Tom’s Top 92ish Board Games (as of March 2022) -

Tom’s Top 92ish Board Games (as of March 2022)

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  1. If Tom likes those crunchy roll-n-writes that are good solo, he needs to get Hadrian's Wall.

  2. Could someone link me to the "L deck plus"? 52 card deck for words? Looked interesting but can't find anything about it

  3. North Berkeley, where the game is set, is in California, and it pains me to inform you that Californians pronounce "Berkeley" to rhyme with "quirk-lee," not "starkly." Americans also pronounce "Derby" to rhyme with "Furby," and I live in Ohio, where "Medina" rhymes with a word that I suspect my post will not be visible if I write, and if you're thinking, "It can't possibly be pronounced that way," you are at least thinking of the right word. (It begins with V.)

  4. Was that a NISEI System Core I spied in the Netrunner pile?

  5. No Battlestar Galactica or Sheriff of Nottingham makes me sad.

  6. Does this mean we’re going to get some coverage of Innovation? Just getting into it, and it’s always felt like a big lacuna in your output

  7. NISEI (former Netrunner) is the absolute top game here

  8. I'm happy to hear that you still have the same sentiments towards Oath. The only thing keeping it out of my top spot is that I haven't found the right group for it. His magnum opus.

  9. Ugh, Board Game Barrage. Kellen banned me from their Discord because I disagreed with him. Class acts, those guys.

  10. The hush about canning Catacombs impacted me…. Was so close to finally buying it. Now, not so much.

  11. I'm at the beginning of the video – I really hopes he'll talk about how much he loves Babylonia!

  12. Where is Cosmic Frog?!?! Psychedelic mile-high space frogs punching each other in the gullet is just the big fighty game this collection needs.

  13. YES!

    and thank you
    love the channel

  14. A Distant Plain is maybe my favorite of the COIN games. I don’t think any in the series are a walk in the park, in terms of learning the COIN system, but with a good teach I think you’d find it’s quite an elegant system overall. The player aids really help make the rules stick. And once you know one COIN game it really helps unlock the rest.

  15. I think Survive! Escape from Atlantis should be in everyone's collection! Such an easy came to teach and a great combo between team work and cut throat. I missed seeing that in your collection Tom.

  16. my eyes immediately found the netrunner cards

  17. Catan and dominion is missing and dune imperium

  18. Tom. Tom! When are you going to review the game that looks like a plant. It looked like a ferny strategy game. It was one of the few games that did not fall down.

  19. The best games of Root I've ever played were two player with my wife, where we both played vagabonds against the marquise bot. It was amazing.
    There's also a website that makes running the bot a breeze.

  20. Sorry, but putting Race for the Galaxy in the same box as Roll for the Galaxy just marks you out as a deviant.

  21. What are the stacked button shy games? Are more reviews coming?

  22. Hey Tom, you say Matt likes Beyond the Sun more now than he did before, do you play with the expert variant that's included in the rulebook?

  23. Not to flog a dead horse but…

    T&E is my favourite game of all time but Babylonia is: easier to learn, simpler, quicker and 'friendlier' without losing any of the strategic special sauce. For that reason I've convinced people to play Tig once in the last year, and Babylonia 20+ times. That's probably less of a concern to a reviewer but as a consumer with limited space to buy and try stuff i need games that I will actually be able to play

  24. Looking forward to seeing the For Science review – that looks really interesting

  25. Why's catacombs on the way out? I was really hoping to hear about it cause I considered buying it recently…

  26. I'm much more insync with Tom's collection than Quinns or Matts. Love it!

  27. You gotta try Caylus! Classic euro with ALOT of interaction!

  28. You should definitely play Dune a second time Tom, 6 players Is not mandatory as a lot of people on bgg tells, it's Great fun at 4 too

  29. I’d recommend Godzilla Tokyo clash for a Big fighty game that isn’t hard to understand 🔥 🦎 plus the box art is gorgeous

  30. How do you ever dust that top section?
    Also: Thumbs up for the Glass Road comment. It really is underrated.

  31. I don't like Tom's collection, but I like his eyebrows.

  32. Roll and Race in the same box is insane! They have expansions!! 😂

  33. Memoir 44 is a punch up game for idiots aka. Yatzee with tanks

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