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Top 10 Board Games I’m Playing Right Now!

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  1. I am sorry, but did you change the sound recording setup? Your voice sounded really “hollow”. Otherwise, great video. Thanks!

  2. I was really disappointed with the new production quality of blood and sand. I steal the Obelisk from ANKH. And the board is horrible looking

  3. Thanks for the video! Games we played last weekend:

    Endless Winter
    Dog Park
    Wayfarers of the South Tigris

    Been playing a lot of Oathsworn too.

  4. Recently been playing Castle of Mad King Ludwig (had to get the base game down and played before the new KS expired to see if I wanted to back (yes, I do)), Aeon's End Outcasts (stuck on the last boss who feels rather boring), Red Cathedral, Architects of the West Kingdom, and Res Arcana. Getting Dune Imperium on Friday and I'm kind of hesitant on it; people say you need the expansions to make it more balanced. Thoughts?

  5. Lately it's been "Trekking Through History" 2 weekends ago, then Planet Unknown last weekend. I'm preparing to do a solo run of Arena the Contest campaign. Took a look at all characters, noted the ones that interest me the most and will be trying to create a "good" team of 4 before getting into the campaign

  6. 150 in point salad? You play with too many cards or what?

  7. My boardgaming group only meet once a month. So far we have played Elder Sign (with the pyramid expansion), Suburbia, Terraforming Mars, Marvel Dice Throne, Bloodborne, Carnegie, and Twilight Inscription.

    Elder Sign is such an awesome game. It's a great alternative for those who do not want to deal with the complexity and long play time of Arkham Horror.

    I had passed on Dice Throne until they came out with a Marvel version. This game surprised me. Played a 2 and 3 player game of it and both have been a very fun experience.

    Terraforming Mars has become one of my favorite boardgames. I love the board and card game aspect of this game so much so that I passed on the Ares version of the game. However, the Dice game version of the game intrigues me.

    BloodBorne is my 1st campaign driven boardgame. The miniatures are so amazing and I hope to have them painted at some point. However the gameplay has been lukewarm.

    Games I recently bought and waiting to be played are Cthulhu Death May Die, Civilization: A New Dawn with its expansion, Roll for the Galaxy, and Endless Winter.

  8. I'm really only paying about 4 games right now and love them all 😉

    * Strat-o-matic Baseball
    * D100 dungeon / space
    * iss vanguard
    * KD:M

  9. I'm really only paying about 4 games right now and love them all 😉

    * Strat-o-matic Baseball
    * D100 dungeon / space
    * iss vanguard
    * KD:M

  10. I'm really only paying about 4 games right now and love them all 😉

    * Strat-o-matic Baseball
    * D100 dungeon / space
    * iss vanguard
    * KD:M

  11. Thank you. I had my second play of Mosaic a couple of days ago and it felt even nicer at three.

  12. 1.Dune Imperium plus 1. Expansion
    2. marvel champions
    3. red rising
    4. imperium classic / legends
    5. guildball
    6. magic commander
    7. Carnegie
    8. Dice Throne (Marvel)
    9. oak
    10. lords of waterdeep plus expansion (new in the collection)
    Honorable mention
    Kingdom builder

    Can’t wait for
    Surface 1920(?)
    Frist ascend (Xmas)
    Mosaic (Dezember?)
    Dune Imperium 2.Expansion (Dezember?)

  13. Recently we’ve played all 3 games in the Matagot trilogy of Kemet, Inis, and Cyclades. Our group is split on wether Kemet or Inis is the best game of the three. Regardless of which camp we fall in, Cyclades seems to be everyones 2nd choice. Interesting. I’ve also been playing a bit of Dune Imperium lately. Love that game. And, we been playing lots of Terraforming Mars. War of the Ring has been on the back-burner, as I wrap up painting all the pieces. I just have Elves and Rohan left to go. Endless Winter is high on my list of games that I want to try. I love these videos!

  14. Trekking through history, one of my favorites!

  15. Did I laugh like 12 year old immature kid at the 3:18 mark? Why yes, yes I did.

  16. Right now we are playing Great Western Trail 2nd Ed., Cryptid, and I have a Game night set for this weekend to play Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor. Love all three of them!

  17. Good to see you getting so many games to the table. I"m about to jump into HEXplore it this week.

  18. We have just started playing Point Salad at family functions. Super fun and fast. But…my gaming group prefers more depth. Oathsworn is hitting the table quite a bit. Loving it so much. Outer Rim was played a few weeks back. I agree with the lack of content after a bunch of play throughs. Just picked up the expansion. I think I’ll give Lord of the Rings or Dune a try. Thanks for the content.

  19. We have one game left in charterstone which was a surprise hit for us. Ive also been playing a RIDICULOUS amount of solo marvel champions.

  20. The Campaign game we were playing was Oathsworne, but because Christmas is coming up I had to put it on pause as everyone gets more busy. The other games I have been playing are Lost Ruins of Arnak, and Wild Serengeti, both of witch have been very well received in my game group. We also played Canvas, and even played it with the Reflections expansion, but everyone hated it, which was a surprise since its so highly praised.

  21. That is a great set of games you have been playing…well except for Kemet 😉We have been playing a lot of Cthulu DMD and we're busting into Clank Catacombs tonight. I am trying to decide if I can pass off the Dune Deluxe upgrade as a Christmas gift for my wife…We just got the new expansion in a few days ago. On a separate note, I wonder how much longer I'll be able to hold out from getting Endless Winter. I can feel myself losing control when I start to think about it…

  22. I opened your channel by random when searching for Lords of Ragnarok, and this video was uploaded 5 hours ago. THIS is the kind of stuff I like to see on a board game channel, what you ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN PLAYING. I couldn't care less about channels that revolves around kickstarter page all week. THIS is MUCH more realistic and useful to listen to.

  23. Endless Winter, Tenpennyparks, iss vanguard, Sleeping Gods, Weather Machine/Kanban EV/On Mars.

  24. Played Everdell, Parks, Return to Dark Tower and Mansions of Madness with friends and family over the holiday. Parks was the most popular and most liked by the friends & fam.

  25. Where are you located? I’d love to play with you sometime! I have a LOTR LCG solo channel. You’ve commented on my channel before actually. I’m in Raleigh NC

  26. I’ve been enjoying Endless Winter. It’s very smooth and like you were saying it really ramps up, which is fun for me. I just picked up Dune Imperium and love it!

  27. I have Mosaic, but haven't found time to play it.. Yet. On chapter 17 of Oathsworn and want to finish it before I play Mosaic.
    MC:LCG is probably my most regularly played game and definitely in my Top Ten. Dune Imperium in my Top Ten too!

  28. We've been playing Planet Unknown a lot lately.

  29. Currently playing Oathsworn & Stars of Akarios.

  30. Have you tried Resurgence? By the same designer as Endless Winter and has just been delivering the same time. It is a slick euro set in post apocalyptic Moscow, would be interested to hear your views on this one, am enjoying it a lot (but had to put it aside to learn endless winter 😂)

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