Top 10 Best Campaign & Legacy Board Games Ever: Best of All Time Ranked! -

Top 10 Best Campaign & Legacy Board Games Ever: Best of All Time Ranked!

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Here’s countdown of our favorite campaign and legacy board games of all time.

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  1. So Pandemic legacy has lost its crown then, oh well.😢

  2. Can you do video with a list of solo campaign games? Please? 👍🏻🥃😉❤️

  3. Quite telling the Gloomhaven is not on this list. I have played half of GH, but found overrated because it is so repetitive. Thanks for your input. Will look into some of your choices again. Keep up the good work!

  4. I have always loved the clank games! I’d for sure put gloomhaven somewhere on this list the combat mechanics are just too good

  5. 10 .I really want to love 7th continent. I played it a couple of times and really loved exploring but I keep dyeing and felt pretty helpless. Ive kept it but it might end up being sold
    9. Never played
    8. Argh still waiting for single wave shipping. The wait on this one has felt absurd.
    7.Never played but have wanted to.
    6.Never played
    5. ATO is amazing. So good that it pushed me to pick up all of ATO Sons of Herc, Kingdom Forlorn and Kingdom Death.
    4.Never played
    3. Looks super cute
    2. If I didnt already own so many huge games I would have picked this one up.
    1. Oathsworn. This is the game I recommend when someone says they want to try a boss battler or looking for a campaign game. It nailed the complexity to fun ratio. If they end up loving Oathsworn then im inviting them over to play 500 hours of ATO.

  6. After all these years, Imperial Assault is still my go to campaign game.

  7. Guys you forgot to add Ticket to ride legacy and put it at num 1 👍

  8. I would love to see an Etherfields review on this channel. Especially after the 2.0 update. That game is slept on. Especially with common trends of people having too many games to play, thus not giving games a chance and Quickly jumping to another more accessible game. Oh, and the hating trend. It's a great game despite its flaws. Very creative.

  9. looks fun but whay to expensiv for one play, have hard time paying 30euro for EXIT aswell :),
    but if I try I think Pandemic or ticket to ride legacy wud be nice 🙂

  10. I absolutely love Oathsworn. So much so I came here to find another campaign to run my group through. Thank you for the suggestions!

  11. Was surprised to see some of the entries, some does make a lot of sense tho 🙂
    Want to shake this list up, try some of this – LOTR LCG, Tainted Grails, Isoferian Guard, Cloudspire 🙂

  12. A few addition to your grate list: Exit advent calendars, Magic Maze, MicroMacro Crime city ard Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.

  13. You know what to do with that big fat game: wiggle, wiggle, wiggle 🤭

  14. This list really lacks Undaunted: Stalingrad.

    For me, one of my favorites also would be Imperial assault.

  15. Gloomhaven has to be part of that top10 😢

  16. If you hate having money, Kingdom Death Monster has a breadth of content to get lost in.

  17. Which number for Pandemic Legacy?

  18. Brilliant! You guys are my favourite channel! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥃🥃🥃

  19. No Gloomhaven or Pandemic Legacy? That's interesting

  20. Should have mentioned The Crew: Mission Deep Sea when talking about it. 😅

    I think it heavily improves the first version.

  21. OK I think we need an intervention. You put a trick taking game and a flip and write in, and left out The Jaws of the lion/Gloomhaven/Frosthaven Series :O. Also If your going to play a game like Aeons Trespass maybe take a crack at Kingdom Death (In my opinion a far better game).

  22. A fair compromise for Janis G to play a 100 hour campaign of Aeon Trespass with Janis T would be for Janis T to play every single GMT game Janis G owns with him. And then Janis T might still owe Janis G about 40 more hours of play to make it even. 😛

  23. As someone already mentioned in the comments, definitely Imperial Assault.

  24. Guys, I agree with almost everything up here! King's Dilemma fell flat for my group, and I didn't love 7th Continent (although I think 7th Citadel will fix my problems with the system). I guess I would probably put Arkham Horror LCG and Gloom (or Frost) haven up in their place. I've never played Sleeping Gods or Elia, but now I'm off to order them!

    Absolutely love your videos btw! You're my new favourite reviewers!

  25. Janis what happen with your hand? I hope you are all right. Soon recovery. Great video, 3 of them are on my wishlit, 2 owned. I was really surprised that on the list Glomheaven is missing. What is your opinion on that game (the second best game on bgg off all time*) ?

  26. I dont care about anything right now, I SEE RETALIATION BACK THERE!!!!

  27. I know which Janis is always correct.
    Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is NO. 1!

  28. My favorite campaigne game is etherfields (2.0) I cant get enough of it. One day ill beat this monster. The story and art are just so cool

  29. I pretty much just have 3 campaign games that I play solo that I’ve never finished and I’m done with the genre because I will never get time.

    The 3 games I have are:

    7th Continent, Gloomhaven, Kingdom Death: Monsters

    That’s enough for me if I’m being realistic with my time, they are already collecting some dust.

    Oh I also played the crew but I don’t have the game, it was someone else’s.

  30. Ohh these are my favorite games.
    Let’s see which you pick then I’ll complain laugh out loud😃.

  31. Ooo we loved Nr. 4!
    Currently playing through number 5 and it's A LOT. 😀

    Never heard of 3, looks really interesting. Cheers guys!

    – Janis 😀

  32. Nice list. I’m on chapter 15 of oathsworn. Love it.

    I didn’t play a couple of these like “something shiney”
    I would take clank legacy off and put the original gloomhaven here.

    Games I finished that I would add:
    Seafall. (This game was epic with 4 players and we all loved it. It was our groups first legacy game and now we have finished over 10 of them.

    Games I haven’t played enough of but should likely be too 10 games
    Stars of akarios
    Arena-Tanaras adventures
    Vampire the masquerade – chapters
    Tales of the red dragon inn

    Games coming out still that should be amazing
    7th sentinel
    Dawn of madness
    Nova Aetas renaissance

  33. Interesting. Tried playing Oathsworn but unfortunately it fell flat for me. Biggest problem was the time it demands of you coupled with its needless overproduction. If it was quicker to setup and play I think it could have worked for me but for the time it requires I would have liked something with a bit more depth.

  34. I know you talked about King's Dilemma a lot but this video finally convinced me.

  35. Oathsworn is bleh…for a similar genre in boss battlers, I'm surprised it upstaged ATO. Oathsworn's writing is average and every decision leads to the same outcome, and it is whether you get ambushed or vice-versa. The fights are clunky and the terrains are a waste of idea. I cant recommend Oathsworn that high on the list. Maybe 8 or 9 at best.

    Sleeping Gods is a nice 7th continent-ish game that is a snore-fest. Yes, it has multiple endings, with only 1 or 2 memorable. The journey is uninteresting in most parts, doing menial fetch or kill quests. The stack of cards that you discovered is used sparingly, so why not just use a matrix to track? The game is poorly playtested by the absolute swingy fights and the way enemies are introduced. Absolutely no way it should be that high on the list.

    If your bar of top 10 is that low, perhaps then you should include other similar games like Etherfields, Tainted Grail, Assassin's Creed, Vampire the Masquerade Chapters, Hunters 2214 AD, and KDM

  36. Betrayal Legacy is the best one I have ever played. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion was super great too.

  37. No gloomhaven or pandemic legacy?! What sorcery is this?

  38. No KDM, Gloom/Frosthaven, Arkham Horror: TCG, Scythe, Pandemic Legacy, Middara, or many many others.

  39. Very nice list!! Good video and description!! Well done!!

  40. Aren't the first two self-contained missions? Like there's no overarching campaign, is there? 🤔

  41. what about pandemic legacy??? its outrageous that it's not on this list.

  42. Tainted Grail is the best for me. Great story, great voice acting great gameplay. Especially for fantasy/medieval fans it's a must

  43. Missing gloomhaven/frosthaven and tainted grail.

  44. Janis’ arm got broken after playing just one hour of aeon trespass… rough!

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