an "I have to back this" feel.

  14. How the fast wasn’t too bad. The upside of diabetes is that I’m required to skip the minor ones. The upside of my diabetes for others is that I have to give away most of my baked goods. Like scones and truffles. 🙂

  15. I might back Return to Dark Tower. I missed the first campaign and they're bringing a new expansion this time 🙂

  16. Thank you for not skipping and the effort!😁

  17. They newest expansion of Villagers still fits. DON'T ASK ME HOW I KNOW THAT!!!!

  18. I expected as such from leviathan wilds, but that is one project that should have done better. Pedigree, good campaign, decent PR, good product. I didn't see any missteps.

    Was it just because it was smaller? No minis?

  19. Kinda sad about Leviathan Wilds and Mantle Of The Keeper, looks better than all of the new ones in this video.

  20. Moon is great … I have the expansion for Villagers back at my house, looking forward to getting home, but Moonrakers tomorrow!!!

  21. Pacing is on point for me! I agree it's been a while since there were many significant campaigns. Last year, every week I was torn what to back, now it's been a while since I backed anything, not much interesting… Let's bring back the big sprawling projects please!!

  22. Pledged all-in using your link 🙂 this will be the first gotcha game added to my collection. Love the theme and style of this game and I'm excited to get my hands on it.

  23. If you've not seen it yet, I know it's a small one, but Divine Dungeon the Game is on Kickstarter right now, it's a game based on my favorite book series and I'm excited for it. Plus at any pledge level it comes with a copy of the first book in the series, either digital for the cheaper pledges, or a limited edition signed copy for the more expensive ones. Anyway, it looks like a fun, light to mid-weight game and I'm hype for it.

  24. I want to hear what happened with the German food

  25. Really looking forward to Moon and Taverns and Dragons! Don't have anything like either of those in my collection.

  26. Please keep the Dad jokes coming. I laugh out loud every time! I'm very interested in Moon and of course I want all the bling, but I'm trying to be rational. I know these hit retail and second hand. Do I need another future game right now? I'm currently waiting on 8 games. 😀

  27. Thank you for showing off our first title, Mantle of the Keeper! We are close to crossing the finish line. Let us know if you would like a demo on TTS!

  28. The plural is “colossi” not colossuses. 👍

  29. I managed to make it through Nerdz Day without spending a single dollar (pats self on back).

  30. That's quite interesting to hear about the lack of copyright protection for board games! In a way it makes sense though – as a consumer you wouldn't want every mechanism of playing limited to the game in which it first appeared.

  31. I was both excited (as a german) and not surprised at the end of the video. You got me ^^

  32. That joke almost made me hit the downvote button, but the delivery did do it justice 😉

  33. Return of the Dark Tower and Moonrakers are next. Exciting stuff!

  34. Ty for the round up. Best part always at the end!

  35. Two completely trivial, unimportant corrections. Hanafuda, each month is a "suit" so each suit has 4 cards. In Koi-Koi, one of the most popular hanafuda games, drawing all four of one suit in your opening hand is an automatic win. Those Hanafuda cards are gorgeous, I would love to have a set, but since a good quality set is typically $5-10 ($20 is not unheard of), the $30 plus shipping is more expensive than any deck I have ever seen.

    Also Neko is pronounced neh-koh, not nee-koh, because Japanese vowels don't change sounds like English vowels do.

  36. Thanks for mentioning Hijacked! It is eco friendly, and normally this would be way more expensive, but we decided to keep the price as low as we could! RETAIL price will be the same!!!

  37. I'm backing Isle of Train for the deluxe edition. Really enjoyed the original game and this looks like a great development of it.

    I'm on the PnP R&W train all the way! lol. I'm backing Sunshine City. Aquamarine launched today, so backed that. I know there's another one coming soon, Write on Track, a Train Game. So when that launches, I'll back it too.

  38. Is it weird that what I look forward to the most in these videos is the Dad joke at the end?

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