Top 10 board games gaining popularity | January 2022 -

Top 10 board games gaining popularity | January 2022

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are gaining popularity this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Camel Up: Off Season

The crazy camel racing season has come to a close, but these racers are busy assisting merchants during their off season!



Explore a strange world, racing against other explorers to find gems, keys to hidden temples, animals, and more!

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  1. Chaz, I watched a whole bunch of these yesterday whilst doing housework & trying my hand at painting miniatures. (I would do a lot better if they weren't miniatures and it wasn't painting.) Anyhow, just had to give you the highest compliment in the whole world: you remind me of my daddy. He could light up a room with his jokes and he would have loved your show. I didn't get into gaming until after he passed away, but I think he would've loved playing games with me. Fortunately, we spent a lot of time together. I know you have a daughter and my advice is to give her extra hugs for me and play a game soon. 🙂 –Teej

  2. Saw ruins of Arnak at the store a couple of weeks ago but hesitated to get it. I'd also love to try some of the few games here, already have Parks which I enjoy playing even in solo mode (wanna get any other Keymaster games)

  3. Question for The Chaz Master (you´ve done investigeting board game journalism before) – What´s the situation with the missing Dead of winter crossroads app on IOS? I have great faith in you 😉

  4. Game Publishers: You lost me at "Dark Medieval Fantasy".

  5. Chaz! Don't tell Rodney but I've held back some bacon just for you. Great videos deserve all the bacon and this was a great video.

  6. Hallo Chaz, you put great effort in responding to all questions asked. Could you answer my question too?

  7. Sorry about messing with your teleprompter. I now see the repercussions. My bad.

  8. So happy to hear about War of the Ring! Just recently had a handful of games stolen from my collection including WOTR with the treebeard promo. It’ll be nice to get a replacement soon.

  9. Came for the games, stayed for the brilliant script writing. Keep it up!

  10. I see that PARKS being on BGA is why its popularity is rising. I hope the Nightfall expansion is there for you, too! I find the campsites add a lot more incentive for multiple hikers to be on the same space

  11. I do enjoy a new episode of 'the climbers' and can't wait to climb the steps to the Airecon convention hall and tell Chaz how much I like watching him say which new games are climbing up the ranks 🙂

  12. So most games you can’t go buy right now LMAO

  13. There are 3 things in life I refuse to accept: 1) that camels are anything more than lumpy horses, 2) that a board game could convince me that camels are anything more than lumpy horses, and 3) that Def Leppard would have been more successful with an even number of arms.

  14. You’re the man Chaz! Keep up the great work! Lol

  15. Hi, Which program do you use to edit your video and also which camera did you used ? 🙂 Thanks

  16. So no comment on the printing issues with Undaunted Reinforcement? I think that is the main reason this expansion is on the MomenTEN. That could be a great discussion on how they handled the mismatched colors, not all bad, I feel they have heard concerns and responded well.

  17. For Parks, maybe more people are discovering it on Board Game Arena. It's currently at 19,893 plays on there and just became available in the middle of October on that platform.

  18. From the first teleprompter mishap, I was seriously hoping it was leading to some mischievous editor behind the scenes, like something akin to Duck Amuck where the animator messed with Daffy Duck. Loved this episode!

  19. Great video! 👍 I’ve always wanted to play War of the Ring🤞. I just need to find someone to Gimli a copy.

  20. I'm always down for some sweet goody booty.

  21. Camel Up is such a family favourite brand, so I am pleased they are branching into new styles to be a trusted safety blanket for families to learn new game formats

  22. Ooo Destinies looks like a newbies version of City of Kings

  23. I want to play Explorers! It looks so fun! Happy monday!

  24. Ah goody! Booty bloopers and babbling boo boo's boosting bodacious board games beyond brief boundaries! Brilliant!

  25. I was actually on board with your outro for War of the Ring until you said Ara…Gone. Then, you lost me. Nice try, though.

  26. For Parks, could it be because it's now availabe on BGA (Board Game Arena)?

  27. Could you guys do a killer bunnies how to play? I recently got the game and the rule book is rather confusing. There’s also no good YouTube tutorials or sources for learning how to play.

  28. I wanted to hate Camel up: Off Season, but that actually sounds pretty interesting.

    Missed the voyages Kickstarter. Sounds fun! =(

    Flip and write that doesn't accommodate more than 4 players is almost always going to be a pass for me.

  29. Honestly, I think Parks was just mentioned a lot in end of the year lists on YouTube. I know I'm certainly sick of hearing about it!

    (I'd actually like a copy, but it's weirdly expensive for what you're getting.)

  30. More way-too-exaggerated hand gestures and facial expressions, please.

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