Top 10 Adventure Board Games - 2024 edition -

Top 10 Adventure Board Games – 2024 edition

The Dungeon Dive
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In this episode of the Dungeon Dive, I discuss the top 10 adventure board games, with a new number one. Although, it looks like I failed to ever record a video with my old number one, so the new number one may not really matter. LOL! Anyhow, this list was really hard to put together. Mainly for two reasons.

1) This is my favorite kind of game

2) There are so many good adventure games

I will probably end up doing a follow up video covering ten more adventure games that didn’t quite make it.

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Thumbnail image by Stephen Fabian, originally for the Arkham House publication, Born to Exile

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  1. I love watching these videos by you — I love how you take the genres so seriously and take the time to tell us why you like each of them. And your tastes are so interesting. Most top 10 videos feel like you are just watching a computer generated list. You always have some eccentric choices that reflect your deep experience with these games. Love it. Always learn about some new game I've never heard of. -jesse

  2. excellent video! always the tastemaker, but from experience and passion, not sales driving. Pauper's Ladder is my next "when I have the cash" purchase!

  3. Arkham Horror 2E is in the mailbox as we speak on its way to a new home and ill forever be unsure if I regret selling it or not… the wife and I just like 3E better I think for its simplicity. You could say I traded it for DUN so 🤷‍♂️

  4. Hey!!! I sent you an email regarding my game that launches next month on Kickstarter, ' Monster Kill' I think you might be interested 🙂

  5. Destinies is a great adventure game, great vibe and great use of mobile app

  6. Excited to dig into this during my drive to work tomorrow!

  7. Loved this. Interesting to see that Mansions of Madness didn’t make the list. I was going to pick it up-now, maybe not!

  8. Nice list, and I clearly NEED Pauper's Ladder. I also like the rules for Runebound 3rd more than 2nd, but the expansions on 2 are a LOT more interesting.

    Euthia would make my list, as well as Prophecy. I also suspect that Dragons Down will land in my top 3. I've always desperately wanted to like Magic Realm, but the game is still far too fiddly and complex. Every change in Dragons Down looks SO good.

    Galzyr is a game that really should be on a lot of lists. I still prefer Tales of the Arabian Nights (which would be at the top of my list). Galzyr adds SO much to that style of game.

  9. I already missed a video like this. Lands of Galzyr… Top 3 on my list of adventure/exploration games.

  10. Hello Daniel,
    This is an excellent list that you offer us. I bought Hexplore It FOA for myself and "Fallen Land" is in my future purchases. I thought there might be "folklore" but it's more of a campaign game and rather linear but the publisher really missed out on a great opportunity by not supporting the creation kit they have edited with. There could have been a huge community around to develop this game.
    There is also SoB, but here we are straddling two worlds but it offers a great opportunity to create your own adventures and with Hexcrawl we have a very wide range of what the game system can offer. But you get it probably classified more in the DC genre.

  11. I can't even imagine trying to compile a list like this – you're doing yeoman's work here! What a great mix of older classics and new titles as well. This is how "Top 10" lists should look. The way you describe your #1 is how I feel about Earthborne Rangers. Adventuring around the game world and the actual card mechanics feel like the the next generation of what a deck-based card game can be.

  12. great list. 🙂 i just got the massive rpg tome for hexplore it: forest of adrimon, can't wait to dive into that.

    random question: do you think skyrim would have made the cut if it had better art and documentation?

  13. I have a special place for Talisman 2nd edition as well. That was my first game when I was a kid beyond the mass market games. It was the only game I knew of that had expansions, which blew my mind.

  14. Hearing about a board game that could’ve been designed by King Crimson and Steeleye Span has me salivating.

  15. Have you read "The Road"? If you love Mad Max, you should check it out.

  16. I really appreciate this channel. You have revealed many titles I have not heard of (Iron Helm). I wish I could get you my copy of Runebound 1st Edition so you could compare.

  17. Hi Daniel. I was going to disagree with you about Hexplore It: VotDK, but then you addressed my big issue with the game. which is that some characters are totally OP and break the game, while others can be weak. My game group is 5 players, and both times we played this, 2-3 players took over all the killing duties and the 2 weaker characters sat in the back seat and just "Defended" on their turns.

  18. Have you taken a look at Dragons Down?

  19. Really nice video! I'm glad to find your channel. Many of these games are on my shelves and I love playing them. But you also mention many that I have never even heard of and that intrigue me greatly. My favorite game was missed from your Flying Frog list, which is Last night On Earth…. but I forgive you! 😄I also love adventure games and just cooperative games in general. You noted that you have moved to the PNW. Are you still there (here)? Obviously I live there as well.

  20. Im an Arthurian nut too. What have you got into? Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, is interesting, I have a soft spot for Steinbeck's The Acts, The Penguin two volume L'Mort is very solid, Whites Once and future King I think is a true classic, Howard Pyle too, even Bernard Cowell efforts are interesting I prefer The Grail Quest to Warlords but worth a look in if somewhat dry at times.

  21. Folklore: the affliction’s world really pulls me in, both story mode and ‘freeplay’ using only the rumours is a great open-world romp for me

  22. Wow, well done Daniel, what fantastic games and congratulations to Paul Stapleton from Bed sit games for Paupers ladder being number one game on Daniels list.

  23. Jon Lonngren here from Fallen Dominion Studios—thank you Daniel so much for your kind words and excitement for Fallen Land 2nd Edition! We have another great expansion coming soon and two new games coming soon, in addition to an EPIC 5e Dungeons and Dragons module! Stay tuned! 🙂

  24. I have had Paupers Ladder, and the MoonTowers expansion, waiting to be played properly in my collection for well over a year… time to dust it off and try out the solo mode!

  25. Would you count Xia: Legends of a Drift System as an adventure game? Have you played that one?
    I hope Arydia will make this list one day (scheduled to deliver end of year 2025). It looks so good!

  26. Nice list… I just can. Not. Get over the art in Dungeon Degenerates. It’s an instant pass for me. I find the art just takes me out of any immersion potential. Too stark and too in your face. .. might agree with you about moving Talisman down the list.. it’s my favorite too .. but not the one I grab most often. .. DeathMaze added an overland adventure piece to its dungeon diving offerings. Really love that one! I may have to look closer at Paupers Ladder

  27. Did Fortune and Glory get bumped or not fit the criteria?

  28. I always appreciate seeing that someone else also has a Myth box-o-shame.

  29. I need to get Fallen Land. Furiosa was great. I know it did not do well at box. Hoping we get another Mad Max movie.

  30. Totoro is happy to see Pauper's Ladder at the top, it's a special game. Talisman is still Totoro's favorite because he's trapped in the 80s/90s but in a fun way. One day he will acquire Lands of Galzyr.

  31. The new edition to Talisman might end up changing your mind lol. It looks pretty good.

  32. How does Fortune and Glory compare to A Touch of Evil for you?

  33. Great list! Nice seeing Lands of Galzyr squeak into the list. I've had a lot of fun adventuring around in that game. A user named GwynHawk put a nice little Character Advancement list together on the BGG Files page for LoG that adds a pinch of leveling-up to your character/game over time without making them too overpowered.

    Do you have any thoughts on Agemonia (campaign) or Euthia (one-off scenarios)? Euthia is a bit of a monster in terms of table space and setup. I've seen some others mention Earthborn Rangers, which I also really like, and sounds like you backed the 2nd printing, so enjoy that.

    Glad to see your channel growing as well! I see your channel mentioned more and more on BGG and Reddit, so I hope newbies are enjoying dipping back into your huge catalogue of videos.

  34. I have Runebound 3rd Edition with all the expansions. Time to dust it off. It's a shame these are out of print.

  35. The art work of Dungeon Degenerates is abysmal. I would never buy it simply because of the artwork.

  36. Very interesting list. Runebound 2nd Edition is still my #1 game, so, I'm glad to see it, even if it's down at 9. My #2 is Vindication, which I know is too Euro-y for some people, but I really get into the theme while also enjoying the gameplay. If it had a better solo mode, it could replace Runebound for me. Witcher: Old World has been fun so far, but I haven't gotten into it much yet. I'll have to see where it lands in the future after more plays.

  37. I really enjoy the fact that you're taking time to define the terms that you use and how it influence your choices! In my humble opinion, its pretty cool to have a clear definition of what you consider adventure game and a maybe more "theorical" approach instead of just a random top 10 of game you like! Now, to my wallet and try to get those games! Already got a couple of those but still need more!! Thank you for the vid!

  38. A touch of evil 10 year anniversary edition new from developer $100. Sounds good. With delivery 244 dollars to uk. I'll pass lol

  39. Thanks Daniel, great list. My copy of the VOTDK just came in with all the extras for it including the campaign from the recent crowdfund they did, so I'm excited to get in to it with the wife.

  40. By the way, I am very grateful to you for sharing your very well informed comments on so many games on this genre, because I don't have the time and space (both physical and mantal) to play as many games nowadays. This helps me decide what games are really worth my time, effort and shelf space.
    Thanks to you I have found some amazing games on the past few years.
    Keep up the good work and keep your independence, it really does make a difference from other bigger YouTube boardgaming channels which are not specialized in anything and work more for the publishers than for their viewers or their passions.

  41. My first time playing Arkham Horror, after a few turns seeing how limited the movement and timing of closing gates, I turned in the corpses and requirements to get the deputy badge and was able to zip the other players around town in the police car.

  42. Omg AH 2e. Yes! This was my first and still honestly best game ever. My most favorite.

  43. Glad to have some of these in my collection. Definitely discovered many (most?) of them through this channel. Pauper's Ladder made its way halfway across the world and then got sent back for some odd reason. Luckily Paul and I figured out the issue and it got delivered safely. It's now my daughter and my number 1 game to play together.

  44. Over time this has become my personal favorite genre, which I mostly play solo but occasionally enjoy with a group. I enjoy the wider scope of the narrative, and that it relies on the player to stitch that narrative together themselves. The latter can happen in dungeon crawls as well, but it's mostly tied to the turn-by-turn combat events, so the "stitching" is just smaller scale or more "zoomed in" by default, and it also tends to be scripted a bit more. The narratives in adventure games seem to have more variety & length. The genre also seems to be more open to unusual settings and characters, whereas dungeon crawls seem to fall back to the more basic Tolkien or contemporary D&D tropes.

  45. Pauper’s Ladder is so well deserved. A masterpiece of work from Bedsit Games. The solo rules were designed by our Bag of Dungeon designer Russ Law and BSG kindly mentioned us in the rule book. Thanks for a great roundup. Great channel.

  46. I just started digging into your videos and I'm loving what you're doing! There really aren't many people talking about these kinds of games anymore and I'm happy see them getting love. Great job!

  47. Have you ever played Barbarian Prince? I'd kind of consider it the OG adventure board game. I think you can get a print and play for free these days.

  48. That comment about King Crimson and Genesis killed me. You are a brilliant salesperson.

  49. If I can get a copy of Pauper’s Ladder, I will test that proposition. 😊

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