Top 10 AEG Games - with Tom Vasel -

Top 10 AEG Games – with Tom Vasel

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In this Publisher Showcase, Tom Vasel takes a look at his top 10 games from AEG!

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  1. Thanks for including my game (Valley of the Kings) on your top 10 list!Tom Cleaver

  2. Point Salad was my biggest disappointment. I bought it because everyone said that it is a quick and fun game. Unfortunately, it is not that quick as a setup takes a lot of time for such a small game if you are not playing with 6 players. You have to spend a lot of time taking out veggie cards when playing with less than 5 people and you want to do it for each play so that you won't play with the same cards again and again.I would like Point Salad better if it would have cards for 3+, 4+ etc. player counts so that we do not have to sort cards before each play.

  3. I love when I roll an 8 on one of my dice in Space Base! It's such a versatile number. And double 8s, forget about it!! 🎲🎲

  4. I loooooooove Smash Up, and eas super glad to see it on this list. I own everything up until marvel and Disney which I refuse to get because they changed a lot of the terminology and stuff in those sets which makes gameplay really janky (At least with previous sets)

  5. I think Dead Reckoning really perfects the card-crafting concept and drops it into an exciting pirate-y sandbox.

  6. The Captain is Dead and Cascadia are ones that pop to mind for me…

  7. Mystic Vale holds an easy top spot in my heart.

  8. I am with you part way, but Edge of Darkness and Dead Reckoning are better than some of this list. To each their own, at least TSQ got some love.

  9. My favorite AEG games are.
    1. Ecos the first continent
    2. Cascadia
    3. Tiny towns
    4. Space base
    5. Istanbul
    6. Cubitos
    7. Trains
    8. Cat lover

    That’s only games I’ve played from this publisher. I do own mariposas, but haven’t played it yet.

    I also plan to play point salad and probably calico and hopefully wormholes before I make my own official list video.

  10. In no particular order for me (and it is a John D Clair fest)
    Dead Reckoning
    Mystic Vale
    Point Salad
    Istanbul the Dice Game

  11. So many great choices! AEG is very solid. I’ll add in there Ecos: First Continent (another John D Clair), Meeples & Monsters, Automobiles, and Istanbul the Dice Game.

  12. Istanbul, man! 🦃Come on… oh, wait. I'm not even sure if you even like that game. But it's a great game! And Cascadia of course!
    Nice video, like always, Tom.🌲

  13. Every game mentioned that I played either fell completely flat or outright hated.

    The only game they sell that anyone's loved was Unicornus Knights.

    I particularly hate Tiny Towns. I talked people into trying it with me and almost instantly regretted it. Ouch.

  14. Wr also love space base. Point Salad IA a great family game

  15. Anyone else got some love for UNICORNUS KNIGHTS?

  16. Great List! I love them all, except Ready, Set, Bet, I haven't played it yet. I really like Dead Reckoning as well, (And John D. Clair). My favorite one is Thunderstone advanced (I own everything for all 3 edition of Thunderstone), but there are other titles I will dig deeper into soon. Like Edge of Darkness. Just played Cascadia lately and it was a very nice discovery, with excellent production.

    We also just started the latest adventure for Space Base. Great dice rolling fun!

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Great list! I think my favorite (if it counts because it was also Flat Out Games) is Calico! Just an incredible little drafting tile placement game.
    If it doesn’t count, I think my favorite is Cubitos then 🙂

  18. Absolute crime Dead reckoning was not on the list. It killed Mystic Vale. In other reviews they love the wormhole mechanism of Wormholes, but find the game around it not great. Mystic Vale has the card crafting mechanism, but a weak game around it. Dead reckoning brings card crafting into a fabulous game.

  19. Edge of Darkness and Ecos: First Continent would get top marks from me on this list.

  20. Did not like Thunderstone Quest at all. Space Base is one of my all time favourites! Cubitos is in the mail. Worried it is not on the list….

  21. It's such a shame what happened to this company. Once upon a time they had a great miniatures game, a great card game, and a great role-playing game all based in the same world. I miss those days

  22. Current favorite AEG: Automobiles. Quick bag-building race game. Available on BGA.

  23. Istanbul is my number 1 but I'm finding a ton I like from them

  24. Dead Reckoning is by far my favourite AEG game! 🏴‍☠️

  25. Love Letter #11 vs. Space Base #1?!?! Should have flipped spots IMO.

  26. Top 10 without Dead Reckoning or Edge of Edge of Darkness is far superior to Mystic Vale

  27. Lots of love for Edge Of Darkness. Trains is also a pretty solid Dominion clone that's easier for players to jump into thanks to the game board.

  28. Automobiles, and I really liked Wormholes. Ready, Set, Bet would probably be number 1 right now.

  29. #1 Istanbul
    #2 Tiny Towns
    #3 Space Base

    7-10 are debatable…

    I’ll give Tom a pass if he is considering istanbul a pegasus spiel game

  30. The AEG games I own, thus are my favorite: Guildhall, Oath of the Brotherhood, Love Letter Batman and Space Base.

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