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Top 10 Board Game Apps

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Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Mike DiLisio take a look at their top 10 board games they can play on the phone or the tablet.

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Mike 10 – 06:28
Zee 10 – 08:36
Tom 10 – 10:35

Mike 9 – 12:03
Zee 9 – 13:34
Tom 9 – 15:36

Mike 8 – 17:35
Zee 8 – 19:05
Tom 8 – 20:22

Mike 7 – 21:37
Zee 7 – 22:58
Tom 7 – 24:31

Mike 6 – 26:22
Zee 6 – 28:06
Tom 6 – 30:07

Mike 5 – 31:36
Zee 5 – 33:21
Tom 5 – 35:02

Mike 4 – 38:24
Zee 4 – 41:00
Tom 4 – 42:48

Mike 3 – 44:18
Zee 3 – 46:17
Tom 3 – 48:50

Mike 2 – 51:00
Zee 2 – 52:00
Tom 2 – 53:54

Mike 1 – 55:14
Zee 1 – 57:12
Tom1 – 59:49

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  1. R.I.P. my wallet. I just bought 8 of the apps you mentioned. Thanks for this list! It will really help my toilet sessions. There is only so much Elder Signs Omens I can play before rage quitting when the dice suck. You all rock! Thanks a bunch.

  2. I’m sad that nobody had Jaipur on their list. Talk about bookkeeping.

  3. Androminion! The former text based dominion app. <3 I think i still have it on my tablet.

  4. I really like Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game as an app. It implements the rules well and has a great soundtrack. The entire first campaign is on it which IRL costs about £170! Also surprised Zee didn’t put Nuroshima Hex on his list, he loves that game.

  5. Tom, they have added the Hellas and Elysium maps to TM now, at least on Steam, I assume on other platforms too. Surprised Wingspan wasn't more featured, me and my girlfriend have over 800 plays on the steam version alone.

    My rough top 12 off the top of my head would be:
    Blood Rage
    Raiders of the North Sea
    Race for the Galaxy
    Railroad Ink
    Spirit Island
    Terraforming Mars

    Need to try Elder Sign and Tokaido

  6. My list would only be 3 games, as they are the only board games I play on a phone or computer. The Clever games by Wolfgang Warsch are incredible & I've played them thousands of times. My favorite is the Clever Hoch Drei 2nd variant.

  7. I'm also surprised the presenters didn't choose Wingspan more. The music, sound design, and visual design really makes the game on top of the game play itself.

  8. No charterstone shouldn't get more love. Most broken game I've ever played.

  9. No Galaxy Trucker or Through the Ages is a crime.

  10. My personal favorites are: Cartographers, Railroad Ink, Nochmal, Qwixx, Ticket to Ride, Talisman and Ganz Schön Clever.

  11. Love the sagrada app, and wingspan. I also don't like switching between the habitats, so I just use their option to see your whole sanctuary at once, like you see it when playing on the table. Works great. And I'm currently playing a lot of cartographers and patchwork. 🙂

  12. I'd love to see top 10 APP INTEGRATED games next. I just got our first couple of these and very impressed…and I have only tried kid ones.

  13. Wingspan on a phone is absolutely delightful

  14. I am surprised nobody has Game of Thrones 2nd edition on there list

  15. The "Terrafroming Mars" screen shot looks like planet management screen in Gal Civ 4…

  16. The evolution app is amazing. It was the first way I played and they have a bunch of extra content.

  17. A lot of crossover because honestly there's still not a ton of board game apps out there. But this is picking up

  18. Gremlins, Inc. I hated myself at first for buying it but it grew on me and now I play it at least weekly.

  19. I can't believe they didn't put Spirit Island on here. The app is amazing. It's also super expensive but you get your money's worth, especially for solo play.

  20. Would really like to see a database on BGG of all the digital boardgames available that we could also rate. If this is already available, or if there is something that is linked on the main page of the game, can someone show me?

  21. I've been enjoying the app version of Nemesis Lockdown in early access on steam.

  22. There's a lot I haven't played, and a bunch that I really want (Charterstone, Concordia, 7 Wonders, etc). But for now, my top 10 apps would be:

    Mystic Vale
    Cat Lady
    Through the Ages
    Aeon's End
    Isle of Skye
    Kingdom Builder

    Okay, that's 15. Whatever. Those are the ones I played the most, roughly in that order.

    I'm most excited for Everdell, assuming that's still coming. And boy, I wish there was an app (with AI) for Food Chain Magnate and Battlestar Galactica.

  23. The criteria on this list makes no sense. How about just saying computer game? No reason to disqualify something based on the particular walled garden it's on, the packaging, or, the tech used to build it.

  24. Aeon's End app is pretty good, so much quicker to get to "the table" and swap things in and out. It is weirdly ugly (and expensive) though.

  25. I check a couple times a month to see if they have added expansions to the Raiders of the North Sea app haha

  26. Currently in my phone are star realms, cartographers and Carcassonne. I prefer to play Carcassonne in person but it's hard to find play with me. Cartographers it's so easy to challenge myself with the app and try to get better. Star realms I've been playing a game with my cousin for about 6 months. We play the 48 hour version and once finished immediately start a new one and it's fantastic.

  27. No Spirit Island or Star Realms or Sentinels of the Multiverse or 7 Wonders Duel…..I’m so sad 😢

  28. They just came out with Nemesis: Lockdown as a game on PC. Another game with a lot of upkeep and fiddley rules. Seems like a good implementation. Curious to see if it travels to other platforms.

  29. This sounds stupid but what is the difference (if there is one) between a program that tracks your game progress where you manually enter the data as opposed to a digital version of the full game? Both are called Apps. Is everything on a phone or computer considered to be an app?

  30. Dagon Castle, Onitama, and Santorini for iPad are all pretty good too if anyone wants to check them out.

  31. I take it games on Steam are included as there is no Gloomhaven app. Labyrinth: War on Terror is on Steam and is great.
    Maracaibo, Dominion, Concordia, Roll for the Galaxy, Gaia Project, Spirit Island, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy have all very good apps on iOS.

  32. I agree with Mike, the Root app is far and away the best implementation of a board game I've ever seen and the team behind it deserves a lot of credit. They've designed fully animated 3D models for each factions' warriors and it really helps make the world feel more alive and thematic. Most other board game apps like Scythe, Spirit Island, etc simply represent the components with renderings of the physical pieces which is perfectly functional but compared to how Root looks, it makes them look a little hollow. The AI for most games like 7 Wonders or others is probably fine but to get the most out of Root, you really want to have human opponents to play against because the AI are pretty bad. This isn't an app problem but more so because the decisions in Root are so far-reaching and deep that a computer would have a hard time outwitting a human who knows the game well. I also find the price to be really fair at around $9.99. It's really a high watermark for board game apps and Direwolf Digital have set a new standard.

  33. Would be nice to have a top 10 board game apps for the phone. I've tried a couple but only one deck dungeon was bearable.

  34. Upkeep in railroad ink? In the base game all you do is draw the dice faces on the board. What upkeep?

  35. App for Clank! by Renegade is great and helpful BUT they abandoned it. No expansions, no support for 5,6 players. Not sure why as Clank! is still a very popular game.

  36. 🤣You got to love Zee. When Zee leaves, I’m out✋🏽

  37. This is one of the top ten intros to anything Dice Tower related by far! 🤣🤣🤣 I might have it as number two, with anytime Sam and Zee went crazy at the beginning of a Back Talk video as number one.

  38. Kinda surprised Paper Tales didn’t make Zee’s list.

  39. I was addicted to the Keltis app and it’s campaign mode. Sadly it’s extinct 🙁

  40. Ghost stories and dominant species were the best app implementations I wish they were still here

  41. Blood Bowl will always be my number one digital version of a board game. Can't wait for the new one coming out that uses the new rule set.

  42. I've been playing Dominion with all its expansions on Steam for months it's awesome

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