Top 10 Board Games 2022: Crowdfunding Edition -

Top 10 Board Games 2022: Crowdfunding Edition

Tantrum House
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Melissa and Kevin share their favorite board games that were crowdfunded in 2022. Kickstarter, Gamefound and Backerkit. Best board games of 2022!

00:00 – 00:52 Introduction
00:53 – 1:59 Expansion to Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition
2:00 – 3:29 Unconscious Mind
3:30 – 4:34 Tsuro Luxury
4:35 – 5:59 La Granja Deluxe
6:00 – 7:31 Shake that City
7:32 – 9:24 Draft and Write Records
9:25 – 11:29 Rolling Heights
11:30 – 13:24 Earth board game
13:25 – 15:26 Maglev Metro expansions
15:27 – 17:20 Castle of Mad King Ludwig expansion – Renovations
17:21 – 19:59 Tesseract
20:00 – 21:57 Fit to Print
21:58 – 23:58 Last Light
23:59 – 26:52 Skyrise
26:53 – 28:00 Questions for you
28:01 – 28:45 Ending


  1. Holy crap this was 3 months ago and I missed this thanks for talking about last light!! I’m stoked for you guys to play more!!!

  2. You have great list I hope to pick up some of these at the loco gaming store

  3. For me in 2022 I would have to add My Father's Work. It is has been our family's favorite this year by far!!

  4. I talked to Will about Skyrise and he was the one who ultimately sold it on me. I mean, I love backing Roxley games, but was worried about how it'd be at 2.

  5. I backed both new games of Japanese designer Totsuca Chuo: Ostia & Atlas Lost: Rise of the New Sovereigns, Wayfarers of the South Tigris (arrived recently), Encyclopedia, La Granja Deluxe, For Northwood! (a solo trick-taking game!), Pampero, Unconscious Mind, Age of Champagne, Union Stockyards, Zoo Tycoon, Planet EtuC/Twinkle Starship (Taiki Shinzawa – the king of trick-taking games!), Empire's End, Bloc by Bloc: Uprising, Pilgrim, Autobahn and Resist!. The last 4 I also received this year. Enough to play…

  6. Great list! Matches a lot of my wants. Looking forward to all of these. Would add TM The Dice Game and Pampero.

  7. John D Clair really does stand out as a designer I enjoy. Space Base and Cubitos certainly have been hits with my family as well.

    I’m backing Empire’s End as well because of the duo involved, along with gameplay mechanics.

    I think I backed a fair number of the games on this list. Earth, Rolling Heights, Unconscious Mind were too enticing to pass on.

  8. Mostly extensions or reprints for me this year.
    Canvas finishing touches
    La granja
    QE commodities
    Verdant (might be last year)

  9. Several games looked interesting to me but I didn't see any reason to back them as opposed to waiting for a retail release.

  10. Nice video! I also quite enjoyed Shake that city !

  11. The games I backed this year that I'm most looking forward to are Earth, Terraforming Mars Dice, Star Realms Rise of Empires, Slay the Spire, Motor City, and CoLab.

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