TOP 10 BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2022 -

TOP 10 BOARD GAMES! A Modern, Cinematic List Going into 2022

Tim Chuon
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Here are the TOP 10 board games as we head full force into 2022! These games consist of favorites that I played in 2021-just didn’t have a chance to film them during the holidays! Join me as I share really awesome games that I absolutely love!

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  1. Bro, you got me interested in games I wasn't interested in at all just because of how you explain it. good work !

  2. Just a tip for future videos, don't say the name of the game while blasting transition music. I was listening to the video without watching and couldn't hear half the game names because of the music. Nice list otherwise.

  3. We have one overlap in our top 10s and it's that we both think DoE is #1! Great video and list.

  4. I subscribed about 50 seconds into watching. The editing was so far above anything else I've ever seen that I wanted to watch even if your reviews were crap (which they aren't; they are terrific).

  5. Viticulture – played it 5 times or so – I disagree about player choice. There is almost always one optimal choice that is better than all other choices, plus the cards are very very swingy, trumping any strategies an opponent can make if played at the right time, or crashing your game to oblivion if you dont get the right ones. Tuscany does NOT fix these problems, and the underlying design is so broken that the game and its expansions had to go through several revision to fix a broken system. If you don't mind playing a swingy euro game with a potential runaway leader and extremely swingy gameplay, or you're just playing solo mostly, its pretty cool. This all makes choice an illusion

    Kemet – only played once – loved that sess cuz I won while being extremely defensive, in a game that is thought of as one of the most aggressive area control games out there.

    Red Rising – played once – was a terrible experience cuz I felt it was hard to control things, and there were very limited optimal strategies to victory. Could be wrong cuz I have only played once, but some OP cards and strategies just trump the rest of the scoring methods in the game. I'd play it again but I didn't feel it was fun.

    "So much complexity under the surface", lol. That was funny.
    Have not played the rest – Marvel Champions is high on my wishlist. I enjoyed this video, thank you.

  6. Bookmarking this video so I can reference it for gift giving 🙂

  7. Very well produced videos. This is a step above the normal board game enthusiast video.

  8. Phenomenal list! The production, explanations, and the picks themselves were all stellar!! Thank you for the great video! Dwellings is 👑! My favorite of the year as well! Well, tied with After the Empire and Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion!😍
    Possibly the best year so far in my gaming career!😜

  9. My Top Games Are:
    1. Puerto Rico
    2. Viticulture with Tuscany
    3. BattleTech/CityTech
    4. Dinogenics with Controlled Chaos
    5. Terraforming Mars
    6. Robinson Crusoe
    7. Many others.

  10. I would appreciate to see chapters in the video, and a clear list of the games in the description. Amazing cinematography

  11. I’m putting together plans for my own channel…and the bar just got raised. Well done.

  12. I dont like co-ops either but now I dont think I can say that because my biggest suprise to me this year is spirit island. Amazing. Also kingdom death monster, gloomhaven, pandemic, project elite are all in my top 50.

  13. The cinematography of this is fantastic! Viticulture is on wishlist!

  14. Why have I never come across your videos before? I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and the content of the video. Definitely subscribed.

  15. Tim. I’ve been heavily into the board game community for over ten years now and I know almost all channels there are to know. Your channel completely wowed me.

    The charisma and content you bring is amazing and is only amplified further by your amazing editing. I can’t wait to watch more of your stuff.

    Well done Sir, and thank you.

  16. Awesome video! The production quality is insanely good and really puts these games in the light they deserve.

  17. Great list! I haven't played most of these games, but many are on my wishlist.

  18. Great video. I also love Dwellings of Eldervale.

  19. Amazing video and list! Definitely want to pick some up!

    Is your charging peg board (behind you) the IKEA one?

  20. Another great video. Love Aquatica and Dwellings abunch as well 👍

  21. Viticulture was new to me this year as well and loved it.

  22. A solid, modern cinematic list for sure! 🙂

  23. My duuuuude – I don’t think we have ever discussed that we both loved Yugioh! Let’s go. 🔥

    Also this list has been excellent. The music and the transitions and broll. Dude. Also that second camera angle. My oh my. Great list – you are making me want to play marvel champions. My solo game of choice is Imperium: classics/legends atm. First one I’ve ever truly loved.

    I knew 3 of the 4 in your top 4. Aquatica is a nice one for me to look into. 🙌🏽

  24. I wish people understood how much work you did filming and editing all this. This is some great content!

  25. another slamming video! Lots of hype around Red Rising…hadn’t seen it make anyones top ten list except yours…Kemet however made lots of gamers best of lists…. I like the marvel games except for the text on the cards which is difficult to read and card variety is weaker than other games

  26. great list and a gorgeous video. I'm 2 games into Merchants Cove and can't wait for the next.

  27. Bro what we gotta do to get you more subscribers? The work you put into these is nutty

  28. Hello, quick question. Are u gonna review Aquatic Cold Waters expansion?

  29. The way you film this is so awesome. Thanks for the entertaining video.

  30. This is a technically impressive video. I enjoyed this. Wow, high praise for Aquatica! I dismissed it as a game that is probably good, but wouldn't have staying power with me. You've convinced me to look at it a little more closely. If I get it I probably would get the expansion at the same time.

  31. Hey, greetings from Brazil. Nice video 👏🏻👏🏻

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