Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2024 -

Top 10 Anticipated Board Games of 2024

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Hello everyone!

It is time to share our Top 10 anticipated games of 2024!

We still have many games from 2023 to play, and we also have shelves of fantastic older games that we are excited to play again.

That doesn’t make us less excited for new games coming out as well!
In this video, we are sharing 10 games that we are looking forward to play in 2024!

We would love to hear about yours as well, so please share in the comments!
Thank you so much for watching 😀

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  1. I am also looking forward to Fromage (didn't back it, so retail), and OF COURSE, Inventions!

  2. The Dark Quarter and Civolution are games I'm really looking forward to

  3. I'm very excited for Inventions and Pampero with Terminus as my third most anticipated. After that it would be hard to order them: Civilizations, Fromage, Tycoon: India 1981, Biohack, disrupt, maybe Galactic Cruise (but it's not one kickstarter until March, so very doubtful that it will be a 2024 game).

  4. I am most looking forward to the Gaia Project expansion The Lost Fleet!

  5. Surprised to see that Galactic Cruise wasn't on here as that too is another Lacerda-esque game

  6. Ezra and Nehemia, Andromeda’s Edge, and Unconscious Mind, are all ones I’ve backed and am so excited for! I also have seen a lot of buzz around Gnome Hollow, and that looks fun.

    I’ve never played a Feld or Lacerda game, but some of these new ones look good. Definitely hope to play a game by one, or both of them, at some point soon.

  7. Civolution, Kathmandu, Nassau, Ezra & Nehemia, Inventors of the South Tigris, Windmill Valley, Sankoré for me!

  8. Quite a few I hadn't heard of! I'm most looking forward to the Nusfjord Big Box (if that counts), Middle Ages, Conservas, and Windmill Valley. 😁

  9. The Flat Iron Building is in New York, yes.

  10. Thanks for putting these games on my radar!

  11. I’m looking forward to receiving “Endeavor: Deep Sea”. I backed it via crowdfunding.

  12. I'm only excited about fromage and inventions and not hype at all… just "oh cool" I hope this year gives me a break and I don't end up Waiting everything.

  13. Looking forward to the third in the South Tigres series which I believe is called Invertors. I'm going to check quick because these often come out without me noticing! Three or four on your list that have me hyped now as well!

  14. Thanks for putting Flatiron on my radar! The White Castle was a top three game for 2023 for me. And I grew up about 20 minutes from NYC so I'm highly intrigued.

    The biggest ones on my radar are: Ezra and Nehemiah, Inventors of the South Tigris, Sankore: The Pride of Mansa Musa, Daitoshi, Windmill Valley, and Galactic Cruise. I think you two would be highly intrigued by Galactic Cruise if you haven't already checked it out.

  15. Cool! 😎👍 I’m looking forward to Wyrmspan, Ovation, Feud and Bardwood Grove 😎👍 So many games still on my shelf of shame, but I’ve decided to go back to buying games again, because I basically lost interest when I decided to not buy new games until I’ve played all the games I own and haven’t played. 😳

  16. Absolutely awesome set of upcoming titles guys! Ya'll are always on top of the best games of the year. Keep up the great work.😀

  17. Dragon Eclipse was on my top 10 anticipated games this year and Clank Legacy 2 made my honorable mentions. The rest of my list are: Harvest, Critter Kitchen, Ezra and Nehemiah, Timelancers, Rogue Angels, Zombicide White Death, Maki Maker (Wasabi), Storyburg A Deck-building Adventure Game, and Under Grove.

  18. Really excited for Pampero – 5kg(!) of Euro goodness

  19. My most anticipated ones are:
    Andromeda's Edge
    Unconcious Mind

    Great list BTW! Some interesting titles that I need to research!!

  20. Hi, I'm waiting for Unconscious Mind and Andromeda's Edge (plus 7th Citadel and Inventions that you mentionned).

  21. Great list again! Interested in all of those (except maybe 7th citadel because 7th Continent was my first KS ever, and the most disappointing one at this stage)
    1. I would add Arydia to the list of cooperative campaign games that you never finish, and the designers may finish and deliver it by end of year if all goes ok!
    2. Galactic Cruise I'm following because Ian O'Toole
    3. Sankore but that's possibly old news for you since you have played it (and maybe got a box of the final game already)…

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