Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2022 - Can We Pull It Back? -

Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2022 – Can We Pull It Back?

The Broken Meeple
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Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2022!

2021 is over and so now with that year behind us, we must look forward and see if 2022 can improve on the quality of board games being released and the innovation found within. I don’t normally do this list, but by popular demand from you all, here it is………..and another similar list will follow later this month!

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00:00 – Introduction
02:38 – #10
05:06 – #9
07:00 – #8
09:21 – #7
12:03 – #6
14:17 – #5
16:41 – #4
19:43 – #3
21:34 – #2
23:52 – #1
27:28 – Conclusion

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  1. Try Imperium the Contention as a fast 4x game.

  2. Nice video. But no single game of these looks interesting to me😅😃 luckily that tastes can be so different

  3. UGH – I cannot wait for the South Tigris series!! Also YES to Fall of the Mtn King; the combined mechanisms in that game look super interesting. This is a SOLID list. So much to look forward to. <3

  4. For me Oathsworn into the deep wood is the big one this year, if it turns out as good as it looks it could be one of the best games since KDM.

  5. I can't wait for the next expansion of Wingspan!

  6. After the Sg debacle never again RRG.
    For a space game, Xia is the best.

  7. So happy that I upgraded my Frostpunk pledge to screenprinted meeples for buildings – they are GORGEOUS (and you don't have to paint them). That's my biggest gripe with Hel: the Last saga + the reason I'm still on $1 pledge: 113 minis. 113! I seriously don't know if I'm ever going to be able to paint all of that.
    I'm going to download the rulebook and see how difficult it'll be to play multiple characters…. because I'm not going to be able to get a big group to play that….PLUS 113 minis to paint! FFS!

  8. OMG Yes! I love that Destinies tried, but boy did it feel like wandering around a board game with no point. It would have been great if they had puzzle solving elements that led to actual clues and things that made me feel like I was in charge. Instead I felt like not only were we just depending on random luck, but the time of the game length also was random dependent on that . So here you are with a game that usually outstays its welcome with no actual mechanics to engage you.

    My wife says in frostpunk, a big frostpunk fan, never put the kids in the factory if you inact longer work laws because then u got to "replace them" . Honestly this game sounds dark.

  9. You know Luke, thanks for this list. It restored some of my faith in content creators. After watching the inevitable deluge of most anticipated lists, this is the first one that hit the high spots for me. Perhaps the best being that Merchants of the Dark road should be shipped in the US in the next couple of weeks. Seriously this was the first list I saw that mentioned Perseverance and I was surprised how many forgot about Endless Winter. Now or Never will hopefully make its way here soon also.

  10. Great list and thank you for putting it together. A few thoughts:

    I have backed these and am looking forward to getting them in roughly the same order:
    #10 – Divinus

    #8 – Fall of the Mountain King

    #6 – Hel: The Last Saga

    #5 – Merchant of the Dark Road

    #1 – Frost Punk

    Wayfarers of the South Tigris – Yep, looking forward to it.

    Perseverance – Never even heard of this, so I'm glad I watched.

    Stellaris – I backed, then backed out, wasn't confident in the creators. They didn't seem to have their crap together…. we'll see…

    Now or Never – Yep, to retail.

    Endless Winter – On the fence on this one… so many people love it but just the look didn't grab me.

    And yes… FROSTHAVEN!!!!!

  11. For me, Endless Winter, The Transcontinental, and Eleven are my most anticipated games from 2022. Of course there are a few others I backed that I am excited for, but those are my top 3.
    I predict Architects: Works of Wonder, and Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities will be on your expansions list. They certainly are on mine

  12. my top 3:

    1. Oathsworn
    2. Guards of Atlantis 2
    3. Hyperspace
    4. Foundation of Rome
    5. Endless Winter

  13. Have you seen Primal? It has the card comboing similar to Street Masters/Sentinels, but is a boss battler.

  14. Endless Winter is the only one of this list that I am really looking forward to. Also highly anticipating Return to Dark Tower, Oathsworn, Familiar Tales, and War of the Ring: The Card Game.

  15. Got Perseverance and Hel a bit higher on my list, but agree with Endless Winter and Frost Punk.

  16. Hadn't yet heard of Perseverance but we love dino themes so will definitely add this to the watch list!

    Interesting to see a few video games-turned board games as well. I'm not expecting much from Stellaris (hope I'm wrong) but I bet you're right about Frostpunk! Really enjoyed both of those video games so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the great content as always.

  17. For me, I'm really looking forward to "Now or Never" which is going to be an instant buy. I am intrigued by "Merchants of the Dark Road" as would be really interested to give that a go.

  18. Agree with all of these and backed or pre-ordered 7 of them. I am also looking forward to My Fathers Work for a change in theme and something to sit alongside Abomination. Now the question is what will show up first. Oh and hoping to see Planet Unknown soon….

  19. Great stuff 🙂 Every considered doing a hidden gems video for a given year?

  20. Great list, Luke. I know you aren't a fan of doing anticipated lists, but it's still fun to hear what games are on your mind. It'll be even more interesting to hear a retrospective once they finally do release. I'm definitely looking forward to Perseverance, Stellaris, Tigris, and Frostpunk. I'd add in ISS Vanguard (assuming the first wave comes this year). Gonna be my first Awaken Realms narrative game, so here's hoping it is good. Also, Legacies is a game that's been in the works for a while that I can't wait for, I think it just came into port though!

    Happy New Year, and best wishes! Hope you are doing well.

  21. Stellaris could indeed be one of the big surprises for 2022, especially given all the angst among popular board game reviewers.

  22. Great video to kick off the year, Luke! Thank you for your work!

  23. Who cares about Stellaris when you can play Empires of the Void II??

  24. For me there’s firstly Ark Nova and Mortum – I know 2021 games officially but here in Australia they’re definitely 2022. On the Kickstarter side Stationfall has me super intrigued and I so hope it will live up to its premise; I C E and Oros as fun and beautiful looking Euro games; and most of all (though I’ll be amazed if this isn’t 2023) Arydia to see if it can genuinely do the Zelda in a box thing.

    Perseverance I also played a prototype of back before lockdowns in early 2020 so it feels like ten years ago! I enjoyed it but I’m cautious as it had the Anachrony feel and I still struggle to get into Anachrony thematically, it feels too much like a spreadsheet game about accounting rather than a sci fi epic . Perseverance felt more fun but I didn’t back it in the end for that reason – hope I’m wrong though!

  25. Usually I don’t see our tastes cross over much. But merchants of the dark road, endless winter, and perseverance are all ones I’m really excited for

  26. Given your constant love – thought In the Pursuit of Happiness Big Box would be on your list with the new content (well assuming it will be released in 2022)

  27. So much supposed goodness supposedly coming in 2022… Excited about a few, all with a futuristic theme that could be the dominant this year:
    – the ambitious cyberpunkish semi-coop Human Punishment: the Beginning,
    – the crazy promises of ISS vanguard if they can pull it off in 2022…
    – Megapulse this little Canadian racing game a la Wipeout
    – Circadians Chaos order could be really nice as well !

  28. Thanks for the list Luke! What are your thoughts about Planet Unknown?

  29. Merchants just arrived here in Singapore last week. Can’t wait to get it to the table!!

  30. Great list! I'm also excited for Now or Never & Endless Winter. Isofarian Guard is my most anticipated Kickstarter that should arrive in 2022. Happy New Year!

  31. You pretty much covered all of my top anticipated games: Endless Winter, Perseverance, and Now or Never being very high. While it technically arrived in 2021, I can't wait to play my copy of Defence of Procyon III now that I have it.

  32. Great list! Very excited about the South Tigris trilogy. I forgot about Frostpunk! Going to be watching for that one too.

  33. Frosthaven, Perseverance, Endless Winter, Wayfarers, and Ark Nova are my most anticipated.

  34. Welcome back, I hope you had a good break.
    BGG shows Marvel Zombicide as 2022. I would be surprised, but if so that is the game I am looking forward to most. I have no zombicide games and am excited to take the plunge with a superhero themed one!
    Happy new year, Luke.

  35. Hey, Luke, if I recall correctly, you did back Definitive Edition of Sentinels of the Multiverse, right? Did you get it yet? Do you plan on doing a video at all? Not a 2022 game technically, but I think only a small number of backers got it in 2021. I'm looking forward to getting mine; it's supposed to arrive Tuesday.
    Cheers and happy New Year!

  36. Eclipse.. too boring? Get the pitchforks!

  37. Hmm not sure what I'm looking forward to in 2022 apart from expansions/sequels (TMB, marvel champions, kingdom rush EU). Maybe Darwin's journey, mindbug, primal (lol 2022), Lotr Lcg revised core.

  38. Maybe you should look into Space Empires 4x if you haven't already. Perhaps not much of a looker, but probably as good as space 4x board games get, in my opinion. 😉

  39. Shows what I know, with your most anticipated game being one that very much surprised me. I've backed it, though I've had enough doubts about it through the campaign up to the present day. Will it get played much? We'll have to see.

    p.s. good giggle on the reveal of the #1

  40. As for what I'm most eager for, similarly it's mostly crowdfunded / late pledged games, as we get earlier sight of these than retail games.

    Top of the list is Legacies, which is almost certainly going to be the heaviest (gameplay wise) game I'll own. Lots to teach, but working through it, I can see how the designer has layered complexity, so the teach can similarly be layered.

    ISS vanguard, Wave 2 Etherfields are certainly games I'm eagerly anticipating. Aeolis & Frostpunk I'm hopeful of, but just a slight concern that co-op games aren't the main focus of our largish game group, but let's see

    For campaigns upcoming, I'll watch the Total War one, though barring a theme which I like, it's not a genre that appeals for tabletop games (the videogame remains excellent). If nothing else, I find the challenge of translating a successful videogame into board game format is an interesting one. With This War of Mine, I felt they got the big changes absolutely right, even though that turned off a lot of people expecting the same experience as the videogame.

    Outside of those, moving to retail

    I'm certainly intrigued by what an expansion for Outer Rim may bring. I didn't buy the game, mostly for feeling that it might be 85% of the game it could be. Will the expansion change this feeling? If so, it's one to watch. I doubt Scorpius Freighter's expansion will ever appear, and that's an even more extreme example, where a piece of gameplay was obviously ripped from it to make the core game smaller. It does need that expansion (IMO).

    Will the long-awaited Flamme Rouge expansion (Gran Tour) emerge? The delay is an odd one for sure, though a bit like Meteo, I'm not sure it's an expansion I need.

    West Kingdom expansions? I'm happy to wait for them to land before deciding. I liked Artisans, but avoided City of Crowns on the basis that Paladins is already a massive table hog, so adding to that felt problematic.

    I get the impression that Hall or Nothing are walking away from publishing the Lifeform expansions (Calibos and IIRC one other). That would be a little frustrating as there is a good game there (albeit a little fiddly in places where it didn't need to be).

  41. I didn't expect to see it here, but I'm still disappointed not to see it in your list… my most anticipated game of the year is Hybris : Disordered Cosmos 🙂
    Great list anyway !

  42. "Fantasia Games has done some really good stuff in the past."

    … They haven't done anything in the past, I think you may have mixed them up with another company. Haha.

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