Top 10 Board Games from 2018, 5 Years Later -

Top 10 Board Games from 2018, 5 Years Later

The Brothers Murph
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Today we take a look at the Top 10 games from 2018 5 years later! Let us know what your favorite game from this year was!

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  1. Spass Bass is still getting played about once a month in our house. The only game my dad will start standing up watching other people’s rolls haha

  2. Root not being in here is a crime! Cracked up at Spass Bass though 😂

  3. Really looking forward to Suchy's next game Evacuation as well as the Shipyard remake and Teotihuacan Deluxe (Really enjoying the La Granja one). You two got the wife and I to pick up Crown of Emara a few years ago and we love it's tight resource management, great video guys!

  4. Five years, what a surprise
    We've got five years, my brain hurts a lot

  5. I like the time travel aspect of this format. You guys now and 5 years ago. Cool.

  6. It's good to see you guys have dialed back your cocaine use since 2018 (this is a joke :)) I'm really enjoying these videos of going back and reassessing older games. Keep it up!

  7. Top picks for me from 2018: Newton, Carpe Diem, the King’s Guild, and Honga.

  8. Favorite games from 2018:
    1) Brass: Birmingham
    2) Teotihuacan
    3) Obsession
    4) Crusaders: Thy Will be Done
    5) Coimbra

  9. Funny thing my intro to John was Mystic Vale, and I have not played Space Base.

  10. Man, I'm so torn… on one hand, I live to call BS on Nick in the chat. But then you ask me to do it over BRASS??? I just….. I can't do it. Nick's right.

  11. 2018 was not 5 years ago, I don't care what your "calendars" say. 2018 was like last year or something, right? right…?

  12. Wow it's already been 5 years since 2018…? Time just flies…awesome video XD

  13. I've noticed the trend that simpler games were ranked higher, but when you had time to learn and play the more complex games properly, they were ranked higher. Which, honestly, makes sense!

  14. Lots of great games. I love underwater cities and quacks. Some of these i only learned about and got to love because of BGA. I have since bought space base because of it and I also learned Obsession there. A video on impact on game popularity due to BGA would be interesting. Great video

  15. Fun list. I'd love to see more of these! Just for fun I'll toss in my top 5 from that year.
    1. Root – also my number 1 of all time and it isn't close
    2. Architects – another of my top overall games and one where I love the expansions
    3. Everdell – maybe biased by the fact that I got the complete collection and need to justify that purchase
    4. Quacks – managed to hold off on buying the premium pieces so far but it is probably just a matter of time
    5. Gizmos – came in not expecting much and this game pleasantly surprised me

  16. Sad not to see Root and Everdell on your list… 🥲

  17. In 5 years the games are fine, I haven't held up as well. And I will also now officially call it "Spass Bass" from here on out. In the name of Sir John D.

  18. Fun format. I just got to play keyflow again last night. Its really solid, I had a great time.

  19. Great listing. Would also like to hear what happened to those that didn't stay in your top 10. I would add Gugong, Reef, Dice Hospital, Dice Settlers, Blue Lagoon and Luxor. But, you are right, there are a lot back in 2018 😍

  20. 2018 is probably one of the best years for board games ever. Quacks, Space Base, Crown of Emara, Just One, Smartphone, Raccoon Tycoon, Camel Up, Fleet: The Dice Game, The Reckoners, PUSH and Architects of the West Kingdom are some of my favorite games of all time.

  21. 15:01 – “Next year it will be critters riding dinos”. Wait. Are you guys clairvoyant, as well???

  22. 2018 was one of my absolute favorite years in board gaming. I remember at the time some felt it was a down year, but I was the complete opposite. My favorites that year:

    15. The Mind

    14. Just One

    13. The Quacks of Quedlinburg

    12. Pandemic: Fall of Rome

    11. Space Base

    10. Monster Crunch

    9. Reykholt

    8. Dice Hospital

    7. Reef

    6. Heroes of Dominaria

    5. Architects of the West Kingdom

    4. Carpe Diem

    3. Gizmos

    2. Crown of Emara

    1. CO²: Second Chance

  23. Key bump😂 Then the look of oh crap, mabey i shouldn't have said that. Reminds me of Christmas with Nanna

  24. Hi Nick; Try Brass Birmingham again. We have similar tastes with WOTR and Pandemic so if you like Brass the 2nd time I might buy it for my brother Mike. If not I'll get something else.

  25. Enjoy these types of videos – I feel the hobby is increasingly focused on the recent hype/hotness so I enjoy hearing about what not-so-recent releases have held up over time.

  26. Wow 2018 has like all my favorite games, haha. Must be the best year on record for board gaming.

  27. I don't know what you were using to have that much energy in 2018 but I need that now

  28. Solid year for sure. Underwater cities is one of my favorites.

  29. It’s too bad Mike cooled on Everdell. It remains a favorite in my household.

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