Top 10 board games gaining popularity | October 2021 -

Top 10 board games gaining popularity | October 2021

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are gaining popularity this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Wrong Party by TeeTurtle

Will you host the perfect party or kill the vibe?


Legendary The Spy Who Loved Me

Join 007 in his battle against some of his greatest foes!

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  1. MOMENTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:S Feels weird Chaz not saying Pair of Dice … like when your mate gets married and you have to get used to a new surname.:P Cute Freudian slip of Queen's Gabmit :)I LOVE THE cute AXOLOTOL in Wrong PartyI like these fancy video clips in this countdown :PWhoa! Pretty art on Splendent Vale – Oooo nice Doggo! Ummm I love ring-bound-board-booksI think kickstarters/indiegogo/etc are fab to see on Momenten so I hear about Hot-Stuff before it's too late 🙂 (Otherwise I wouldn't be exposed to them very much… outside the sweet BGG newsletters)COMMENTS COMMENTS COMMENTS LIKING LIKING SHARE!

  2. Number 9 was promising up until "doggo fren".

  3. Wait wait wait. You got a problem with raisins in cookies!?

  4. Furnace is fun, you can make a good engine based on coooooooooooooooooooal!
    Thank you, I'll see myself out…

  5. I like being able to buy the boardgames, not have to wait several months for a kickstarter to go through

  6. Please Chaz never change. You are a wonderful host. Loved the video m'dude keep it up.

  7. My favorite part was when you said you had too much dignity, hahaha, great stuff.

    PS: Love the content, keep up the awesome work!!

  9. I am looking forward to Azul – Post-apocalyptic Pools!

  10. "That…greasy shine" line really got me. Laughed out loud, while trying to not spit out the bite of my lunch I was chewing.

  11. Where is Lost ruins of arnak …..Expedition leaders…Was hoping to catch some update on that… Duhhh

  12. I think MomenTen should go from One to Ten… You know the TEN is the goal. Also google translator knows the word Momenten it made the T small. So the MomenTen is making its way to dictionary….

  13. I too backed Eleven. Also, delighted you referred to football and not the s-word some people call it! Top of league performance!

  14. The most surprising jump this week was Chaz' dignity. He's doing a great job not grabbing the low-hangi–and it's gone.

  15. You mean when you said Queen's Gambit instead of Queen's Garden ? ? LOL

  16. Being a board game fan is rough thing 😊

  17. wow just looked up broad games arena found you

  18. Chaz, what was the original name of the Stone Age Expansion?

  19. So excited for Artisans of Splendent Vale!!!

  20. Does Parks come with that cute racoon? I could dispence with the waterpark if it came with that cute racoon.

  21. Agemonia doesn't surprise me at all. I'm gonna forget all about it by time it's delivered next year but I'll be so stoked for it as trying to build my collection of solo games

  22. I agree about ELEVEN! But next Sept! Damn the wait is real and will be worth it

  23. I like this list, but it will be dope to have a Top 10 games you can play right now as well LOL

  24. Great video! Love the list. (To hopefully answer the question about Kickstarter momentum) My current interest in Kickstarter games is completely dependent on the great play throughs and previews done by all of the terrific board game content creators like Before You Play.

  25. I concur with the concerns on too much "kickstarter" momentens. I am watching this channel for ideas of games to purchase today and play tomorrow, not at some long future date where I likely won't remember something even is out there. I actually stopped watching this video at 10 minute mark when #5 release date was Dec 2022!!!! bleh, 15 months. Honestly, I recommend you split this type of content into two separate videos. One could be focused on news and buzz for future games and the other should focus on the games already released that are generating buzz on their actual game play. Or at very least, time stamp and mark the not released games so people can choose to skip ahead. Other than that, thanks for your this channels content, it has introduced me to games I would never had bought (or saved me from some I would've and won't have liked lol) – Doug

  26. At 6:13, the blooper, that offscreen "turns out I am", and Chaz' reaction (to himself) was comedy gold! Good job!

  27. best episode yet, Chaz. And I agree, raisins are catastrophic in cookies.

  28. Chaz, I think you should start a fictional character for your videos, named Buzz Sidekick. He would be the guy that does the research for why kickstarter campaigns generate so much buzz. His backs story could be that he has won several spelling bees and is an amateur astronaut. (Which is really just another name for astronomer)

  29. All the cookies have raisins? Oh won’t someone please think of the children? 😱

  30. I really don't get the argument against kickstarters on here. If the argument is the game isn't available yet, then where's the outrage over 7 Wonders Architects? If the difference is how long until available, then where is that line? Once defined, how can it possibly be adhered to when all we know for non-KS "sometime in Q4". If the argument is against KS itself, does that also preclude things like Terraforming Mars anything that uses KS as a short-term pre-order system? I struggle to see any argument that isn't hand-drawn around "i don't like Kickstarter" for no other reason than personal preference. Games are games, yo – just enjoy the ride.

  31. Yeah! A new episode of'The Climbers'😉 🙂 with the awesome host Chaz 🙂

  32. The reason certain KSs hit the top ten? Marketing, hype, and FOMO. We’re all susceptible to it to varying degrees.

  33. So excited to see Dinosaur World included here! Thanks for using our video footage!

  34. What list is this coming from!? What charts are these games climbing?

  35. Could you make a video not featuring kick starter games? It's not helpful if you're actually wanting to go buy something 🙁

  36. You include kickstarters because this is a list of boardgames gaining popularity, it doesn't say anything about buying it at your flgs today. People could complain that hey I can't pick these up at target what kind of list is this!

  37. Football manager I would be more interested in American Football manager:)

  38. I’m dying for Plan B to open up Azul: Queen’s Garden for preorder… I’m worried about it selling out before I get the chance!

  39. I have ordered several kickstarter boardgames, but with everything going on, many of the games are on hold for up to a year 😾

  40. I will buy one of it on Christmas let's go!!!

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