Top 10 Board Games 2021: Guys Edition -

Top 10 Board Games 2021: Guys Edition

Tantrum House
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Will, Jonah, Ryan and Kevin talk about their favorite board games from 2021.
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0:00 – 1:11 Contest and Intro
1:12 – 2:34 Honorable Mentions
2:35 – 4:12 Number 10
4:13 – 6:52 Number 9
6:53 – 8:23 Number 8
8:24 – 10:38 Number 7
10:39 – 12:09 Number 6
12:10 – 14:08 Number 5
14:09 – 15:53 Number 4
15:54 – 18:12 Number 3
18:13 – 19:37 Number 2
19:38 – 22:26 Number 1
22:27 – 23:43 Closing

Board Games we talk about:
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Cartographers Heroes
On the Rocks
So Clover
The Loop
Squaring Circleville
Railroad Ink
Cuphead Dice Rolling Game
Red Rising
Luna Capital
Maglev Metro
My Farm Shop
7 Wonders Architects
Bloodborne the Board Game
Islands in the Mist
Merchant’s Cove
The Night Cage
After the Empire
Praga Caput Regni
Cape May
Roll Player Adventure
Adventure of Robin Hood
Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition
Origins First Builders
Dune Imperium
Hadrian’s Wall


  1. Pretty solid year. My top 5 of the year would have to be:
    1. Sleeping Gods
    2. Radlands
    3. The Loop
    4. Dice Miner (my kids are obsessed with this)
    5. Ankh
    Honorable Mention: That time you killed me, only played it once and didn’t check out all the boxes

  2. These are my new favorites discoveries for 2021: Marvel united, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Fallout shelter

  3. My top game this year has got to be terraforming Mars ares expedition. So solid, so fun. It’s made it’s way to the table over and over for a reason

  4. sooooo the top ten turns to top forty for me….. Need a second job.

  5. Great list, Cartographers was a new find for me this year and I loved it.

  6. Oh my, some of these game pieces are so cool!
    I think I'd like on the rocks always obsessed with marbles when I was a kid.
    Im really hoping we get cuphead in the UK soon. I went to put it on my Xmas list but it's no where to be found yet 😔

  7. Number 1 for me is definitely Cascadia. Thinky puzzle!

  8. number one game that is new to my game group is Frostgrave. Tons of play 4 warbands level 40+ and counting.
    Clank, Funko Pop Game, and Rumis have been our go to for family games. great list of games! Many of which I would like to try out.

  9. I've heard so many good things about Maglev Metro I wanna play it sooooooo bad lol. Wish I would've sat at the table at PAX Unplugged this year.

  10. Im to new to have a top 10 but Im loving Nemesis and Night of The Living Dead

  11. Based on how much time we spent playing them this year our top ten has to include Aftermath, Horrified, Dominion, Cartographers, Baseball Highlights 2045, Marvel Legendary, Under Falling Skies, Wingspan with Oceania, Super Fantasy Brawl and This War of Mine

  12. Excellent video guys, you are gonna win. The sketches were cool. My favorite game this year has been Cosmic Frog, such a great and unique game

  13. Still looking forward to trying Dune Imperium and My Farm Shop

  14. Meadow was one of my tops of the year, personally. From these, I’m a fan of Roll Player Adventures and the Crew. Most of these games are on my “want to play” list though, just haven’t yet.

  15. I wasn't able to buy any new 2021 releases but had plenty fun with Under Falling Skies, Pandemic: Fall of Rome and Super Mega Lucky Box this year.

  16. Always enjoy watching you guys I learn about some amazing games to bring to the table!

  17. Wow. Now my Amazon wishlist is out of control. Thanks gents for the great content!

  18. Roleplayer looks like my kind of game. Great job guys!

  19. Hadrian's Wall looks so hard core , I think i fell in love with it lol

  20. Great video. Rather than saying if the guys and the gals won, how about we place bets on how much longer the gals’ video is than the guys’? 😉🤣🤣🤣

  21. We welcomed a new baby this year so our table has forgotten what board games feel like. But we're looking forward to trying some of our Kickstarters that arrived this year like Genotype, canopy, and sleeping gods.

  22. My favorite of the games you mention here has got to be Praga. Or maybe the Crew. No, definitely Ares Expedition. Argh! So hard to choose!

  23. Arkham Horror LCG will probably be my #1 game for years to come, but I also really liked playing The Adventures of Robin Hood this year.

  24. Arkham Horror LCG easy!!!!
    Love Patchwork, The Crew and Jaipur for quicker games! 🙂

  25. cool video, now give me the hadrian wall!

  26. Thanks for inspiring video. This year, I fell in love woth terraforming mars and all the expansions, so that's my number one. I recomend Hyppocrates as well, fun, thinky, strategic game.

  27. Going to guess for the So Clover:
    Anniversary – chocolate, band
    Cubicle – office, dead
    Blossom – spring, orchard
    Speeding – photo, radar

  28. I really enjoyed Dune: Imperium, cant wait to play roll player adventures and Hadrian's wall…now on to see what the ladies fave's are.

  29. It is hard to pick a top game of the year this year just given how long it has taken to get some games, like Kickstarters, and how little time we've had to play games with everything that has been going on in the world. But if I had to pick a couple games I really enjoyed this year they would be Marvel United: X-Men, The LOOP, Roll in One, and Horrified American Monsters.

  30. Dune Imperium great game, but I would Like to win Roleplayer adventure 🙂

  31. Great video! My favorites of 2021 are Furnace, Mandala Stones, Cascadia and Khôra: Rise of an Empire.

  32. I'm still stuck playing dominion after all this time….

  33. I love how diverse your lists are. I didn't get to play Roleplayer Adventures and I really need to give that game a try. Here's my top 10 list:
    1. Maglev Metro
    2. Merchants of the Dark Road
    3. Furnace
    4. Aqua Garden
    5. Trails
    6. Cascadia
    7. Cryo
    8. Savanah Park
    9. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expidition
    10. Whirling Witchcraft

  34. Haha, I like that little hometown moment with Jonah. 😂 really haven’t played many 2021 releases….I enjoyed Meadow, though it hasn’t wowed me yet (though the art definitely has). I have only played Cascadia’s solo online game, but I think it’s great. I still need to try Railroad Ink Challenge (I got the Shining Yellow edition). I am also getting some pre-orders and KS games soon, such as Radlands, Three Sisters, Ark Nova, Hadrian’s Wall, and Bitoku. So excited for them, especially hearing that Hadrian’s Wall was number one for two of you!

  35. Whoo! Awesome to see After the Empire on Ryan's list!

  36. My Top Five:

    5) Unfathomable
    4) Waste Knights
    3) PAX Viking
    2) Anno 1880
    1) Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy (with playmat).

    My Honorable mention is: Return to Dark Tower (and that's because I'm still waiting to receive my copy. 🙁

  37. Have to try theses top 10 games only played Praga😒

  38. I haven't played that many 2021 releases but my top 3 would be Cascadia, The Crew, and Adventure Tactics!

  39. I need to play more games. I don't have a top ten, but I like Lost Cities, Big Book of Madness, Catan, and Ex Libis. None were released in 2021.

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