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Tokyo Game Market + Board Games in Japan

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We went to Japan in May and wanted to share some of our experiences there! We were able to attend the Tokyo Game Market and also picked up a few games.

00:00 – Start
01:13 – Going Analog Podcast
03:09 – Kyoto
07:21 – Tokyo
09:16 – Tokyo Game Market
13:53 – Game Store & Cafe
15:54 – Games We Picked Up
23:54 – Channel Updates

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  1. It was great to see you guys around the table in PEI! I hope that trip went very well too.

  2. Thank you for the update. Glad you like Japan. My husband and I have been there three times already. We love the place. Planning our 4th now. Thanks for the update!!!!!

  3. That shirt is giving me hope that a Root Marauder's expansion playthrough is coming! I am obsessed with Root now and your playthroughs helped me get into it. I would love to hear your thoughts on the 2 player experience with Hirelings.

  4. FWIW, even as a person who has gotten into your content specifically as a fan of you two as a duo in your videos, I think the change for sponsored content makes a ton of sense. I for one am excited about hearing more from you two in review/opinion format possibly, since filming with the two of you will be the non sponsored stuff at least for the foreseeable future. Hope it works out well for you two!

  5. Japan is fantastic. Very happy you were able to visit Kyoto. That is probably one of my favorite cities to visit over there. So many beautiful sites to see.

  6. great video! It is so cool to see your footage from Kyoto and Tokyo and to hear about your experiences and the games you found. I would love to go to Japan someday.

  7. Portland Game Collective is going to be bringing Tricktakers to the US, but I’m not sure of the timeline. I’ve been on the hunt for it as well!

  8. Yay! I gave Amy and Maggie their copy of Dog Tag Trick at Dice Tower West and played it with Amy. So happy to see the love being passed on! ❤
    Nokosu Dice is so good! Good score. Nana is so weirdly good!
    Great video, as always. Thank you for being so good at what you do.

  9. We did our first trip there a month ago for 3 weeks. Why did the toilets not make it into your video. They are the #1 attraction. Only board games I found were at yodabashi camera but I was not looking hard for them…

  10. Nokosu (pronounced No-kuss, I believe) Dice is soooo good!

  11. This video made me smile. Love the highlights of your travel.

  12. Always love your channel and especially loved this video. It was so fun seeing you all together! Totally have to say that I am jealous you had okonomiyaki! It's one of my favorite foods!!!!

  13. Thanks a lot 😡. Now I want to go to Japan!! I have been to Korea and Thailand but have yet to experience board games abroad. Glad you got to hang out with Thinker/Themer. Very cool!!!

  14. Lol…He was speaking in Italian and it was being translated into Japanese and then converted to Klingon and then into Dothraki……sadly no English. 🤣

  15. Really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. My son just got back from Tokyo, Thailand and loved it!

  16. I'm happy you came to my country of residence! Hope you enjoyed it here!

  17. Nice to see Botswana getting some love. I got my copy of Loco! all the way back in 1999 when it’s simply numbers in colours and no animal theming. It’s truly such a simple game with some strategic plays.

  18. Thanks so much for this video. We have been to Tokyo twice and it was great to see so many of the places we visited. We probably spent 2-3 hours browsing the shelves of yellow submarine and ended up with only one game. We will be checking out some of the games you suggested. 😄

  19. Food is definitely one of my favorite things to experience when traveling – glad y'all got to eat so many delicious things!

  20. Love seeing all the Japan footage and it's definitely making me homesick. Welcome back from PEI. Was able to catch a couple of hours on Day 1 and looked like you guys were having a lot of fun. Would love to play Nokosu Dice with you sometime, though I'm worried my brain might melt! ("Nokosu" means "to leave behind" or "to set aside" and I think that makes sense with the mechanics of the game, no?)

  21. Looks like you had a great trip. I've visited twice and hope to return again someday. Getting outside of the main cities and island is highly recommended, as there are just so many hidden cultural treasures to discover. While on a train going up to see a view of Mount Fuji, we just jumped off to explore the amazing Hakone Open-Air Museum. Not at all on our itinerary, but something I'm so glad we made time to stop at. The Itsukushima Shrine a short boat ride outside of Hiroshima is also a great UNESCO site to explore. When I was last there the Shikoku and Kyushu islands didn't seem to get many North American tourists, so that had some challenges but great rewards too.

  22. ooh, a travel blog.
    wait – nothing on Prince Edwards Island?

  23. I couldn’t find the channel Card board east and I am curious about it. Could you please share the link please! Thank you for the video, really love it!

  24. I will be in Japan for the first time in September. Super excited. Thanks for the tips, just in time!

  25. Fellow wonderer here lol, cant wait to get back to Japan! You did the same as us, including landing in Japan and heading straight to Kyoto, i too felt slightly sick on rhe bullet train lol.

  26. Trick Takers, its expansion and Trick Takers Little is getting a reprint in English by the Portland Game Collective soon. Its been announced, but no date as yet.

  27. I miss visiting Japan- the trip looks like a blast 😊.

    Access ask- is it possible for you guys to list games you mentioned in your videos in the video description in future videos? I am hard hearing and sometimes the titles aren’t clear just from the video.

  28. Me and my wife are wingers too. We just wing it each day and where we are, the fun of discovery of the unknown and being open to new

  29. I would of thought that see alcohol near games wouldn’t of been a surprise to you now, having been cons in Europe etc.

  30. We watched this on our TV and it was like sitting down to a slideshow of incredible memories ❤ AND it was amazing to see all of the footage of the rest of your trip. Great video… Love to you both!

  31. Japan looks amazing every time I see something about it. I’d love to pick your brains about your planning some time!
    The channel changes make sense! Hopefully it’ll make life easier for you both and get a good chunk of the post vacation backlog cleared.

  32. What a trip!!!! So glad you had such a great time 😀

  33. Glad yall enjoyed Japan makes me wanna go back there😅

  34. I'm glad you were able to check off Japan as one of your must see places, and that you had a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed seeing Japan through your eyes!

  35. Awww, yay, my favourite two board game channel couples 🤗I enjoyed Kyoto and Osaka many years ago but yet to go to Tokyo and was before I was into board games so haven't been any game shops or cafes there…..yet.

  36. Thanks for the lovely recap of your trip, it was amazing to follow along! Japan is such a special place and I am happy that you had a great time. Take care and have a great week! Cis

  37. Take the Acorn is a joke from the very popular jazz tune Take The A Train by Duke Ellington.

    Nice to see you had a good time! May you have many trips ahaed.

  38. Japan is incredible for "wonderers". It's kind of funny when you go in random direction in Tokyo and suddenly, in the middle of "city of steel and glass", there is a little wooden house that seems to be thousands years old 🙂

  39. This was amazing – we just got back from our Japan trip as well. We had so much overlap in what we did and I loved seeing all those places again. Japan was truly amazing

  40. I am SO happy that you two got to visit Japan! 🥰 Love hearing your perspectives on the culture and aesthetic of the country that I spent so much time in growing up! I'm headed to Japan in about ten days and I'll be visiting Kyoto as well! ✈ (So nice to see Amy and Maggie too!) ☺

  41. Loved seeing the scenes from Japan & the nifty games you got! So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  42. I was in Kyoto around the same time as you 🙂 I have to agree that google translate and google maps was must have on this trip, huuuge help.

  43. Great vlog! Makes us miss Japan even more, though. Thanks for coming on our show!

  44. Takoyaki is a favorite of ours, along with Okinoumiyaki. The food there never dissappoints! One of the most perfect sandwiches in the world is the egg salad sandwich available at seven-eleven. That may sound crazy, but it was perfect in every way that it would we wrong here. Also miss having miso and rice with an egg on top at breakfast time. Planning a trip back for 2025, but living vicariously through your travel videos right now. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Have you guys ever tried "Low Lands"? In the manual it says: "This seal signifies that Uwe Rosenberg recommends this game for fans of his work. Uwe Rosenberg himself studied this game and contributed during the development process.". So maybe this can be interesting.

  46. Thanks for the rundown of the Japan trip – I was really looking forward to your thoughts on TGM. Well done on getting Nokosu Dice (crazy hard to find). For anyone who wants to try it – you can play it using Parade cards if you buy a few dice.

    Regarding KINGMAKERs, definitely hold off on getting the main game until Portland Game Collective release it (later this year I believe). It will save you a heap of effort with paste ups for the cards.

    Nareen is right about Take the A Chord! A lot of trick taking games are under-rated on BGG. When I was getting more into them I realised there are some absolute gems in the 3,000-11,000 range. I have 17 en route to the UK from Japan as I type this. I think the reason these smaller box games are so popular in Japan is because generally speaking accommodation there is quite a bit smaller than the US (the UK probably fits somewhere in between the two) and as a result smaller games that take up less space are very popular.

    Thanks again for the round-up. Looks like you got to visit some truly stunning places.

  47. Monique, I dig the style of your shirt, if you don't mind sharing where did you get it, I'd like to check out more options/designs?

  48. Sounds like a good change to put out more content. Good luck.

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