To Back Or Not To Back - Septima, Skyrise, Tsuro Deluxe & More!!! -

To Back Or Not To Back – Septima, Skyrise, Tsuro Deluxe & More!!!

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In which I talk about the latest batch of Kickstarter games, brief overviews of the campaigns and whether or not they are games that will hold their values. A whole bunch of links below 🙂

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:37 – Cult of the Now

Board Game Adjacent
0:01:24 – Unmatched: Storage & Accessories
0:02:20 – Dungeons & Lasers
0:03:37 – Return to Dark Tower RPG
0:04:20 – Sunnygeeks Table

Cancelled & Not Funding
0:06:01 – Bot Factory
0:08:20 – Amygdala

0:10:27 – Ancient Blood
0:11:48 – Pagan: Fate of Roanoke

New Campaigns
0:13:13 – Survive Until Daylight
0:15:05 – Aeon’s End: Past & Futture
0:18:38 – Umbrella Academy: The Board Game
0:20:12 – Nut Hunt
0:22:19 – Septima
0:26:10 – First In Flight
0:29:20 – Skyrise
0:33:48 – Tsuro Deluxe Edition
0:36:20 – Compounded & Lab Notes
0:38:00 – Bretwalda
0:42:00 – Globetrotting
0:44:23 – Picks of the Week

Cult of the Now –
Unmatched Accessories –
Dungeons & Lasers –
Return to Dark Tower RPG –
SunnyGeeks –
Ancient Blood –
Pagan Fate of Roanoke –
Bot Factory –
Amygdala –
Survive Until Daylight –
Aeon’s End Past & Future –
Umbrella Academy –
Nut Hunt –
Septima –
First in Flight –
Skyrise –
Tsuro –
Bretwalda –
Compounded –
Globetrotting –

Why I Look at the Value Return on Kickstarter Games –

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  1. I think, even a cursory glance, you can see the sculpts in Bretwalda are very different sizes.

  2. it's a shame you stopped doing these weekly. games like Bot Factory which are massive releases don't get featured anymore as wasn't funding on this one and going off Kickstarter in 24 hours. these are your most viewed videos and draw more subscribers than anything 🙁

  3. I would definitely subscribe if you could just slow down a bit. Your words tend to run into each other.

  4. any news on PAGAN? will you do some kind of review? thx alot

  5. Aeon's End is spelt with a silent 'a'. It's just pronounced 'eon'.

  6. Sunnygeek table seems like it would make a great table topper.

  7. Those pledge without receiving an award sidebars are just taking your money as a donations…. It’s not like they’re curing cancer why would you give money to a product that you’ll never receive? Stupid

  8. You are sorely mistaken about Bretwalda. The issues presented are fiction. Not only is it gorgeous but it has innovative mechanisms. It is a pearl among all other games. You rushed to judge.

  9. as a German viewer of your channel i liked the mentioning of better boardgames 🙂

  10. Okay… you get a like just for that terrible dad joke at the end. Well done sir.

  11. I received my copy of Carnegie. It's on my shelf of shame.

  12. Carnegie was so good! I can't wait to play it again!

  13. Carnegie was so good! I can't wait to play it again!

  14. FYI calliope is a really weird word, and until you've heard it pronounced, you'd never know it's actually pronounced ca-lie-o-pee

  15. Ty for the video it havr been quite some time since the last one of this series

  16. the mechanism in First in Flight (Glen More, Patchwork and Glasgow) is called "time track"

  17. Really enjoying the videos lately. Keep it up!

  18. It would have been nice to see Drags 2 Riches talked about. It dosnt seem to get much love anywere.

  19. Can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks?! Love that you keep on topic at the same time slot though! Can always count on a great video or topic to start my week

  20. Bot Factory sort of interests me, but need to watch the video to see more on how it plays.

    Nothing else in this crop, my wallet is happy on that account.

    Thanks, as always, for a great roundup. Appreciate you doing these videos, when there's enough campaigns to cover.

    and groan what a dad joke!

  21. The 110 euro Amygdala was the deluxe, 150 euro was deluxe all-in. Small difference, but there is, in fact, a 60 euro standard version, but you have to scroll down to see it, which hurts them I think. And even 60 euros is still a bit high if your comparing to Azul.

  22. Could this ancient blood thing be the wave of the future? Kickstarter, game found, why choose one when you can choose both?

  23. As someone who likes working through a narrative, but doesn't care about just getting "more content," which Aeon's end stuff is best to get? It seems like this new expansion goes more narrative heavy than the previous ones?

  24. I have been calling for Unmatched to get a storage solution for some time. I had no idea it was happening until I saw this post earlier and I’m extremely happy to say I got my pledge in with 20 mins to spare. Thankyou Alex, Top man 👍🏻

  25. Welcome back.
    Don't have any unmatched but lots of use for their boxes especially at $5.00 a pop.
    I never liked the look of ISS boxes but these look ideal. My DnD nigh especially with spell cards, Marvel Champions, BattleTech, Marvel Crisis Protocol…..

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