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Top 10 Area Control Board Games

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Join us as we take a look at our Top 10 board games that utilise the area control mechnism.


  1. The eco warrior also did a very good Godfather game as well and you can find it super cheap.

  2. We too own and love playing Kemet and Cyclades. May take a look at Blood Rage

  3. Love Kemet and Cyclades! Also you inspired me to order the German version of El Grande and sleeve it with the English translations (I couldn't bring myself to glue it up). Rumor has it that a new edition is coming.

  4. Awesome list. A lot of really great games on here. I don't know if I will ever get to play Twilight Imperium but I really hope I do.

  5. My top 10:
    1. Chaos in the Old World
    2. Rising Sun
    3. Forbidden Stars
    4. Kemet
    5. Cyclades
    6 Twilight Imperium (IV)
    7. Feudum
    8. Eclipse
    9. Wonderland's War
    10. Empires of the Void (II)

    Honourable mention for Mission Red Planet. Not sure if Scythe fits, it would probably come in at #4 if it does. I've not had the chance to try El Grande, Root or Inis.

  6. Agree with El Grande, a true masterpiece. Caylus is not really an area control game (or should I say – I would never consider it as something more than straight euro) but I miss Dominant Species here or Tammany Hall.

  7. Forbidden Stars can be played as well at 2 players, and is pretty good at that player count.

  8. I struggle when recommending/teaching entry level games for players new to the category. i.e Co-op games have Forbidden Desert, Deck builders – Star Realms etc. I'm going to take a look at El Grande and Las Vegas. Thanks for the video!

  9. That Godfather game is great, criminally underrated.

  10. Have you ever tried Condottiere? How would you rate it?

  11. El Grande controls the area! Hooray!

    Not a fan of Les Vague Us.

  12. We matched on 8/10 of those, great picks, I couldn't have done it better myself, except for #9 and maybe #10. #9 is a huge stretch though … there's not much area control in that one at all – but then again I played the 1303 version so it might be different so ignore me if it originally had more area control.

    For me personally, I would have included Cthulhu Wars and Antike II as my replacements.

    Honorable mentions goes to Godfather, Inis, Viral, Small World, Mission Red Planet 2E

  13. love Forbidden stars – its my No.1, Lucky, in our oarty we have eTI4 + PoK at table once or twice a month 😉 btw you forgot one of best: Circadians: Chaos Order

  14. Great list packed with wonderful games! I guess you're right, but I've never thought of Las Vegas or Caylus as area control games. I'm a simple man: in my area control games, I need a map and big plots of imaginery land to fight over. 😀
    My picks:
    1. Mission Red Planet
    2. Cyclades
    3. The Court of Miracles
    4. Kemet: Blood & Sand
    5. Lockup
    6. Rising Sun
    7. Caesar!
    8. Bunny Kingdom
    9. Blood Rage
    10. New York 1901 / Garden Nation

  15. Very happy to see El Grande top of the list! We discovered it a couple of years ago and it's so obvious now how it influenced everything that has come after. Do you have the Big Box edtion? Really mixes things up.
    I also have to to mention, that whilst I know you'd probably rather break it into small pieces and stick it up your arse, Inis is incredible and such a shame it doesn't work for you or your group. Possibly our fave area control game. Certainly is based on amount of plays. 🤩

  16. ian o'toole is currently doing a reprint of el grande, or so i surmised from his and the game publisher's postings. i cant wait for that one.

  17. Always love seeing Rising Sun get some attention, though you're definitely right that Blood Rage tends to be easier to table.

  18. El Grande is a great game. One of the classics that will always be somewhere on the lists of lists.

  19. I liked Ankh a little more than Rising Sun, but that could have been due to who I played Rising Sun with. Eager to give it another go

  20. I think Ankh is Eric Laing’s best design, but opinions differ. Nice video, shame about the worker placement games at the start, what the f@*+?

  21. This is easily my favorite boardgame channel ever. Can't WAIT for more videos!

  22. Brutal but fun as always. The game I thought you might have included as an honorable mention was Ethnos.
    Is there any truth to the rumor that El Grande is getting a re-release? Thank you for your work.

  23. Nah, Blood Rage is bloody bollocks. Crappy drafting, rage mechanic that fuels a runaway winner, and a done-to-death theme. I find it a yawn fest and I'd play Rising Sun over it any and every time.

  24. I told my soggy pillow that I adore Battle for Rokugan. Bluffing, asymmetrical, special card abilities… really, this is a big game in a medium-sized box, my favorite. Tim Jolly is only getting a 7.5 on bgg… which is a load if you ask me. This game is closer to a 9 than a 7.

  25. I love how when you switch the subtitles on, it fits perfectly to the punchy one-word-at-a-time speaking style. Hilarious!

  26. Excellent list. I am eager to play Scarface 1920. I am just waiting for the right group of cutthroats to get it played.

  27. Played Kemet (1st edition) for the first time last week and was blown away. May actually be my new favorite. There was a bit of king-making at the end by two players who stood no chance of winning, which is my only criticism but still loved it.

  28. I'm still trying to figure ist if I should sell my copy of Cyclades and back the upcoming kickstarter or keep the old one.

  29. A top ten list of travelsize/small box games would be nice since the season is about to begin.

  30. My Top 5:

    1. Twillight Struggle
    2. Dominant Species
    3. Campaign Trail
    4. Time of Crisis
    5. Sekigahara

  31. Seein's how I'm half German, half Scot-Irish and just wanna get pissed before I take yer land…I'ma chuck that wankfest fantasy BS Smallworld in th rubbish bin and go back 25 yrs to buy El Grande.

    Thx for th urging.

  32. That was very entertaining, good sir. I have a recent version of Las Vegas and find that people understand and enjoy it quickly. Just rolling dice for money and starting random vendettas is always a joy.

  33. Haha, loved your comments about a certain social justice activist, that guy is insufferable (although I guess he makes great games, I don’t know I haven’t played them).

  34. Inis is probably my number one area control game. It's soooo good !

  35. Great vid. My personal take is TI4 is #1 by a mile, but it helps that we have a group that lets us play multiple times a month.

  36. 😂
    Thanks for this video, makes me almost miss London.
    Games of Throne, Oath and Root are our favourite go to, with bling where it counts. Hang on… maybe these aren't area control? 😁

  37. Löwenherz is still a great area control game.

  38. Great channel. Love your presentation style.

    Also, Mexica is a good area control game that still holds up, but unfortunately gets overlooked by the new flashy games. 😢

  39. Good to see some love for Alien Frontiers. Mission Red Planet is a favourite of mine, but Inis and Scythe are top.

  40. We put black electrical tape over Eric Lang's name on the box cover. Can't stand this race-baiter, cop hater. But…..a few of his games are excellent. Every time we see his name, we yell, "Bollocks!"

  41. Great list! I own and love Brass Birmingham, Ark Nova, and Dominion. I'm a fan of the Viking theme, but have yet to play Champions of Midgard. That'll be on the list for 2024

  42. I'd personally swap out Kemet with Inis, but that's just a personal preference.

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