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Top 10 Board Game Discoveries

The Brothers Murph
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We’ve played a lot of great games this year, and a lot of them were new to us. This means these games weren’t new to this year but were older but we JUST now got around to playing them! What is your new to YOU game?

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  1. Obsession is such a work of art. You can tell it's a labor of love from the designer. Always a good time when we bring that one out.

  2. You and FtM have talked about Mystic Paths recently now. I'm very intrigued about that one. I'm always in love with Obsession but once you put Upstairs, Downstairs in it you'll not want to play base game again. Passing becomes so much more interesting and strategic. And Kanban EV. My favourite Lacerda. So, so good.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Nana aka Trio. Your description shot it to the top of my wishlist!

  4. Man that's weird i played Hansa the other day for the first time in a while. Its a great game.

    Wow! So cool that you guys got to play Kanban. Top 25 game for me and the best Lacerda IMO.

  5. Couple new-to-me games I’ve enjoyed this year have been Star Wars Outer Rim and Tapestry on BGA. Liked both of those a ton

  6. Nana sounds really cool. The Geek lists it as 2-5 players and Trio as 3-6. Do both games play well at 2?

  7. Nice games list! Hope I get to play some of these with y'all at our next con.

  8. I was waiting on tenterhooks for ‘Gaia Project’ to come up – hopefully it’s the case you have yet to both play it as I know when it was mentioned on Rapid Reviews there was much love 😊

  9. Awesome video, you’re truly inspiring 👍❤️ You basically make me want to play all of these 🤪 Especially Obsession, I’ve been wanting to play that for a long time. Cool theme! I like themes that are not so common. 😎

  10. My top 10 new-to-me games of 2023 so far:

    Honourable nods:
    • MESSINA 1347

    10. MOONRAKERS – I expected to hate this game because of its basic mechanics, but I’m glad I was wrong. I actually really liked it! Original combination of negotiation and deckbuilding.

    9. EVERGREEN – The first game I played this year, and it’s become a popular light filler with my group.

    8. AMSTERDAM – A bit long, or it may have been higher on the list. Some original mechanics and interesting decisions to be made!

    7. LA GRANJA – Love multi-use cards, so four uses per card? I’m sold! It’s a bit of a salad but that’s okay by me!

    6. EARTH – A great quick-ish engine builder. I appreciate the simultaneous turns. Reminds me a lot of WINGSPAN.

    5. YUKON AIRWAYS – Great theming, and it’s an interesting take on route building. Plus, all those upgrades! 😍

    4. BRASS: BIRMINGHAM – Finally got to see what all the fuss is about! Will need to play this more.

    3. AUTOBAHN – It’s like TICKET TO RIDE on steroids, with route upgrading like TRAMWAYS and escalating prestige like CARNEGIE. A delightful crunch.

    2. WAYFARERS OF THE SOUTH TIGRIS – My new favourite Garphill Game. Tricky to teach because there are a lot of mechanics, but it’s balanced and interesting!

    1. WOODCRAFT – From one of my favourite designers. Super neat action selection mechanism and cool interplay between the various functions of the game.

  11. once you go lacerda, you never go back. more and more are starting to see this 🙂

  12. i made a version of Black Sonata back when it was part of the print n play solitaire contest on BGG. Really enjoyed it. The funny thing is that Shakespeare wrote sonnets, not sonatas, but they never corrected the name lol

  13. I was told to leave a comment, and I always follow orders!

  14. Great video – I'm slowly going through all the big box Lacerda games – The Gallerist is on the table right now for a solo play through! Did a solo of Kanban EV a few weeks ago and got fired on day two 😅

  15. Loving dice forge, if I remember you guys didn't play your copy because some stuff was missing. Have you played it elsewhere though?

  16. Great video Murphs. New game to me this year is Circadians First Light, what a banger.

  17. Thank you for helping me to avoid the things I should do. Love your videos

  18. We've had Comic Hunters for awhile. It is so fun. We even taught it to Jon Gilmour last year.

  19. Some really great games listed here! I have several of them, and I just ordered the Obsession expansion Upstairs/Downstairs. Obsession was one of the very first games that I purchased when I was bitten by the board game bug. Glass Road is a fun game. The card mechanic is really cool.

  20. Wait. When nana comes out here, it will be called Trio? A trio indicates 3 things, but nana is just seven in Japanese. 🫤

  21. I know Verdant has received mixed reviews but your comments make me want to check it out. My gf likes Calico a lot but I’ve become less enamored with it. And I like Cascadia but it feels super samey to me.

  22. Most of the games I've played this year are new to me as I'm catching up on games I've yet to play since getting into board games and finding a regular group. I'll probably give an honourable mention to Chimera Station, I think it's something of a hidden gem that I played because it was in one or more of your top tens – really fun, but also a solid euro game, more people should be playing this one 🙂

    clicks the like button

  24. How about a Top 10 of in game discoveries? So as you were playing you were surprised by a story twist or some kind of shock factor…

  25. Getting into heavy games? I sense some good playthroughs in the future. Mage Knight perhaps? 😮

  26. I freaking LOVE your B-roll, my friends. I also love the Meepleton shirt 😂

    Glad to hear that you like Verdant. I got it for Christmas but haven’t played it yet…

    What do you guys think of Planted? How does it compare to Verdant? I haven’t played that one either (and don’t own it.)

  27. Whoah, man! SO MANY great new-to-me games this year. Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Tikal, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Targi, Lyngk, Dvonn, Tzaar, Beyond the Sun, Glass Road, Santorini, Outlive, Puzzle Strike II, Hallertau (Solo only, so far), and Dune Imperium. I've also never played Castles of Burgundy, but I just got the new edition and I hope to get it to the table next week. I've also gotten a copy of Cat in the Box that I really want to get played very soon.

  28. Kanban is SO GOOD. Just One is new me this year and is an absolute banger. What a great party/social/casual game.

  29. Happy to hear you guys finally discovered Hansa Teutonica. One of my favorite game. Its criminally underrated because people are always chasing the new and people complain that the theme is bad, but I think the theme is great and fits the game perfectly.

  30. You hit some really good games here, some of my favorites: Hansa Teutonica, Glass Road, and Obsession. Nana/Trio sounds amazing, so on my wishlist it goes!

  31. Welcome to the Obsession party, my good sirs! I just got SS Phoenix a week or so ago, but I haven't cracked it open yet. I really hope Comic Hunters gets distribution, but I'll have much less interest if it gets re-themed away from actual comic bookery. Kanban is the #1 Lacerda game I want to try, but I haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet. The new-to-me game is War Chest, which I just played for the first time last month and can see myself liking more as I try out the different skills.

  32. I just picked up a pair of two-player abstracts that are both from 2021, new to me, and live up to all the recommendations I’ve heard: Great Plains and Land vs Sea. Love ‘em!

  33. A couple of my favourite new to me games this year are Circadians First Light plus the new expansion and another Lacerda, The Gallerist 😊

  34. I got kanban EV last month and it is indeed sooo goood!!! Also getting really into Lacerda's games 😀

  35. Love Glass Road! Such an underrated game. The rules are simple, but the spinning wheels and "card prediction" element make it nice and thinky!

  36. I've just started to learn weather machine! I'm really excited to try it out! The lacerdaverse is a wild ride.

  37. "Teutonicing Hansas" made me laugh way more than it should have. 😂

  38. Watergate is probably my fav new to me game this year…..just got Dungeon petz last week, so that may take over (only played once) plus just got Iki for my bday

  39. Black sonata sucks I prefer the other games like maquis

    And I'm only here for my boy – comic hunters such a great game but wish for more content for it

  40. Verdant is still one of my fave solo games, those scenario challenges really help you explore different kinds of strategies… and I think my fave new to me game lately is a tie between Moonrakers and Five three five (we've played it like 10 times int he last week, just a delightfully simple trick taker with a clever twist)

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