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Top 10 Adventure Games

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel, Camilla Cleghorn, and Joey Evans take a look at their top 10 games full of action, excitement, and most importantly, adventure!

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  1. I don't think strong story elements are necessary for an adventure game.

  2. No ISS Vanguard, No Settled, No Oathsworn, No MageKnight, No Outer Rim. Bro. Just wtf.

  3. Am I the only one that can beat the Robinson Crusoe Castaways scenario consistently, even with the hard mode in the Book of Adventures?

  4. Tom you really should give Frostpunk a whirl

  5. My personal top 10, maybe not everybody will agree all of these are Adventure Games. But they are close enough for me.

    1) Quest for El Dorado
    2) Luxor
    3) Lost Ruins of Arnak
    4) Eldritch Horror
    5) Forbidden Island
    6) Forbidden Desert
    7) Flash Point: Fire Rescue
    8) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
    9) Escape The Curse of the Temple
    10) Exit (games): escape room games

  6. What is that game in the top right with what looks like a scuba diver?

  7. My wife really hated Clank Legacy. I thought it was kinda fun.

  8. I gotta say…none of these games look remotely appealing. I like sci-fi and manga style artwork and none of these does it for me.

  9. Roll Player Adventures is such a great adventure game. The choices really matter. So good.

  10. Nice to see Joey recommending Witcher. Tom and Camilla should try it, you don't need to be mega into the books or show (which it's fine not to like, it's crap) to enjoy the game.

  11. Camilla being shocked that not everyone lucid dreams is wild. That's super interesting that she's able to so often. I've only managed to once or twice.

  12. I think it’s time for a Top Ten Lifestyle Games list. You’re welcome.

  13. Tom- I know it’s a dungeon crawler, which you did a little while back, but I wonder if you’ve tried Deliverance yet? I’ve been hoping to hear your thoughts about it.

  14. Tom, you need to read the books or play Witcher 3, and then you'll fall in love with the world of Witcher.

  15. Did he say Clank! is not an adventure game? That's literally the first game I thought of after reading the title. The original with the expansion is a standard at my game nights. Probably my #1 but I can see people categorising it as "basic". I haven't played the first Legacy but I did pre-order the one that's coming out later this year

  16. Duel of Ages II is back on the LIST??? tom must have high hopes for 3rd edition

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