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Top 10 Board Game Blind Spots

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The Crunchy Cozy Games team plays and collects a lot of board games. But, there are still some great gaming experiences that they’ve never had! Kara and Adam take a look at games on the Board Game Geek Top 100 Games of All Time they haven’t played and whether or not they’re likely to pick them up. Join the battle: Play golden axe master system online for free.

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  1. I am going to propose tabletop hobbyist heresy by saying if one can be content and happy with a bunch of blindspots of games never played, that is success. I am to a place I need to strategically deploy blindsports so I can return to games I own. Without this it is a Dominions expansion problem in that, the more I add, the less I will get to both the new AND old. AND I play solo, so I have no excuse to get any game with a solo mode to the table.

  2. Dune Imperium is such an incredible game. I highly recommend you play it soon, and I agree that Uprising is the way to go.

  3. left channel has some heavy background white noise.

  4. I played Nemesis lockdown 30 hours on steam and 5 games on live and i come to conclusion that is an horrible game, it is useless heavy, it is so random that one moment you are doing good and moments later you die (or kind of), it is slow and the fact that is a semi coop make it bad from the co-op side and from the non-co-op side.
    In the game you spend time wondering around and almost doing nothing except for 2 or 3 actions.

    I believe that if you want a similar vibe but in a game that is 100 times better then try Clank: catacombs, because is a better exploration game in every single aspect, it is chaotic and random yes but it is manageble and lasts half the time of nemesis Lockdown with more tension, expecially in the end when you try to leave the dungeon after someone else died or left.
    Try Nemesis on steam first before waste money and i get it that nemesis has miniatures and stuff but at the end of the days is just a clunky game that is too long and it feels long.

    On the other hand Dune Imperium is my favorite game and the most played on steam and live, it has a HIGH skill cap and if you try on steam against AI at the beginning it will be hard to win at the easiest level, now after 60 hours i delete AI at hard mode.
    In the summer there will be the rise of ix expansion for the digital version on steam but i love Dune imperium with or without expansions, the only negative side of dune imperium base game, for me, is that there are 6 card that tend to block the card market (2 drone, 2 warriors, 2 recruiters) because they are bad cards and nobody wants to buy them, so i suggest to remove this cards or implement a rule from immortality (the family nuke) that give every player the ability to remove all the cards in the market and replace it with 5 new cards once per game.
    Dune imperium is a masterpiece and at the begining i didn't even like the game until a reviewer on YT said something that changed my mind and that is that in dune imperium you can't plan everything because sooner or later your plans will be blocked by someone or something, so you have to be good at change your strategy (at least in the short term) to adapt and there are possible ways to do so, just depends on the player to find them.
    Sry about my english
    I didn't realize that the 2 games that i spoke highly are made by the same guy (Paul Dennen)…. so maybe he knows how to develop a good game 😉

  5. i tried terra mystica and it was so complex like the 1st move alone is very important you really need to calculate every move manage resources its a popular and a great game but i really dont like the art, though the new version Age of Innovation looks better i might get this one.
    After reading alot of things about Dune Uprising,i think Dune Imperium w/ rise of ix expansion is a better game just because its easier to teach thats my only reason why i wont buy uprising.

  6. You can play Through the Ages on BGA if you want to try it. Rebellion is a great game. So is War of the Ring. If you want to try Twilight Struggle, but want a shorter version, you can try Twilight Struggle Red Sea. But the rules are definitely written like wargame rules and not the typical euro game rules.

  7. Hi, just discovered your channel, so not sure on your tastes, but some comments based on the vid:
    – Terra Mystica does look drab, I put off trying it for 2 years due to that, but it's now my favorite game (tied with very similar Gaia Project and Age of Innovation). I heard you say you want some midgame luck, which might be a turnoff, the only randomness is in setup. It also is heavyish, but you have some games on your shelf behind you of equal weight, ex Terraforming Mars and you mentioned TI. I'll note, do NOT buy TM to play at 2p it's not good, get Gaia Project unless consistently playing 4p or 5p.
    -Nemesis is very hit or miss, it's much more an experience and atmosphere thing than a strategy game. Whether you like that sort of thing will determine if this seems great or boring.
    -Eclipse is not TI4, I dislike that they are always directly equated because they are both in space and use ships on hexes. Eclipse has ship customization, but no diplomacy mechanics, no action card equiv, and a more euro feel. Sure it's shorter, but it's not really the same type of game either.
    -TTA live is like an hour per person even once experienced. But it is a good civ builder if you don't mind the length. There's also a very good app to try it and play 20 min games vs a solid ai.
    -Dune Imperium is really good. It's euro style and completely different from the old Dune game.

  8. A Feast for Odin is a blast at all player counts (even solo)! There are so many decisions and different cards that you can play this forever.
    I haven't heard about a deluxe edition and I wouldn't count on it. There is a new expansion in the making called AFfO – The Danes but it's taken years and no real information yet about any publishing date. New reprint will hit NA in April and if you want to grab it, be sure that the extra materials are in the box (should clearly state on the backside of the box). A new selection board for 1-2p and some extra islands will spice up the game even more. The Norwegians expansion adds more good stuff and upgrades the selection board even further, making the game even more exciting and tighter. But the main game still packs a lot of stuff and the new boards for 1-2p helps giving a better experience so there is no real need to grab the expension. Highly recommend!

  9. Well, Gaia Project is my favourite game of all time since many years. And its not even close.

  10. I have yet to play war of the ring, but Rebellion is a great game even the base game is worth a few plays the expansion makes the combat flow much better.

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