Top 10 Board Games for Couples -

Top 10 Board Games for Couples

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PART THREE of Top 10 Board Games for Couples:

PART TWO of Top 10 Board Games for Couples:

Stuck inside? These are our Top Ten Favorite Board Games you can play with that roommate or significant other! We’re a married couple living in New York City, and wanted to share what keeps us sane.
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🌟All Games Mentioned in Video Order (Amazon Affiliates)🌟
Codenames: Duet
– Amazon:
– BGG:
– Amazon:
– BGG:
– Amazon:
– BGG:
Tiny Epic Galaxies
– Amazon:
– BGG:
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (Jack the Ripper)
– Amazon:
– BGG:
7 Wonders Duel
– Amazon:
– BGG:
Hive Pocket
– Amazon:
– BGG:
Disney Villainous
– Amazon:
– BGG:
– Amazon:
– BGG:
– Amazon:
– BGG:
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
– Amazon:
– BGG:

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Spy Glass by Kevin MacLeod

Suonatore di Liuto by Kevin MacLeod

Midnight Tale by Kevin MacLeod

Fanfare for Space by Kevin MacLeod

Aquarium by Kevin MacLeod

Desert City by Kevin MacLeod

Odyssey by Kevin MacLeod

Truth of the Legend by Kevin MacLeod

Ranz des Vaches by Kevin MacLeod

Unholy Knight by Kevin MacLeod

Intro: (0:00)
Codenames: Duet: (0:29)
Splendor: (0:57)
Carcassonne: (1:55)
Tiny Epic Galaxies: (2:53)
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (Jack the Ripper): (3:53)
7 Wonders Duel: (4:46)
Hive Pocket: (6:06)
Disney Villainous: (6:41)
Everdell: (7:56)
Gloomhaven: (8:37)
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion: (9:43)
Outro: (10:13)

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  1. Top 5 for my wife and I, in no particular order, are probably:
    Odin's Ravens;
    Codenames Duet; and
    Azul (original or Summer Pavillion)

    Ok, our top 6…

  2. Guys I just got Biblios. It's amazing. I highly recommend it

  3. Awww Everdell looks so cute but I just checked Amazon and here in UK it’s over 50 quid 🙁

  4. Very nice video with some great ideas! Thanks cute couple!

  5. Thank you so much. I'm a newbie and your list means so much to me. So thanks again!

  6. They were definitely bored during lockdown. Look how excited they are to make this video. 🤣🤣

  7. You did not mention "Battletech a game of armored combat". It has been a very enjoyable game. If you feel it is too hard, try "Battletech beginner box"

  8. All the games are nice but all i need is someone to play with

  9. Eclipse 2nd dawn and star wars rebellion, together with undaunted are the three we play, organ attack and exploding kittens are fun I the pub, and cards against humanity in a large group.

  10. I only wished my wife was interested in board games…

  11. Very nice video. Gloomhaven is in my list. You may share BGG points.

  12. This is nice! Have you also heard the Lagim Card game? The design is probably the best part of the game. The artwork, the difficulty rating, the abilities, the little snippets of story and play style, and the anatomy of the cards. All of it gives each creature a very unique feel and style, making it very enjoyable to play! You cab visit their website and Fb page for more info. 🙂

  13. How did this video make it on a Neebs Gaming playlist

  14. You guys should do play through 😃😃 I enjoy you videos 🙂

  15. Not bad list. Definetly better games that people in chat suggesting. Dont tire of so easily as lot of games. One can easily see what games are more for her and what for him 😀 Gloomheaven expansion must be a relief for the girl 😀

  16. Thy aren't board games but we love Quiddler and Qwix

  17. Splendor never ever ever gets old. I love that game more than i love myself bruh

  18. carcassone is a terrible 2 player game. whole idea is of the game is to sponge off other players. In a 2 player if u complete a castle or road with the other player its essentially dead points. but in 3 or 4 players you gain an advantage over the players that didn't participate in the build. You may then play settlers of catan as 2 players and see who gets the most 7's. There are plenty of good 2 player games. Rococo, Istanbul, marco polo, wingspan, thurn and taxis, castles of burgendy….

  19. Suggestion: show more of the game play, please.

    I clicked this video wanting to know about boardgames – I get 2 ppl reading from a script
    Can you pls show footage of the games being played? Boardgames are expensive!

  20. Exactly the video we were looking for. Yes we try to play some games with just two people but, it's not the same. Like something like Catan or Clue…well just doesn't work for two people. I mean no one is blocking you in Catan really, a lot of board space. Best with 3 or 4 people. And something like Clue is useless. Your opponent doesn't need any deduction. Just dumb with two people. So this was a great list. Thanks! We are going to get two off your list in fact!

  21. Wingspan! It is amazing and with the expansions it is even more fun!

  22. Subtle note here but, the farmer in that painting (0:01) looks Jean Pierre Wehry

  23. Where do I find one of those board game playing wifes?

  24. Haha my husband is called Jonathan and we called our girl Mackenzie

  25. "Carcassonne: super simple, can be explained in 3 minutes"
    laughs in infinite expansions and 3+ hour games

  26. Great review! but what dragged my attention is the paint of two of you recreating American Gothic! Absolutely brilliant 🙂

  27. Love Code Names, 7 wonders duo, Carcassonne and Splendor so can totally relate to this list and can’t wait to try the others of the list!

  28. I didn't have a good time playing villainous. It took 5 hours to finish with 5 players and it seemed to drag on and on. Maybe better with 2… but some of the villans have less difficult missions which make the competition unbalanced. The unfair advantage some players got made the 5 hours I played feel like a mean trick.
    I came in to it with no expectations, but love of Disney villans. But I don't think I'd play it again unless playing just one other person using the SAME villan (would need two copies of the game).

  29. Thanks for the recommendations and love your energies. Would love a little improvement in audio quality / microphone

  30. Hey guys, thanks for the video and tips, can´t wait to beat my gf in Splendor 🙂 greetings from Prague

  31. Awesome. I’m new to the board game hobby and started with 60 second city and pandemic. It’s just me and my wife playing. I think I’ll try splendor next, although I think cooperative games may be better for my situation

  32. Where did you guys get that painting on the right?

  33. I bought Villanous because of this video! Just waiting for it to arrive

  34. First time viewer here… Superb video! You all do a much better job balancing the speaking than most couples who doing gaming YouTube videos, which to me is at once more professional and symbolizes a mutually respectful relationship dynamic. Fantastic!!

  35. I agree with your compilation and majority of your games we played it too. I also often win when we play 7 wonders duel. Great video guyss

  36. Anyone else come here from a Neebs gaming satisfactory playlist?

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