Top 10 Anticipated Board Games 2024 😍😍 -

Top 10 Anticipated Board Games 2024 😍😍

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It’s 2024 folks, and we’re already looking forward to play some exciting looking games released this year! (if not a tad later). Here’s the list, and what’s yours?
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Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2024
00:00 Welcome to….2024!
00:13 What’s in our list
01:01 How we come across these games
01:20 The list, in no particular order
11:24 Special mentions

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  1. your #1 unmentionable game is my #1 too, and i also couldn't mention it in my video!

  2. Besides the games already mentioned, I would add Wondrous Creatures

  3. Great seeing all your recent videos! Glad Tarrant will go to Essen this year!

  4. Describing board games without pictures or video is like describing colors to a blind person

  5. Don't know much about it yet, but as a Shakespeare nut I can't wait for "Shakespeare's First Folio"….

  6. I think you guys hit on almost all of the ones on my radar: Ezra and Nehemiah, Inventors of the South Tigris, Daitoshi, and Windmill Valley. Two other ones that I have on my list are Sankore: The Pride of Mansa Musa and Galactic Cruise (although that will be a KS this year so may not fulfill until 2025 or even later).

  7. I will check the french edition of Wyrmspan in june by Matagot.

  8. Wyrm sounds like worm, but this won't stop me from getting the game.
    I'm excited for Unconscious Mind and the Cascadia roll & flip & write.
    Windmill Valley is also one of my most anticipated games. I tried it at Spiel. We've been to Keukenhof tulip garden and it was amazing! It has hundreds of tulip species, but it's only open a couple of weeks. We rented some bicycles there to see the fields as well. We got soaked in the rain πŸ˜… If no tulips, you could go to the Zaanse Schans, but there are windmills elsewhere too.

  9. Wyrmspan! Really looking forward to it, hope you guys will have video on your channel. I like the sound of Cities and Heroes too! Im sure a lot of other good games are coming. Thanks for the video

  10. Thanks for posting. Been looking forward to your most anticipated. Some games i have never heard about yet, but some I am also super excited about. Most interested in Arcs. Lets hope its a great year for new games πŸ₯°

  11. Do you guys ever run out of room for games? I mean if you keep getting the new ones every year?
    I’m just trying to build up a half decent collection. Miles away still.
    Geez T. I hope you’re not allergic to crowds. Essen is the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen. 5 aircraft hangars full of people.

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