Top 10 Board Games 2022: Ladies Edition -

Top 10 Board Games 2022: Ladies Edition

Tantrum House
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Sara, Melissa and Katie discuss the best board games of 2022! The top 10 games of 2022 for the ladies of Tantrum House.

Here’s a list of 2022 top 10 board games mentioned in the video.
Ready Set Bet AEG
Mosaic Forbidden Games
Creature Comforts KTBG
Turing Machine Scorpion Masqué / Hachette Boardgames
Lacrimosa Devir
The Great Split Horrible Guild
Terracotta Army Board & Dice
Cat in the Box Bezier Games
Twilight Inscription Asmodee
Space Station Phoenix Rio Grande Games
Legacy of Isla Nublar Funko
Wonderland’s War Druid City Games
WordCraft Artipia Games
Block and Key InsideUp Games
Decorum Floodgate Games
Paint the Roses North Star Games
Verdant Flatout Games
Endless Winter: Paleoamericans Fantasia Games
Woodcraft Delicious Games
Downtown Farmers Market Blue Orange
The Guild of Merchants Explorers AEG
Lacrimosa Devir
Old London Bridge Queen Games
Green Team Wins 25th Century
Tiletum Board & Dice
Libertalia Winds of Galecrest Stonemaier Games
Foundations of Rome
Dead Reckoning
My Father’s Work
Castles of Mad King Ludwig

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32:08 Number 1
40:51 Honorable Mentions

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  1. Great video! Thanks for bringing Lacrimosa to my attention!!!

  2. Lots of fun picks! I’ve added a few titles to my own wish list. Turing Machine really have my spouse and I excited.

  3. Love your lists each year. Definitely appreciate the overlap of your preferences and mine, and it was your lists from prior years that helped steer me and prioritize what games I should consider buying in my early entry into this hobby. Love Verdant, Green Team Wins, and really want to try out both Woodcraft and Lacrimosa from this year.

  4. What a great list. Some of these I had not heard of and will now need to check out.

  5. I’ve only played a couple of the games you had on your lists but this was a great video. Now I need to go watch the Hand to Hand Wombat video!

  6. 2022 was a great year! Now I just gotta catch up in my shelf of shame! ( opportunity!)

  7. Great list! Wonderland’s War is my number 1.

  8. 2k here we come! Thanks for the video. 😎

  9. Well, I think I am going to be influenced about Lacrimosa as main game to get from this year.

  10. Really fun to watch, thank you for the awesome content!

  11. Perfect timing! I need a new game for this weekend. I appreciate this list so much! Thank you

  12. We enjoy Nouvelle France so I think that Block and Key would be fun. Wonderland’s War and Everdell were must haves for us.

  13. I really enjoyed the video. I liked the Foundations of Rome inclusion. Really good game.

  14. Ooo.. I've been wanting to try Ready Set Bet. It looks like so much fun.

  15. “Are they the traitor or are they just inept?” BAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. I was thinking how many of these games I have yet to play! Mosaic with 3 or 4 players has been popular this November. It is interesting to see what game mechanisms scratch that itch…even failure to figure out a winning strategy can inspire one to play again!

  17. Thanks for doing this. Found some great games for the family and great party games too.

  18. Oohhh nice choices ladies. Y’all have me curious about Guild cof Merchant Explorers. That’s a bland looking cover, but now I want to try it. 😂

  19. I enjoy watching the tantrum house ladies reviews, although I miss Shantelle being in the video. Hope she is doing okay.

  20. Excited to check some of these out! Always look forward to the ladies top ten!

  21. This year's list is easier on my wallet (only because I already own most of your excellent picks), but I did procure a copy of Word Craft. Excellent List Ladies!

  22. Great lists. I really liked a lot of games in 2022. Great year for us board gamers 🙂

  23. Wordcraft looks like something I would really enjoy! My kids and husband would like the Jurassic Park Legacy game.

  24. It can be difficult to keep up with the amount of new games coming out these days, so I really appreciate videos like these to give me some games to look into!

  25. Great lists! As always. Many games on my list and on my desperate to play lists.

  26. There are so many great games this year!

  27. These top 10lists help me build my library.

  28. Some really different games here that some others have panned. Good to hear other perspectives.

  29. So happy to see you stuck with the girls and guys lists! That was my vote! I love it! ❤️

  30. Was looking for top games of the Year and found the channel. really like it.

  31. I’d loved to try mosaic and the guild of merchants explorers. And verdant!
    Great choices girls

  32. Thank you for your videos 🙂 I always watch them to keep updated and add new games to my wishlist!

  33. Awesome to hear the description of games. Definitely like most of these games.

  34. Looks like it was a good year of games!

  35. Wonderland's War, Endless Winter, Cat in the Box and Libertalia were the games we got to buy this year. Really enjoying all of them so far. Thank you for the recommendations, I will have to take a look at some of your picks, they sound amazing.

  36. They all look so good I can't decide where to start

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