Top 10 Best Board Games of 2022 I That We Reviewed -

Top 10 Best Board Games of 2022 I That We Reviewed

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2022 is almost over but our enjoyment of these games is not. Here are the best games that we played in 2022.

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  1. Loving the channel guys, got a quick production tip for you for markers. You can use permanent sharpies and after if you write dry erase on top it will wipe off clean 😉 helps when handling boards (I used to slate for tv and that's how you wouldn't accidentally wipe it all off each time)

  2. Wanna see your best board game of all time.

  3. The best game of the year is John Company second edition. It is truly a masterpiece.🤩

  4. great list, and great year guys! thanks for your hard work

  5. Thanks for a fantastic list! I really appreciate the mix of excellent solo games as well as great multiplayer ones. Hadrian’s Wall is up there for me and backed Legacy of Yu on KS. Other faves (although not all released this year): It’s a Wonderful World, Cascadia, Everdell, and Imperium Classics

  6. I really enjoy your videos and it's nice to see a good spread of games in your top 10 of this year! Thanks!

  7. I've played 0 of these games. What am I doing with my life 😧

  8. Lumeria War of the Gods and Crystal Clans are superior to Summoner Wars in my book. Lumeria does away with random draw entirely and Crystal Clans does away with phases entirely. I do wish Lumeria did away with phases as well but, like I said, getting rid of the random draw helps immensely. The art is also far superior in Lumeria. You can play Lumeria on Tabletopia.

  9. Christmas came early! 🙂 My favorite games of this year were Forgotten Waters, Summoner Wars, Dead of Winter and Clank. Looking forward to Sleeping Gods for the next year. 😀

  10. Does this mean it is a wrap-up for reviews this year?

    Admittedly I have not bought many new games this year. Finally about to play Alice is Missing during the holidays with friends, not sure it fits the holiday spirits

  11. Only stellarion this year was worthy, the rest are meh… Not for me

  12. Alright. Top 10 best games of 2022.
    Of all time.

  13. I will probably never play any of these "grande" games (=games, that are too complicated for me), HOWEVER I still enjoy every single of your videos! I know I've said this a lot, but EVERYTIME I get the notification, that a new bgh video is out, I'm immediately excited 😊My top 10 would probably be a whole lot different, but maybe in the future, there could be different top 10s. (like: Overall, Heavy, Medium, Light) Anyways: Thank you so much – till next time 😀

  14. Nemesis Lockdown
    1815: Scum of The Earth

  15. From everything I played 2022, my TOP 10 is 1.Twilight Imperium 4 2.ISS Vanguard 3.Dune Imperium 4.Nemesis 5.Scythe 6.Kemet 7.Gaia Project 8.LOTR LCG 9.Terraforming Mars 10.Caylus 1303

  16. This was a great year for games, although this are not all 2022, this are the ones I played this year

    1. ISS Vanguard
    2. Fall of the Mountaing King
    3. Moonrakers
    4. Brew
    5. Sleeping Gods
    6. Mage Knight
    7. Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write
    8. Mythic Mischief
    9. Spire's End: Hildegard
    10. Tainted Grail

  17. Fantastic list guys.
    Your taste is similar to mine so I really need to get my hands on Legacy of Yu.

  18. Whew, glad harsh language wasn’t used. My sensibilities remain intact. 😅

  19. I didn't played too much new games this years but here my top 5!

    1. Guards of Atlantis 2
    2. Sleeping Gods
    3. Ark Nova
    4. Paint the Roses
    5. Mythic Mischief

    Games I am looking forwards to play: Black Roses War: Rebirth, Cyclades 2, Galactic Renaissance and Empire's End!

  20. Great list, I think Vagrantsong and Foundations of Rome would have been in my Top 10 over a couple of these, but these are strong lists. Keep it up!

  21. Wonderland's War was at the top of my list…and might get a permanent spot at the top of my all-time favorites.

  22. My 2022 Top Ten would be… (games I received this year rather than published)

    1. Ark Nova
    2. Oathsworn
    3. Sleeping Gods
    4. Flamecraft
    5. Mind MGMT
    6. Townsfolk Tussle
    7. Everdell Newleaf/Mistwood expansions
    8. Final Girl
    9. Nemesis
    10. Cascadia/Calico/Verdant (yeah bite me for shoehorning three into the 10th spot and making it a top 12 really)

  23. Hate to be that guy, but here in Illinois, I would consider about half your list to be games NOT from 2022. I got Eldervale in 2020, Hadrian's Wall in 2021, Sleeping Gods in 2021, and Ark Nova in 2021. And Legend of Yu I backed on KS and still do not have….

    I think 2022 has been a pretty weak sauce year.

  24. Surprised I didn’t see Flamecraft there. My favorites would have to be the Night Cage, Sheol, the Loop.

    And now I’m going to listen to your new episode on the podcast! Thanks again for uploading to Apple!

  25. I've only played 4 from this list, but I'd put 3 of those on my list too! Nice video👍

  26. Dwellings of Eldervale. Nice! I've been waiting to get my hands on this game for quite a long time. Finally have a copy just waiting to be played 🙂

  27. Great list! Really enjoyed your channel this year, thanks for all the excellent content and gracing the interwebs with your fantastic back-n-forth's

  28. Love the video and hype for even the games lower on the list. Unlike other top 10's it feels like even being on your list is a huge success.

  29. New video + new podcast? OMG BANGER THURSDAY

  30. Awesome! Glad to see that you like Dwellings of Eldervale!

  31. Hi! F1 board game Pole Position is now in Kickstarter…can you tell us something about this game? Looks awesome!

  32. Just managed to get my hands on a copy of Dwellings of Eldervale after searching for 2 years and I’m so excited to play. Happy to see you guys love it

  33. Love your guys channel…now if only I could find a copy of Dwellings of Eldervale that doesn't cost a fortune!

  34. I'm really surprised that dead reckoning is not on your list. Because you ranked it so high in your review. And because of your review I'm still thinking about making a late pledge….

  35. Very happy to have found your channel! Amazing content and humour and we seem to be so aligned regarding our taste in board games. Soooo Can I blame you guys when my husband do an intervention on how many games I need to be satisfied🤪😅 .
    So far my best games this year are : Roll player adventure, Nemesis, Tainted grail, Imperium legends, Tales of the Loop bg, Apex Theropod deck building game, Gloomhaven Jaws of th Lion, Folklore Affliction and Aeon’s end legacy of gravehold. Can’t wait to open Sleeping gods this weekend and just did the late pledge of ISS Vanguard!

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