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Top 10 Board Game Apps!

The Brothers Murph
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Mike here and I beeeeee playing board game apps! How about you? Which apps are your favorite to play and why?? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The Gaia Project app is a great implementation of a terrific game, and they somehow made an AI that can play Gaia Project well.

  2. Missing few games imoh (nor tastes ^^ ) :

    Elder Signs
    Raiders of the north seas
    Street Masters
    Lords of waterdeep
    Small World
    Kingdom Rush
    Spirit Island

    Those are really good on smartphone/tablet, and might even be better than their boardgames versions 😉

  3. Lords of Waterdeep is pretty good. Hero Realms as well, plus online opponents

  4. Everdell, Carcassonne, Jaipur, Sagrada, Splendor, and Wingspan all make my list. Munchkin digital app coming soon too!!!

  5. Star Realms/Hero Realms and Onirim worth a mention.

  6. Good video, I play a ton of Terraforming Mars on the app so it's definitely my number one, unfortunately I find the app unintuitive and often cards are programmed incorrectly.

  7. Yellow & Yangtze is my #1 boardgame app. Other gems are Galaxy Trucker, Dead Man’s Draw, On Tour, 6 nimmt (aka 6 Takes), Love Letter, 2 of the Uve tile laying trilogy: Indian Summer and Cottage Garden, and last but not least Concordia.

  8. Surprised Gloomhaven didn't make the list. It is my favorite app. I also really like deck builder apps. Takes the fiddlyness away.

  9. TM app lets you play a full, satisfying game of TM against the AI in around 30 minutes. I've played it so many times and they just came out with the other two maps.

  10. I know it’s not a real board game, but curious if TBM like slay the spire.

  11. I'm loving the Unmatched app(Steam) right now. It may be my favorite board game app ever.

  12. Might be my favorite co-host yet. Who knew you guys were interchangeable with mom's old electronics?

  13. Railroad Ink was one I played a lot because I don't like the feel of writing on dry erase boards so I'm glad I finally got to play a bunch.

    My favorite is probably Raiders of the North Sea. I ended up getting rid of my physical copy that I only played solo.

  14. Raiders of the North Sea and Viticulture are both great apps .

  15. Potion explosion and Isle of Skye are great apps.

  16. My top have been Scythe and Terraforming Mars.

    Wingspan and Everdell have also been fantastic

  17. We have never played a board game just on an app. We have played Awkward Suspects using the app. It would be nice to learn one of these to play. Thank you!

  18. Just curious, have you played the Evolution app?

  19. So… I don't know how to say this without hurting anyone's feelings….but… I think I have a new favorite Murph Bro – IPad Murphy

  20. I agree, TM and Root are great. I would've never had the chance to play a game like Root if not for the app. I also like scythe and cat Lady

  21. So far I enjoyed those apps: Spirit Island, Root, Everdel, Mystic Vale, One Deck Dungeon, Race for the Galaxy, Scythe, Through the Ages, A Game of Thrones TBG, Bloodrage, Terraforming Mars, Wingspan and Aeon's End.
    I'm planning to try Charterstone, Brass Birmingham, Concordia, Lords of Waterdeep, Isle of Skye, Nemesis Lockdown, Raiders of the North Sea and Railroad Ink and maybe Shards of Infinity, Roll Player, Yellow & Yangze or why not trying to learning Tichu, the game of which "rules cannot be explained"… I'm glad there are so many good choices now!

  22. My only issue with terraforming mars is they don't have the expansion board. I thought 7 wonders would be on your list.

  23. My only issue with terraforming mars is they don't have the expansion board. I thought 7 wonders would be on your list.

  24. Could you do a board game apps, but, like a assistant or tool app?

  25. Concordia, Lords of Waterdeep, Shards of Infinity, Terra Mystica, Raiders of the North Sea, Spirit Island, Everdell, Lanterns, 7 Wonders and Duel, Fox in the Forest, Mystic Vale, Race for the Galaxy, Istanbul and Jaipur are all good apps. Unmatched is coming soon too.

  26. The Clever series are the only board game that I play as an app. I got into board games to get away from looking at screens so much, but the Clever series works whenever I'm anywhere & is so addictive & challenging to get those high scores. My favorite is the 2nd variant of Clever Cubed, but to be honest, each iteration has been my favorite until the new version gets released. Thanks for the list!

  27. Wingspan
    Aeon end
    Spirit island
    7 wonder
    7 wonder duel
    Lord of warterdeep
    Raider of the north sea
    Is great for me too

  28. You had a lot of my favorites on the list. Love Through the Ages , play that one a lot. The Ganz Schoen games are great, as is Ticket to Ride. But, for me, Terraforming Mars isn’t as high. Solo, it’s a great app. But the multiplayer version leaves a lot to be desired, to put it kindly. As for my #1 app, that would be the app for my favorite game, Twilight Struggle. It does a fabulous job of giving the in person experience, especially when playing another person. The AI is ok for an experienced player, but good for someone who is newer to the game.

  29. I don’t have a ton of apps but I’d recommend:
    -Scythe (on the computer not mobiles)
    -Raiders Of The North Sea
    -Terraforming Mars
    -Star Realms
    -7 Wonders

  30. My Favorite games to play on my phone or Steam are:


    Concordia (great for Live tracking of scores)

    Stockpile (really a hidden gem)


    Spirit Island

    Raiders of The North Sea


    Isle of Skye



    Coffee Roaster

  31. Hero Realms has a good app to be included in #6. Has the individual characters and a small campaign.

  32. Spirit Island is the one I've been eyeing for my next app purchase, perhaps between that and Everdell. But in addition to your top two, I love Fury of Dracula as a time filler. 7 Wonders is pretty good too.

  33. Wingspan is my most played board game app, I love it! I also enjoy Istanbul, San Juan and Raiders of the North Sea.

  34. LOVE the Sagrada app! Get a couple games cranked out on my lunch break…perfect way to break up my work day!

  35. I play a lot of board game apps as I don't often have people to play with in person. It's fun to do while watching my favorite board game YouTube channels, on my PC with a game on one screen and a video on the other. Ah, what a life! Besides some of the ones you mentioned, I really enjoy Wingspan and Castles of Burgundy, as well as Cat Lady, Onirim, Cottage Garden, Indian Summer, Patchwork, Sagrada, Splendor, and dare I say it, Clue. I have several more that I haven't played yet

  36. My favorites are sagrada, wingspan and I’m excited to mess around with the new unmatched digital edition on Steam!

  37. Raiders of the North Sea's digital version is superb! one of the best implementations of a board game in a digital platform! Railroad Ink Challenge and Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write are also great and also Carcassonne, Tsuro and Lords of Waterdeep. And if you like Cartographers, the same developer (i think) also made a version of Explorers!

  38. Is dominion actually available on ios? I had it once upon a time but I can’t find it anymore

  39. I have more than 35 digital board game adaptations, and play them a lot, to the point where I prefer the digital versions…no setup/teardown…no math…rules always enforced and can't be forgotten…easy to save progress and come back to when you have time…on top of that, it has all the bells and whistles that video games have, sound, music, animated sprites. In many cases, I have both the physical copy and digital, and in cases where the IRL game has a bunch of expansions that are not incorporated in the app, I still play the IRL version…but if the digital version has everything the tabletop version has…I have to admit, I'll play the digital a LOT more. My ten favorite and most played digital board games: Galaxy Trucker, Lords of Waterdeep, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Evolution, Charterstone, Tokaido, Wingspan, Burgle Bros, Blood Bowl…and some other favorites: Mystic Vale, Star Relams, Onirim, Small World, Elder Sign Omens and Dream Home…great games all. Some of the games are also on BGA, and though it's slightly easier to play games with friends on BGA, I prefer the app versions of Carcassonne, Burgle Bros and Tokaido…and likely WIngspan too, just because the apps are less fiddly and have more features.

  40. What about Pandemic? I think it amazing as an app!!

  41. Do you play most of these multi-player online or solo against an AI opponent? The only app game I really play is star realms. That one is really good.

  42. I play Ancient Terror, Andor, Ascension, castles of mad king ludwig, evolution, carcassonne, isle of skye, , one deck dungeon, onirim, onitama, pandemic, patchwork, splendor, Through the ages, ticket to ride, tokaido I am trying to learn how to play both agricola and le havre on app as well,

  43. 100% had me at ‘I gotta keep my self distracted every minute of the day’. Same. Same. 😂

  44. Interestingly no Gloomhaven nor Unmatched.
    Is digitalization the future of board games?
    Thanks for very good video.

  45. most of the time the apps are great! my problem is with the board game choice they have since most of them even in this list are terrible anyway!

  46. Onirim is great since it saves you the trouble of reshuffling. Sagrada is also a must.

  47. I have been playing Everdell app like crazy. The challenges are a fun and unique way to spice things up for a solo match.

  48. Wingspan has been so great! Love playing it throughout the day. Raiders of the North Sea has a great app! Everdell is also good as well

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