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Top 10 Board Games for Couples

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I share my Top 10 Couples Board Games, to play two player with your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or friend!
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🔟Sobek: 2 Players –
9️⃣Fungi –
8️⃣Schotten Totten –
7️⃣Caesar –
6️⃣Arboretum –
5️⃣Watergate –
4️⃣Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective –
3️⃣Patchwork –
2️⃣Onitama –
1️⃣Lost Cities –
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  1. My partner isn't a huge board gamer, so our games need to be relatively quick and easy to learn. I've found Whitehall Mystery, Century Spice Road, and Quacks of Quendlinburg seem to be some of the best contenders, also great because they're still good at higher player counts.

  2. We've been playing a lot of Azul and Jaipur along with QUIXX and Rummycube. Breaking out into a few new games as well – some of these look pretty interesting.

  3. It's great to see Fungi (aka Morels) getting some recognition. My wife and I really enjoy that one. In recent memory, Caper: Europe is a very strong 2-player-only entry.

  4. Great picks, most of them are also our top couple games. I would add Quest for Eldorado, Cascadia and (the best 2 player game) 7 Wonders Duel.

  5. Great picks ! We love to play Port Royal (basic game).

  6. It’s interesting to see what games couples play together. Yours is like the opposite of ours; we like more combative games. I wonder if the games we play together are a metaphor for the relationship?

  7. Great video, thank you. We gotta check out arboretum, cesar and Schotten Totten. Our most favorite couples game is Targi which is amazing and also enjoy tides of time, tetrarchia and carcassonne.

  8. Blood Rage is my wife's favourite game. She kicks my butt every time.

  9. Lots of great suggestions here. I have (and agree with) about half of the ones listed, so I'm sure the others will be just as good. Time to add them to the Christmas list!

  10. Do you have any recommendations for the best cases to start with in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective? I bought the first collection but don't know if some of the cases are better than others, and I really want to make sure my wife and I enjoy the experience enough to carry on to the other cases

  11. I would have put some bigger titles in this list. Most modern board games are great with just 2 players, like Viticulture or Wingspan. Viticulture in particular is great with your partner, especially when you ad a bottle of wine…

  12. I am sorry but THE BEST 2 player of all games i ever played in less than 1 hour is:

    INNOVATION from Carl chudyk. With 105 cards it is a genius intens, interactive and deep game.

    I had NEVER 2 same (!) games of INNOVATION EVER.

    You think i am to positive, hyping? No. It is perfect.11/10. You think innovation is to much chaos? You have not played enough games of it. Play it more. The less "chaotic" it will get

    I have played 200+ games with my wife. And i swear it is NO chaos!

  13. Some of our favorites not mentioned:

    Codenames: Duet
    Blitzkreig! (Caesar's predecessor)
    Blue Moon
    My City
    Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
    Carcassone: The Castle
    Fox in the Forest
    En Garde
    Royal Visit

    10 of those are by Knizia. He is a genius!

  14. Jon not so secretly mourning the loss of his guitar

  15. We need games that include some level of luck … or someone (who will remain nameless) is very annoyed.

  16. Have you ever considered doing a best "Double Date" list? I like playing with my partner crushing other feebler couples. Love all the content!!

  17. Your wife is so pretty. Are you sure you are not related? Lol. Great board game picks! Greetings from Kansas, USA.

  18. I've seen a few other couples games list and they all have lost city's in them, I played it twice with my wife and didn't care for it, everyone else is wrong apparently. I love welcome to the dungeon, my wife says its too stressful but I love the push your luck and guessing your opponents strategy. Our collective favorite game is probably 7 wonders duel.

  19. Great list. Own half of them because of Actualol! You can’t be more right about Lost Cities. I love playing it with my wife. Schotten Totten is great but with our competitive natures, it really works out our brains! For something so simple it really offers a lot of hard choices!

  20. I need all of these! Lost cities is definitely the best couples game!

  21. In the states we have TJ Maxx. Good list!

  22. Could you do a Top 10 Board Games for 3 players because when we (Me, my dad, and my mum) play board games, we can not find one that works well with just the 3 of us.

  23. Great video as always dude. What would be your next 10 games you’d recommend for couples?

  24. I’d add Kashgar to your list to try. I only played it as a two player game recently and it was great. The back and forth is fast, keeping it a snappy game.

  25. Lost Cities is still astounding all these years later. How Dr. K managed to fit so much tension and angst into a game with like 4 rules is beyond me. And then he did it again! (ST/BL)

  26. Wow married couples really begin to look alike after some time 🙂

  27. I find Cartographers to be a good one for us. Arboretum is delightful and so pretty.

  28. Great list! We play a lot of Sobek and Lost Cities. I really need to try Arboretum! I would add 7 wonders Duel, Harry Potter Defense Against the Dark Arts, Star Realms, and Caper Europe.

  29. Any video that references She's All That gets an insta-thumb from me! 😉

  30. As honorable mentions, I'd suggest Santorini and Tiny Towns.
    Santorini's like playing chess but with only 2 pieces, trying to outmaneuver your opponent while moving to the victory point, but what keeps it interesting are the god cards, which make the game asymmetrical, changing how players can move or even win.
    Tiny Towns is a city planner with a Tetris vibe, as players place resources down on a grid, trying to form certain patterns to clear up the board and build a building. What makes it interesting is that on each players turn, they get to choose what resource everyone has to place on their grid. This means players have to make strategic decisions on what to call, as fouling up your opponent's board is just as important as trying to build yours. The game also keeps up replayability as each building type has several different versions (you only use 1 per game) with different patterns and ways they earn points.

  31. Love these kind of videos..and your humor. Only problem is it leaves me wanting to buy every single game afterwards since these are mouthwatering reviews 😉

  32. aCTUAlLY, not every case of Consulting Detective starts with a dead body. One case starts by Sherlock telling you to read today's paper.

  33. I've never played Fungi nor Ceasar. For the rest, they are good games, bit not great games. How comes some multi-players game are greater with 2 players than the top of especially designed 2 players games ? Res Arcana ? Splendor Castles of Burgandy to name a few. Some two players variants for multi-players games are sometimes as good, and even better than the original : conspiracy is similar and better than its way too long brother "Abyss", we really enjoy the 2 players version of agricola too, also 7 wonders duel is an nice but not tha similar game than 7 wonders..).

    Arboretum, parade, fantasy realms, ceasar & cleopatra, salad 2 points, codex and many many others.. are nice card games… but playing card does not give the same feeling than a good old fashion boardgame (imo). For this reason, we appreciate watergate a lot,

    I wonder why lost cities and totten schotten keep on being listed although there are a lot of similar but better games (riftforce, capital lux..)

    Anyway, my (our) top 5 of 2-players only games
    – memoir 44
    – jaipur

    – starfighter
    – raptors
    – hives

  34. Big fan of lost cities and patchwork. Jaipur and carcassonne are also pretty fun for couples, especially carcasonne gets so competitive i love it.

  35. Solid list. We own quite a few of these but these are all fairly confrontational. My wife and I love Castles of Burgundy which, although not exclusively 2 player, is generally regarded as playing best with two players and can be done in about an hour. It's competitive but can be played without actively screwing each other over and is just a really satisfying experience compared to a lot of 2 player-only 'filler' games. Splendor is also great with 2 players.

  36. Great list! I have half of these games and enjoy playing them a lot. Schotten Totten will go on my Christmas wish list. Lost Cities has long been one of my favorites. This video brought a smile to my face today.

  37. Nice list, we do own and love Caesar, Sobek, Patchwork and Arboretum. I really miss Finca, Botanik, 7 Wonders: Duel and Kingdomino – beside Patchwork I think these are our top two player games. I suggest them to everyone regularly. Have been already looking at Fungi already, will try it definitely.

  38. Excellent video as usual but disagree with the high rating of Lost Cities. The two negatives to me are firstly that it's completely themeless and has absolutely no bearing on Lost Cities. I assume that was just a marketing ploy. I mean who looks at the cards. They are just cards of different colors and the artwork is meaningless.
    Secondly I don't like the whole negative points scoring mechanic. I'm good at mental arithmetic but my wife and daughter not so much. I could easily cheat them on the scoring if I wanted. A good game but not great.
    Much prefer Jaipur, Schotten Totten and Odin's Ravens as well as multi player games that scale well for 2 people.

  39. Targi and Akrotiri are two you missed that don't seem to have many recommendations in the comments. Both are brilliant. Targi is an interesting worker placement with restrictions on how the workers can be placed. You get the actions of your spaces and can acquire the cards where your workers intersect. Akrotiri is a pick up & deliver, tile placement game. Really fun trying to map out the world so it suits your needs.

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