Tom’s Top 92ish Board Games (as of March 2022) -

Tom’s Top 92ish Board Games (as of March 2022)

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  1. That was the second most savage slap all week

  2. Respect to Tom for having bought the Nisei Netrunner cards. I did recently as well buy all the cards they had made including the new starter sets. Love it all and so glad someone is keeping Netrunner alive.

    Quinns, make a video about them! I wanna hear your opinion of having Netrunner still run by fans as a non-profit effort!

  3. I think it's a rite of passage to have a copy of Cosmic Encounter that is battered up. Source: Has a 8 year old copy of Cosmic Encounter that is battered up

  4. I can't stress enough how much I've loved the addition of Tom and Ava to the SU&SD family.
    Everyone has their own energy and voice and those little differences season the vibes perfectly.
    I know SU&SD was founded on the notion that board game reviews lacked the enthusiasm that they deserved and here we are now luxuriating in the unrepentant joy of the teams own treasure collections!

  5. To help Tom with the feeling bad on the internet, Spirit Island is missing! Tied with TI as my favorite game of all time =p !

    But I connect with theme a lot more than you boys do, so that may be part of why you don't like it as much.

    EDIT: Also, very much enjoyed the Space Cats Peace Turtles shoutout =) .

  6. Really enjoyed this, like a delightful chat with a quirky friend. A few surprises, I didn't expect Tom to like TI. Find it interesting that Quins loves Modern Art but doesn't like High Society.

  7. I have a similar size collection to Tom (one giant Kallax) and around 15-20 games in common. Guess I've found my SUSD spirit animal.

  8. Loved this, thanks for sharing. Given you and your group's love for Root and Oath, I was surprised that you've found Dune hard to get to the table.

    But more importantly, when's the SUSD Netrunner tournament happening?

  9. You are missing at leat two Stephan Feld games.

  10. So what you're telling me is that you hate stonemaier games?

    Jk jk

    Missing Orleans. Kemet. Project Elite….

  11. Whenwas the last time Tom or Quinn played Netrunner?

  12. Very sad to see you don't have a copy of Rude Scrabble in your collection 😕

  13. lol, we made an app just to manage our collection and who we have loaned games to.

  14. How do we get a call out in your videos, like "Board Game Barrage" ..? oh, we have to actually be good? fair call ;P

  15. Excellent! I have exactly the same shelving but about a quarter of the games on it 🤪 most of mine are box beasts such as Gloomhaven, Eclipse and Shadows of Brimstone 🙄 with expansions, oh so many expansions 🥰

  16. Oh, put Sidereal Confluence on the table. It only needs four players, and experienced players get it done in 2.5 hours. I played it four times this weekend. Fun times!

  17. Great vid, but as a Netrunner I can’t help but feel annoyed that Tom didn’t give a brief shout out to NISEI, the non-profit fan organisation that is designing and releasing new cards for Netrunner these days – those were NISEI cards on his shelf!

    They do such good work but I don’t think SUSD has ever mentioned them, and so many people still think that Netrunner is dead!

  18. I would have loved to hear the opinion on catacombs that they cut short, I've wanted to play it for some while now but it's getting expensive to buy so I wanna be sure it's not meh

  19. Gimme the Tom solo reviews we all want and didn’t know we need

  20. "the american language version"

    is this a thing british people say?

  21. This video has all the classic tomfoolery elements: chaos, mess, charm, and just enough order in the chaos that it all comes together.

    I think every collection should include the card game Bohnanza. It's a fun easy-to-teach trading game which, by design, makes every player deeply involved in every other player's turn. Trading, begging, forming temporary bean-cycling cartels just to avoid having the ever-feared bad turn where you can't play the right kind of bean card. Delicious.

  22. Yay A Distant Plain! Don't let Quinns get you down, GMT makes a bunch of greats. (They put out some snoozers too)

  23. That was just so Tom. I reckon everyone would want him as your game night buddy. Awesome video, awesome collection. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I would absolutely love a list of those solo RPGs to see if any pique my interest.

  25. Maskmen is great! It's slightly weird as shedding card game in an interesting way.

  26. Great video – love the interaction between Tom & Quinns

  27. Re: "It's missing classic euros"

    Viticulture, perhaps?

  28. I know what that metal case is and i've been waiting for Alan to god damn release it so I can buy it! WHEN IS IT COMING!

  29. I saw Evolution and I thought finally some love for a great game!…. I watch as Tom snakes his way around… I'm getting excited… 'it's my housemates game'

  30. Love these low key videos where it feels very casual about games.

  31. awesome! now can you guys do a video on games I can get my dad to play

  32. Multiple copies of Imperial Steam! I was hovering over you guys when it was demo'd at PAX and… It's way too much to teach everyone I play with!

  33. Great collection, i would say you might be missing something like bang the dice game, for sale, coup, castles of burgundy

  34. Do you have a suggested shelving unit? I need to expand my storage!

  35. Fighty game suggestion, Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. Only one play but the action programming/bidding players do at the start of each round is very well done with chunky decisions. Nice easy bonuses. Not complicated. 4 rounds. Your one leader has an asymmetric power. Not my style or game but an interesting enough one for a look and with the bidding mechanisms plus 4 rounds, definitely some room to play with strategy and just enough to play a second right away.

  36. Aw I really like Lizard Wizard; sad it's in the Out Tray

  37. Because you asked… El Grande! Should I say it again? Yes, I think I will. El Grande!!!! Every collection is incomplete without it. Oh, and the simple dudes on a map game that you are looking for that beats all the rest, Conquest of the Empire 🤯 everything you could ask for. Loved the video!!!!

  38. Lol Very good upload! Love to see what you like Tom!

  39. You say that you have all the Oink games you need, but I don't see the new OINK version of Scout anywhere in your collection. Like you say it's similar to Krass Kariert but with a few more twists, which makes it better for gamers but Krass is better for newbies. Both fantastic games

  40. Your a champ – 100% someone I'd love to game with. Nice job knocking down the button shy games lol

  41. Man i love how loose this video and the editing is, perfect for the content 🙂

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