Too many bones ( Unbreakable ) Board Game Review -

Too many bones ( Unbreakable ) Board Game Review

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Too many times we have heard that Too Many Bones is great. And too many times we did not get a chance to play it. So finally we got our hands on it and here is what we think (we ran out of “too many” puns).

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  1. What's the difference between this version compared to the other versions? Also do you need the other versions or is the stand alone? Is it better with other versions!?

  2. I want to know the guy that broke Janis’s hand and stole Janis’s collar

  3. Hi guys!
    Could you recommend a board game please!
    I am looking for something like Monopoly, but more complex and with more strategy involved. But not as complicated as Brass, as my family won't play it in that case. Game should be economy/management themed, with resource/money management, real estate or smth. Thank you <3 😀

  4. the "you me" thing is Chris Kattan and Will Ferril in a night at the roxbury"

  5. NOOO Janis G! You started to call a single Die a "Dice"!

  6. I've only played this once but you guys really hit the nail on the head – it took us 4 hours to do one scenario and there was SO MUCH reading, but oh my god what a blast! Excellent co-op, great dice chucking and an awesome levelling up system. But also like you said, it's soooo expensive so I'm just gonna keep playing my friend's copy for now 😌

  7. Yeah if you are okey with price and having to invest quite a time understanding characters, this is amazing game

    If you guys like to feel op I can recommend Ghillie or Carcass, if you like challange than Gasket or Nugget 🙂 also after like 10 plays time it takes to finish a run is drastically reduced, if we are not playing new chars we gan get a 3 player game in under 2h

  8. I have never really looked into this game, but now I'm intrigued. I think I even want to try it out 😀

  9. Thanks guys. Needed a review on this. Could you review Sky team too

  10. You absolutely should try other gearlocs!! The two you have in unbreakable are arguably closer to the bottom tier of gearlocsn(for me). Since they are so asymmetrical you will have a great time exploring all the different gearlocs. Ghilli and Nugget might be some of my favorite gearlocs. OH Wait!!!, I forgot about Boomer. Damn hold on, Pickett has cool defense. Oh no not again…. I forgot about Patches healing support for coop!!! You see my point. And Unbreakable is not as good as undertow or the base game, still great just not as good. Bye bye..💸

  11. It's cool that you think it's fantastic. Imagine how great you'll find it, once you've used the premium health chips. 😛

  12. I love your content, chemistry, and humor. As an English language educator, I love how confident you both are in speaking English. When you make grammar or pronunciation mistakes you just make a joke and brush it off. I hope that other non-native English speakers are inspired by you guys!

  13. How good of a starting point is Unbreakable for the TMB series?

  14. Great video guys.
    Stay safe
    Family first
    Looking for a co op game to okay with my mate where we work together.

  15. Too Many Bones is probably my fav game of all time. I'm shocked y'all started with this and not either the base version or Undertow. This, to me, is probably the hardest of the three games they've released, while also having the most… meh characters. You should definitely check out Undertow. Stanza and Duster are both so much more fun than the two included with Unbreakable.

    All this said, I think Unbreakable is the most fun system overall — just not the most new player friendly.

  16. I would like to buy it, but it is too expensive for me.

  17. Great review! And TMB is my favorite game. It is, however, ironic to have a "Be Kind to Earth" shirt with all that platic and neoprene laid out in front of you!! Haha

  18. The sketch mentioned is Jim Carrey + Will Farrel SNL and the somg in it is the 90’s dance hit “What is Love” (not “What is that”… lol) by Haddaway but… you just have to be old enough to remember those funny times 🙂

  19. Unbreakable is fantastic, but in my opinion it is the least desirable starting point of the 3 stand-alone starting options (TMB Core, Undertow, Unbreakable). This is not to say it is worse in any way (it is just as good or better), but instead due to it being slightly more complex and difficult to grasp for a first time player than the other two options. I would suggest Undertow if planning to initially play 1-2 players. This is because it is tied with Unbreakable as the cheapest entry point into TMB, has two gearlocs that are quite different and fun (in my opinion) and it gives you the full experience in every way with only slightly more complexity to the battle mat than Core TMB. If you know you want to play 3-4 players, then either the Core or Undertow plus a gearloc expansion is the way to go initially. Ultimately if you enjoy the game, there is so much expansion content to add more gearlocs or gameplay content, and the best part is that it is all perfectly interchangeable. But honestly, there is so much content and replay-ability in any one of the stand alone boxes, that the one box will be plenty for quite some time. Finally, everyone will have a different opinion on the "best" gearlocs, but honestly they are all good and fun in different ways. Just choose whatever looks fun or intriguing to you personally, and your enjoyment of that gearloc will grow as you play and experiment with them further. They all play very differently from one another and have many different upgrade/build paths (finding those or coming up with them is a lot of fun).

  20. The original base game with Picket, Patches and, Boomer They’re great fun. You can understand how their abilities progress.

  21. I absolutely love TMB! I have Undertow and since I've finished the campaign I've wanted to get everything else. It is expensive however so it might take a while.

  22. My favorite game of all time. Ghillie, nugget and gasket are the best single purchase gearlocs. The best bang for the buck is always the base and the standalone boxes though.

  23. The amount of mileage CTG gets out of a 4×4 grid is astounding.

  24. Have played the base version of Too Many Bones, and Spirit Island is a great comparable even though they don't seem the same on the surface.

  25. I bought it years back and for whatever reason I gave it to a friend. But lately I've been missing it. Maybe I'll give it another shot with one of the smaller campaign boxes. Great video!

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