Tom's Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2024 -

Tom’s Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2024

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at the top 10 games he’s most looking forward to in 2024!

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  1. I'm very much looking forward to Doggerland !

  2. I stopped backing Kickstarters a while back. Dead Cells and Slay the Spire are my last 2 I am waiting on, hope they're good!

  3. Definitely surprised that the Mistborn deckbuilder by John D Clair was not on the list. I would've imagined it was right up Tom's alley.

  4. I have a few:

    Red Dust Rebellion
    On the Underground: NYC/Paris
    Holotype: Mesozoic Europe
    Through Ice and Snow

  5. Freedom Five may actually come out this year.

  6. Surprised to see a Feld on your list. You're usually not that high on him.

  7. As someone who isn't really in touch with board game news and upcoming games, this sort of list so really helpful! Definitely has me keeping an eye on some of these now

  8. How about a top ten list of best mass market games. Im being serious. I honestly would love to know.

  9. Primal, Unconscious Minds, Tainted Grail KOR, Slay the Spire

  10. The dominion IOS app is coming Feb 1st.


  12. Fingers crossed for Feast for Odin: The Danes

  13. What, no mention of Elizabeth Hargrave? She’s involved in Wyrmspan (discuss it, don’t just sneak namedrop it at the end!) and also codesigned Undergrove, the game of growing forests through smart mushroom play.

  14. Spirit Fire if it delivers. Otherwise Tidal Blades 2, Maladum or Agemonia.

  15. Clank! Legacy, Critter Kitchen, and the Dark Quarter are mine.

  16. Whaaaaaaaaat?! No Worldspanner Factions?!?!? I thought Tom loves Duel of Ages! :O

  17. I'm really looking forward to Diatoms and Wondrous Creatures!

  18. yup.. waiting for floe as well. endless winter + everdell? too adorable to ignore.

  19. Forsaken getting that acknowledgement that is deserves 💜😁👍

  20. I'm surprised Tom didn't include Worldspanner, but maybe that won't actually come out this year?

  21. I’m also really looking forward to clank! I was hoping fractured Sky would be on this list!

  22. Great list! A gest of Robin Hood, Red Dust Rebellion, Forsaken, Agemonia

  23. Heat Heavy Rain is my most anticipated THING this year, and I'm a Paper Mario fan.

  24. I have yet to find a fun and good city board game. I have sunk money into ones I would not recommend for your viewers! 😆

  25. I don't think Floe has even been crowdfunded yet has it?

  26. Great list. Age contrived is one I decided not to back but will hunt down for sure at release. Floe was not on my radar but its getting there. Unconscious minds and Andromeda's edge are my top 2 most anticipated.

  27. Very interesting list! I got flamecraft and found it gorgeous but not very replayable. The cooking one looks similarly light.

  28. I'm surprised you didn't mention Wyrmspan on your list.

  29. The elder scrolls betrayal of the second era by chip theory

  30. Thanki you! How about a 10 Ten list of games that hit the table on a regular basis?

  31. Arydia! Really hope i get it by Christmas!

  32. Here we go. Was waiting for this.

  33. Civulution – very interested
    Forsaken – backed
    Forsaken looks interesting…. but not sure.
    Once – Pass
    Dead Cells – Pass
    Critter Kitchen – yeah, I'll play this.
    Malhya – does look interesting, but i didn't back.
    Clank 2 ? Huh. Okay I'll go get clank 1 legacy.

  34. Arydia is my most anticipated but doubt it will get to us this year

  35. Tom, it’s not Scorpion Masque. It’s pronounced Scorpion Masqu-eh.

  36. critters kitchen not as cute as Maple Valley 😅

  37. isn’t Jonny Pack designer of Coloma, Merchant’s Cove 😮🎉

  38. Probably Sleeping Gods Primeval Peril as I’ll probably never play the original but PP looks like a great way to at least get a taste of the system. And I’ll probably be able to convince my wife to play it with me.

    Also Cascadero because Knizia tile-laying game…not much else needs to be said.

    And Wyrmspan because Wingspan is one of the few games my wife actively enjoys/asks to play and she was intrigued when I showed it to her. It looks like a more complex and sandboxy version of Wingspan which will be a nice change of pace.

  39. Legacy games are SO stupid. Who has the money to play a game a limited amount of times? I lose respect for Dice Tower every time they endorse a legacy game.

  40. My most anticipated in no order The Dark Quarter, Critter Kitchen, Undaunted 2200: Callisto, Dead Cells, Leviathan Wilds, From the Moon, Harrow County, Forsaken, Tidal Blades 2, and Andromeda's Edge.

  41. Number One for me is Arydia, hoping it gets to us by the end of the year!

    Galactic Cruise, Pampero, Civolution, Sankoré also on the list!

  42. Some of my favorite games are made by the people who are designing Dead Cells. One of my favorite video games of all time. I am hoping a LOT for that one.

  43. An Age Contrived has such a satisfying feel to the components and a unique action selection mechanism wrapped up in it along with a changing board state as you build those beautiful magnetic wonders. So excited to get to play it again!

    Floe definitely has the critter character cuteness factor going on, and its pedigree doesn't hurt. Definitely looking further into that one when it launches.

  44. The wheel of time game coming from direwolf we know nothing about it except that it was teased . Ill be there day 1 with a pre order for that one

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