Top 10 2020 Board Games for Kids -

Top 10 2020 Board Games for Kids

Tantrum House
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Liam Meadows talks about the best board games of 2020 for kids. Just in time for Christmas!!

0:00 – 1:01 Intro
1:02 – 1:30 Draftosaurus
1:31 – 2:27 Sponge Bob Plankton Rising
2:28 – 3:18 Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner
3:19 – 4:07 Trekking the World
4:08 – 5:23 Marvel United
5:24 – 6:38 Wavelength
6:39 – 7:42 Sugar Blast
7:43 – 8:45 Catapult Kingdom
8:46 – 9:59 Hues and Cues
10:00 – 11:03 Drone Home
11:04 – 13:02 Scooby Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion
13:03 – 15:55 Dungeon Drop
15:56 – 17:53 Ending


  1. That was an excellent video. Thank you so much.

  2. Great job as always Liam! Thanks for the great list

  3. Great picks Liam! Nicely done :). By the way, I really REALLY like Dungeon Drop also!

  4. Great list! I am going to get the drone game for my grandkids.

  5. Nice list Liam. I think your number 1 pick is fantastic. I would love to play that game after seeing the playthrough. Drone escape. Definitely looks like a riot and a must have . My wife and I play everdell a lot but it burns my brain at times. I never know what I should do first in that game. Interested in hearing the all time favorite list. How many games do you think have have played total in your life. Also what game do you like better bowl or photosynthesis

  6. First time I see Drone Home. It looks super fun but flimsy and cheap. The propellers and sensor don't seem durable.

  7. Nice picks! We are loving Trekking the world in our house. My oldest is 6 now so he is just starting to pick up game rules and strategies. I'll have to look into Dungeon Drop, looks super fun!

  8. Great games 👋🌼😊like # 3 👍

  9. Just a bunny hoping around in the background during #5.

  10. THANKS this helped a ton. Every list I've found so far online has had really dry, boring games

  11. We play Boardgames as a family, and with 6 in the family we all have our favourites. This gave me some good games to try out. Well done!

  12. Having a 7 year old into board games with me, this video was awesome. Love y'all's other videos too. Gained a subscriber! God bless!

  13. Nice video and great kid, but it will be nicer to talk without the gum…

  14. Супер! Хочу все из топа.

  15. Thank you for the suggestions, they all sound great!

  16. Our kiddos are 11, 7, and 6 and are loving Castle Panic, Dungeon Mayhem, Dragonwood and Cover your Kingdom. I'd recommend any one of them. All good fun.

  17. New game… How many times do they say “super” in this video? 😬

  18. We want to get Trekking the National Parks. If we like that, we’ll get the world version. My son (8) would love the catapult one, not to actually play by the rules, but just set up and knock down repeatedly. lol

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