Top 10 Best Board Games of 2021 - Chairman of the Board -

Top 10 Best Board Games of 2021 – Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board
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I talk about my favourite ten board games that were released in 2021 (according to BGG).




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Rankings correct at time of recording.


  1. Great list! Just taught and played Witchstone again – loved it. Mille Fiori is also great fun. Love Knizia!

  2. I would not like to call Mille Fiori point salad. You cant win by taking some points here and some points there. Some turns you just get one or two points (which is nothing in the total score) but they can be the start of a superscore the next turn. Maybe one could call it a "point builder"?

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing! Do you have your audio version of this in Audea?

  4. Thanks for unearthing unknown game – e.g. Subastral. Looks like something I'd really enjoy – scoring based on suit sequence is similar to "Mandala".

  5. Great shout with Messina 1347! 🐀🐀🐀

  6. Of those, I have played Sub Astral and Boonlake, which are both great games. Gollum intrigues me and like everyone else with an interest in board games so does Ark Nova, although I am wary of some of the negatives put forward by reviewers, like the frustration of having cards you are looking for in a particular game not coming up because of the size of the card deck, and the lack of any player interaction.

  7. I am absolutely floored at your number 1. As someone with an almost identical shelf of games to you I expected you to hate the card randomness, lack of strategy and 'race' end game condition as much as I did. I agree that Golem was a very slight disapointment last year and messina, Boon lake and even Brazil were great though.

  8. Thanks for including where the game sits in your overall rankings as well!

  9. I sold Messina after half a game. I couldn't find the point of playing that game and I'm a euro gamer. I have Golem higher on my list, Boonlake is so good, but Ark Nova surpasses all of them for me as well. My top 2021 games are:
    1. Ark Nova
    2. Boonlake
    3. Bitoku
    4. Beyond the Sun
    5. Sleeping Gods
    6. Dark Ages Holy Roman Empire
    7. Golem
    8. Ankh Gods of Egypt
    9. Azul Queen's garden
    10. That time you killed me

  10. I just subscribed. And yes, the personal ranking number is really appreciated and I think you've got a solid explanation with videos like this but I do have one suggestion. Could we get a few extra shots of the games you're talking about so we can get a stronger grasp of what you mean? Especially when it comes to heavy euros. 👍

  11. Where can I find your full list of board game rankings?

  12. Can you tuck the cord? Haha I’m just a video guy and man it bugs me. Just my preference haha do what you want

  13. Ark nova didn’t go over well at my house. Too long and boring. The moves seemed pretty obvious to me based on what you have at the time

  14. Out of curiosity I checked how many 2021 games I own, it's 11 + 1 expansion.

    My top looks something like this:

    1. Ark Nova

    2. Messina 1347

    3. Juicy Fruits

    4. Savannah Park

    5. Bad Company

    6. Meadow

    7. Hibachi

    8. Riverside

    Still unplayed (and unrated):

    1. 1923 Cotton Club (confession: too lazy to learn from rulebook, have been looking forward for rules/playthrough video)

    2. Free Ride (not even sure why I haven't tried this one yet, maybe because I heard it's long and overstays its welcome a bit)

    3. Imperial Steam (intriguing but looks intimidating)

    The expansion:
    1. Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz! It's a very good expansion and GAH is my favorite game of all time.

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