Top 10 Anticipated Solo Board Games for 2024 -

Top 10 Anticipated Solo Board Games for 2024

Totally Tabled
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My Top 10 Anticipated Solo Board Games coming out in 2024, maybe. If you would like to support the channel, you can give me a nice tip here:

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00:00 Intro
01:16 10. Daitoshi
02:54 9. Keyside
04:31 8. The Old King’s Crown
05:40 7. Wondrous Creatures
06:56 6. Galactic Cruise
08:30 5. Civolution
10:18 4. Stonesaga
12:22 3. Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles — Ep. 3-4
14:50 2. Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era
16:45 1. Inventions: Evolution of Ideas
18:45 Outro (11-20)

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  1. What a superior list. I thought I was waiting only for Civolution but it turned out that I am also waiting for Keyside, Galactic Cruise, Perseverance and I didn't even know about it 😀

  2. Before You Play uploaded a playthrough of Inventions a while ago, looks very promising

  3. Do you do unboxing video?, do inventions ❤

  4. Backed Perseverance. Stonesaga also sounds great

  5. Since you don't have enough on your plate… let me request something for you to do… How about a video going over your list of your favorite civilization building games like (Imperium, Nations, Civilization, Through the Ages…) kind of games and listing your favorites.. I am always looking for great civilization games and would love to hear your thoughts… plus think of all of the views this video would generate… let's do it…..

  6. any recommendations on checking out if you like the euro genre? I'm searching for a game that is not too expensive, but also good and can play solo. They seem so fun, but not sure if I like them.

    I'm also very excited for the elder scrolls betrayal of the second era, but because im just starting with boardgames I will hold of for now.

  7. I'm also really excited for the Elder Scrolls. Even after a few years into the hobby, I never felt the need/desire to back anything….. that changed with this game, I'm SO HYPED.

  8. I’ve played elder scrolls at chip theory. It is fantastic. Probably one of my favorites from chip theory so far next to cloud spire. I’m waiting on arydia still too and stone saga looks wonderful

  9. Inventions will be an instant buy for me, I can't wait to get my nerdy hands on it. Also cant wait for you to demo it to us

  10. Great list! I should have been able to guess Inventions would be your #1. It does seem really good. I wish I had had the circumstances to back it when it was Kickstarting. Also, you should give Barcelona a try one day. I do think with some of the games you haven't gotten a chance to play yet that 2023 could possibly rise to your #1 year of all time. Here are my most anticipated:

    5. Galactic Cruise (cool, unique theme with Ian O'Toole art and the Gaming Rules! playthrough the other day really increased my excitement. Not sure I'll be able to back it but definitely looking forward to increased coverage of it)

    4. Windmill Valley (Dani Garcia and Board & Dice – would be higher if it didn't seem like this was lighter than my usual taste)

    3. Daitoshi (Dani Garcia and Devir)

    2. Inventors of the South Tigris (LOVE the previous two in the series so looking forward to completing the trilogy)

    1. Ezra and Nehemiah (I'm super excited about the theme and Shem Phillips/SJ Macdonald have been rising up my favourite designers list ever since I played WotST)

    Sankore was on my list but I've since added it to my collection and gotten through ten plays already.

  11. Some games I've backed or preordered below that I'll will try playing solo (a couple solo-only games) in no particular order. All estimated to come out this year at least, which probably mean I won't see half 😉 Weirdly enough I probably anticipate the standalone expansion for Ascension Tactics most, really enjoyed that one solo, really simple solo deck.

    Rogue Dungeon
    Rogue Angels
    Slay the Spire: The Board Game
    Tainted Grail Kings of Ruin
    Leviathan Wilds
    Unreliable Wizard
    Ascension Tactics Inferno
    The Dark Quarter
    Dieson Crusoe
    Dragon Eclipse
    Fate: Defenders of Grimheim
    Spirit Fire

  12. dont forget the terraforming mars automa with Turczi 🙂

  13. I'm very interested in Daitoshi as well, and am looking forward to seeing more about it. The Old King's Crown nearly got me on art alone, but I could not wrap my brain around the rules for some reason.

    My most anticipated for this year (in no particular order) are Unconscious Mind, Botany, Cthulhu Death May Die seasons 3 and 4, Harakiri, Tainted Grail Kings of Ruin, Shipwrights redux, Biohack, Keep the Heroes Out expansion, Deep Rock Galactic expansions, as well as Agemonia (which just delivered) and Robinson Crusoe deluxe edition (which will deliver Tuesday). I'm pretty sure they all can be played solo since that's one of my restrictions when buying games anymore since my group just doesn't meet up regularly anymore.

    I really have some good games to get to my table, and a bit of painting piling up.😂

  14. Can't wait for Inventions! I too absolutely adore weather machine and every time I pull it out, I pull up your video to refresh myself on the rules before playing 💕 I'm super interested in a handful of these games now, thanks for sharing!

  15. Nice ! Now I can add some games I wasn't aware off yet.

  16. Great list, Shaggy. A distinct Gentleman's list. 😁 Thank you for sharing.

    My most anticipated games for 2024:

    Arrival imminent special mentioning: Agemonia

    1) Forsaken
    2) Andromeda's Edge
    3) Primal
    4) Ascendancy
    5) Phantom Epoch
    6) Rogue Angel
    7) Arydia
    8) The Last Spell
    9) Warcrow Adventures
    10) Fate Forge

  17. I'm waiting for Inventors if the south tigris, 7th Citadel, Etherstone, Stalker.

  18. Galactic cruise is sooo good! I play tested it at GenCon last year. The designers have spent years on the development and have finally got it to market.

  19. dont you think voidfall is too expensive? i mean 120$ for core, and we have to pay extra for triple layered playerboard? also why no miniatures are included? it doesnt make sense to pay 80$ for miniatures. is a 120$ game should included all this things, feel like they are taking advantage and going full monetary instead of delivering a good game that can mark a legacy in his company.

    i just got the notification that is available on his website, however i can only ship it to my country at the end of this year, so thinking to wait to end of year and buy it cheaper (if i get lucky and price fall) but i know you liked this game by far so i wanna know your real opinion about prices and extras on this great game

  20. Excited to start playing ISS Vanguard (will be delivered next week). Anticipated games for 2024 are Mycelia, Gilded Realms, Isofarian Guard returns and Spirit Fire.

  21. I am curious to see what Awaken Realms will announce next week for this year's crowdfunding campaigns. I have a good feeling about the co-operative game Horror on the Orient Express. And many pledges should arrive including Stars of Akarios.

  22. Curious about Daitoshi ("large city" or "metropolis" in Japanese). After The Red Cathedral and The White Castle, I pay attention to anything that Devir is putting out. My list of anticipated 2024 games: Unconscious Mind, Terminus, Storm Raiders, and Inferno: Deluxe Edition (on GameFound currently). Thanks for posting. I always enjoy your commentary! (Edit: Game I regret not backing: Leviathan Wilds.)

  23. Elder Scrolls would be my number one 🙂 I hope you/we aren't overly optimistic that we are going to get it in our hands in 2024!

  24. I backed Stonesaga and Elder Scrolls (from Chip Theory) as well and am excited about them too.
    I'm looking forward to Dice Throne Adventures and Tidal Blades 2. Not sure if they'll be this year. Oh yeah, and Tainted Grail. I missed the first KS.

  25. We share one in common – Elder Scrolls. Which is probably my #1 most anticipated. I was a day one backer of it when it launched on Gamefound. I also have STALKER, Andromeda's Edge, and Dragon Eclipse on my most anticipated list for the year.

  26. Unconscious Minds and Inventions are on my 2024 list but I’m also hoping to get the Awaken Realms CoB, ISS V and Hoplomachus Victorum finally to the table as well now that I have my grubby mits on them.
    Box of Delights have done a look at and solo play of Old King Crown, think solo rules were 90ish % there, should you have time to view

  27. My #1 is Endeavour Deep Sea, followed by FLOE! Unconscious Mind as well ofc.

  28. Looking forward to your 2024 content as I live vicariously through your boardgaming! Keep up the terrific work for me please 🙂. Great review/preview!

  29. Nice list!
    I’m looking forward to Gloomhaven 2nd edition.

  30. Being relatively new to board games,the thing that amazed me in this video is how long some the games actually take to finally release. Is this done to funding, development both or something else?Wonder what the longest time between announcement and release is!

  31. Great choice of games! I have backed the top 3 games and expect each one to be a masterpiece!

  32. First time hearing about Civolution…I'm intrigued!

  33. Perseverance 1 and 2 are great. Long and slow, but great for what its trying to do. That solo mode is a BEAST though. I would not recommend it solo as a huge mind clash fan.

  34. I backed « Andromeda’s Edge », I can’t wait!

  35. Great list. Very interested in Elder Scrolls. Almost backed it but I decided it was too much for what you got. I'm kind of regretting that now…Also, Ezra and Nehemiah looks great. I'd be curious what you think on that one. I'm planning on picking that up as soon as it hits retail. Great content as always!

  36. Purple Haze being so delayed has aggravated me to the point where I may just sell it when it arrives lol.

    my number 1 and 2 are Freedom Five and Deep Shelf. Freedom Five is a Sentinels of the Multiverse board game with the Sadler Bros as designers. Deep Shelf has a branching, fail forward, short solo campaign. very excited.

  37. So glad to see Galactic Cruise on this list!

  38. Could be more solo only games, like Nemos War, Halls of Hegra, Brambles, Under Falling Skies.. i guess, that solo gaming is more for "weirdos", so it will rather stay underground business🙂

  39. I just got Primal the Awakening yesterday and I played it nonstop! It's my best game this year so far. Inventions is also my most anticipated. Lacerda games are just something else

  40. Looking forward to your thoughts/play of Inventions! I had a really fun time playtesting Inventions as well as being one of the Developers. I just played Galactic Cruise with a couple of friends yesterday and really enjoyed it a lot. Loved building my ships. I told the Designers the blueprints/rooms are so much fun for making 'thematic' ships for my passengers. I also really enjoy how the action selection/worker placement works. It's not really a surprise though given the inspiration they've taken (which they've proudly mentioned, they are big fans of his) for GC from some of Vital's games. They still have done things though to give GC it's own identity. Really nice that they have included an introductory game but also have ways to add depth and weight to the game play for those wanting a heavier Euro. 🙂

  41. For 2024, I am looking forward to Andromeda's Edge. I backed this one and I can't wait to receive it.
    Take care.

  42. VItal is great. For me I still am of the opinion the Lisboa is still at the top of the pile. Everything else is still to get to be that one step higher. Lisboa, Gallerist then Vinhos,,, everything else under those. But I am a huge huge fan too! I love that he occupies is own category of game design. His are not just 'heavy' games; they are Lacerda's!

  43. I love the theme of Civolution. The god perspective in normal civ games doesn't make much sense when you think about it. It looks insanely heavy!

  44. Are you one to read rules of a game before you back it if the creator makes it available? Wondrous Creatures sounds a lot like Cryptic Nature.

  45. Thanks for a great video!
    I missed Wondrous creature, it looks gorgeous!!!
    I directly went to back it!

  46. probably the best list I've seen in a long time!

  47. While I share your excitement about TES BotSE, my most anticipated game scheuled to arrive in 2024 is Spirit Fire (though it may very well delived in 2025 imho).

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