Tom Vasel vs. Mike Dilisio: The Ultimate Dice Tower Showdown. -

Tom Vasel vs. Mike Dilisio: The Ultimate Dice Tower Showdown.

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  1. 14:48 Mike is a dirty cheat. I don't think he meant to do it lol, but I do think it helped him.

  2. I don't understand what this game has over the original, other than a slight change in the theme/lore. Why not release an expansion instead of making a whole another game for essentially the same thing?

  3. IV Games showing what they are really good at. Marketing! Now let's also see that ONE game that blows everyone away. So far my experiences with your games (Moonrakers and Veiled Fate) have been good but not great. If the quality of games can one day match your marketing skills, we have something amazing to look forward to!

  4. "Top 10 reasons I lose in games" is actually not a bad list to do. Spoilers, Tom? Love the playthrough, wish you at least went over faction powers, though.

  5. This is the ultimate Dice Tower showdown of ultimate destiny
    Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see
    And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be
    This is the ultimate Dice Tower showdown of ultimate destiny

  6. This is what i needed today. Thank you so much

  7. Cannot wait for this. Faries are OP and going to be an easy Mike W

  8. rooting for the wolves to take the cookies home

  9. Are you guys also in Florida? Love the set up!

  10. AHHH TOM COULD HAVE GOTTEN A 3 CATCH EASILY IN THE LAST TURN. All he had to do was shifty the bottom left one after the distract and move the final destination over one

  11. I refuse to spoil the result of this match, but just know that these cookies brought out a desire for victory from both of us that burned brighter than a thousand suns.

  12. It is all that solo training in the Dice Tower Annex that has Mike as the "one punch man" of strategy games.

  13. Aw yeah… You gotta get shifty. You gotta get shifty in here.

  14. I really like the dice tower. Great personalities to watch. They also do a good job of reducing feeling like just advertising most of the time. This is of course, just advertising. I don’t like that people and personalities can be bought to become an advertisement. I also don’t like that there is no clarity or disclosure (as far as I can tell) in this video that it is (what I would assume to be) payment for these people to play the game. I know that may not be necessary as you are employing them to be on your channel but to me it just feels sly and dishonest.

  15. Loved this video. The setting is great, a nice intimate feeling. Pacing also excellent, relaxed and easy to follow what is going on. The A team roster also helps, you guys crack me up. More like this please 🙂

  16. Mike and Tom = The best of Dice Tower!

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