Top 10 AEG Games - with Tom Vasel -

Top 10 AEG Games – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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In this Publisher Showcase, Tom Vasel takes a look at his top 10 games from AEG!

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  1. @DiceTower do you guys have a list of best Dinosaur themed games? or post-apocalyptic games?

  2. I would add. Calico, Guild of Merchant Explorers, and Cascadia. Space Base and Point Salad are my favorites though.

  3. Space Base is just really bad Machi Koro. Worst game on the list.

  4. What?! No Dominare? Easily the best of the Tempest series of games!

  5. Santa Monica is a top 5 all-time game for husband and I. Calico and then Point Salad would round out my top 3 for AEG. We just got Space Base but haven’t played yet.

  6. I love Space Base too! As well as many others on this list like Thunderstone Quest, Mystic Vale, and Valley of the Kings. Also much love for Automobiles! Great company that I pay attention to whenever they announce something new.

    Love letter
    and Santa Monica

  8. Great list for my favorite publisher.
    Surprised about the absence of Cat Lady, Dead Reckoning, Calico or Santa Monica. Of course I haven't played a few mentioned on this list

  9. How is Cascadia not on this list? I would also add Cubitos and Calico to my personal list.

  10. Space Base is also my #1. AEG makes a lot of great games. I also have Dead Reckoning, Tiny Towns and Point Salad. Ready Set Bet is still on preorder.

  11. ready set bet looks really interesting.

  12. The Captain is Dead is probably my favorite AEG game

  13. # 11 – Points to AEG for putting small circular cutouts on their boxes to make their game boxes easier to open. Not technically a specific game, but it makes opening AEG games easier.

  14. I came over to hobby gaming in 2010 after mainly playing RPGs for a few years and Thunderstone was the first game that I fell in love with. I'm still a HUGE fan of deck-builders and Thunderstone Quest is easily in my Top 10 favorite games overall. Also, Greedy Kingdoms is a sleeper-favorite of mine from AEG; my favorite of their old "Big in Japan" line.

  15. I’ve been waiting for this list cuz I probably own more AEG games than anything. My top 10 would be:

    10. Whirling Witchcraft
    9. TEN
    8. Cat Lady
    7. War Chest
    6. Point Salad
    5. Cascadia
    4. Sheepy Time
    3. The Guild of the Merchant Explorers
    2. Santa Monica
    1. Space Base

  16. I do not own any of these. Space Base is on my Amazon wishlist though. I own and love Cascadia and since it was number one game played at their last convention I was surprised it was not mentioned. I also wanted to mention Tom this by far was my favorite hat and shirt combo that I have seen you wear. Absolutely a winner.

  17. For me Trains has a special spot on my top AEG games. And I am pretty sure it would be the 1st. I love that game

  18. I don’t think you can roll a “2 and 8” in Space Base… 🙂

  19. 1) War Chest
    2) Space Base
    3) Point Salad
    4) Cubitos
    5) mystic Vale
    6) Thunderstone Quest
    7) dead Reckoning
    8) Guild of Merchant Explorers
    9) love Letter
    10) Smash up

  20. I only own 3 AEG games one being Cubitos which I'm surprised didn't make the list

  21. Of three that I've played, I would rank them as follows: 1) Love Letter 2) Smash Up 3) Tiny Towns

  22. I was waiting for Tom mention Warlord CCG as he used to have it in his Top 100. Still one of the best CCGs of all time and still hoping AEG brings it back as an LCG.

  23. Space Base is a really good game for sure. It has that same feel that you get from Terraforming Mars, as in you are building your engine and tinker around with that and it doesn't bother you (or at least me) much who actually wins the game. It is just so fun to play. Though after probably about 50ish games of TM, it is starting to get a little old. Have probably played around 20 games of Space Base and with a couple of expansions, the game seems quite fresh with the card variety in the games. So it still feels quite fresh and there are new things to try out.

  24. Best publisher out there. Dead Reckoning is my #1 and then Space Base.

  25. Seeing as no one else has mentioned it so far, I'll be the one to say Unicornus Knights is high on my list of AEG games. I understand that it's a bit too anime for everyone's taste, but the concept of having a fully co-operative wargame with narrative elements is fairly unique. It's a shame that it never got an expansion.

  26. Cascadia and calico, though cascadia more so I eould have to say. I have thunderstone quest but have not tried it yet. So big a bit intimidating. Thank you for all the great videos.

  27. I miss AEG's RPGs… I know that L5R and 7th Sea are now with other publishers but I like the old roll and keep system.

  28. Love War Chest! Just got it about a month ago and played 2 team games with both expansions since it's very easy to teach/learn and the expansions additional stuff was pretty seamless to add.

    I do enjoy Space Base a lot, but that new expansion doesn't thrill me while Shy Pluto did. Haven't played in a bit, and used to take it almost every week to the meetup. Maybe it'll play better than it appears but the new expansion seems to add stuff that bogs the game down (I looked ahead just to make sure all the components are there, even if we haven't played it yet), while one of the base game's (and even with Shy Pluto added) appeal is how fast it plays and how easy it is for new folks to pick it up.

  29. I was really expecting 'TRAINS' to be on this list

  30. Interesting. I played space base once at a convention and found it dreadfully boring. I hear it recommended so often, so obviously it has its fans. But I would be hard pressed to ever play it again. Also tried Smash Up on the app and didn’t like that either. But never tried in real life.

  31. Trains is my fav AEG game. It used to be talked about so much then fell off the face of the planet out of nowhere.

  32. Smash up is one of the worst board games I've ever played

  33. Still enjoying and playtesting for Smash Up. Sorry, no spoilers for what's coming up.

  34. Space Base is vastly overrated. I don’t get the love. I’d rather play Catan by a mile.

  35. Love this series, absolutely HATE the opening music which always blasts super loud.

  36. I love Love Letter, at one point I owned 6 versions! I've since cut down to a more manageable 2 but I always love playing it

  37. Oh my god how amazing would it be if you could roll a 2 and an 8 in Space Base 🤣 d8? D10?

  38. You should do a top 10 pandasaurus games next!!

  39. Idk how Cascadia isn't on this list. And I knew it wouldn't be, but I really like Meeples and Monsters

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