Top 10 Best Selling Board Games of June 2023 -

Top 10 Best Selling Board Games of June 2023

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at the top selling games for the month of June 2023 with data provided from GameNerdz.

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  1. Wow Ark Nova is still going strong. I haven't played the base game enough to merit purchase of an expansion yet but maybe down the road.

  2. I'm pretty sure that Big Rig is the only TR:V expansion to hit retail so far.

  3. Yes horizons of spirit island is a great way to test the waters to more spirit island proper.

  4. You didn’t see Chop Shop because they don’t have it. They only have the Big Rig.

  5. GRACIOUS ‼️🧩♟🎲

  6. Did Spencer say if list is number of copies or total cost?

  7. Brains and Brawn is shipping. Mine just arrived today from gamenerdz

  8. My copy of Unmatched Brains and Brawn arrived from GameNerdz today!

  9. Why are the Unmatched expansions put in games instead of expansions? Is it just because the expansion list would be filled with them?

  10. You should really try Resist! It is so great, tense and cutthroat. And for this number of cards it is so deep aswell. I would compare the feeling as a Dune Imperium without worker placement (if that makes sense 😂)

  11. I'm wondering where in the UK I can get my hands on the Arnak expansion!

  12. I really thought you had Tom Segura as your co-host that I almost spilled my drink.

  13. I’m thinking about buying Ticket to Ride: Legacy as a gift for my parents but not sure they can handle the complexity of a legacy game

  14. I thought that Tom Segura was on the channel for a brief moment.

  15. Choppe Shoppe and Carnage at Devil's Run are not available at retail and i think will only be available on publisher's website. I lucked out and was able to get copies from a gamestore that backed the KS. Even luckier, I sold them on eBay to greatly finance a chrome edition i found post-KS delivery.

    Replaced Heat and TR:V replaced Downforce for me. Downforce is a racing game pretending to be a betting one since the one who wins the race almost always bets on themself. If you want a betting game that has a racing element, Longshot the Dice Game is better.

    Expeditions probably not high on the list because SM is just fulfilling their pre-orders. I almost guarantee it will shoot up the list once the early adopters play and discuss it. Played it last night and what a great game; glad I sold my complete Scythe collection.

  16. I contributed to the statistics!! (Preordered the expansion to my favorite game: Ark Nova marine worlds)

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