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TOP 10 Board Games Like DIPLOMACY

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Today we look at 10 other games you might enjoy playing if you love Diplomacy. What is it you love about Diplomacy? The negotiation? The deal making? The deal breaking? Do you love the tactical gameplay? The overarching strategy? Or is it the social interaction that keeps you coming back? Whatever it is, this video is designed to help you find other games that you might like, that share similar mechanics.

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0:00 1959
0:23 Introduction
0:41 #10: Political Intrigue
1:15 #9: Negotiation
1:49 #8: Shifting Alliances
2:19 #7: Player Elimination
2:52 #6: Treachery
4:11 #5: Managing Relationships
4:39 #4: Conquest and Area Control
5:28 #3: Politics and Language
6:06 #2: The Stab
6:53 #1: Simultaneous Orders






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  1. I totally agree with GoT being number 1! even though it is much more new-player friendly (despite the number of rules) and battle-focused (especially if you use mechanics like tides of battle that implement chance in the game. So you lose the chess aspect of Diplomacy. Also, I'm amazed you mentioned Republic of rome (that I know under Res Publica) it's a game I haven't played in year and is tons of fun!

  2. Would love to join a game of GoT the board game online of you guys are hosting one in the future

  3. I use to play diplomacy board game back in the early 80's. Thank You Legendary. Liked, and Shared.

  4. Cosmic Encounter is my favorite from this list. I have also seen many Diplomacy players excel at hidden role games such as Secret Hitler, Two Rooms and a Boom, One Night Werewolf, and Blood on the Clocktower. I also see some similarities in Coup and even Poker.

  5. Britannia can have a fir amount of inter-player negotiation as each player tries to maximize their nations goals. I would daresay there is far more negotiation in Britannia than in Axis and Allies

  6. Empires in Arms is a lot like diplomacy set during the Napoleonic Wars, only with far more complex combat

  7. Not a board game, but Conspiracy is a great mobile app implementation for Diplomacy. It's very cool.

  8. Love this list – so many games to play and so little time.

    Any thoughts on a game that plays like Diplomacy online in which each player makes one turn during an allotted period of time?

  9. You forgot "Empires in Arms".
    Back in the late 80s , that was the natural "upgrade" from Diplomacy for my group. It had all the diplomacy, but in contrast to Diplomacy you had actual armies to put weight behind your arguments and not just a few tokens.

  10. Thanks for this video! I am very much interested in a Diplomacy-alike which runs under 90 minutes and has less rules overhead than Dune. I want to try Battle for Rokugan, but I believe there's little in the way of formal alliances in that game. It's all persuasion through bluffing.

  11. This is a fascinating list, and I agree with most of the suggestions, but I must take issue with A Game of Thrones, which fails the test of greatness in three important ways:

    1) AGOT may use Diplomacy's secret orders system, but there the resemblance ends. In Diplomacy, players must negotiate. In AGOT, there is no need to.

    2) The design fails to evoke the endlessly complex world of Westeros. We are still waiting for a game design that truly taps into GRRM's dark and wonderful world (and it may be impossible). Maybe Ed Beach can recycle his HIS design to fit Westeros.

    3) Random events in AGOT have a profound effect on the game. Can you imagine in Dune, Here I Stand, or Diplomacy not being able to levy troops, fight, or move? Yet these things happen routinely in AGOT.

  12. There is a physical board game called Swords and Sails that I recently found. It uses the simultaneous orders as well as wargaming concepts in a simplified way and I think it is incredible.

  13. One highly thematic game that I think does The Stab/betrayal as a mechanic well is Nemesis. Everyone has two objectives: a Personal one (usually not bad for anyone else) and a Corporate one (always bad for at least one other player). At some point in the game, players are forced to choose only one of them as their End Game objective to determine whether they win or not. It makes it feel very organic and gives it a lot of buildup!

  14. There's a game called Baghdad, which I'm told is similar to Dune, in which shifting alliances are made over a map, in this case, the city of Baghdad during the US occupation. I bought it some time ago but haven't a group to play it with. My old gaming group preferred rpg games. Personally, I think diplomacy-like games also have an rpg element in that you decide what kind of powerbroker you're going to be.

    I would be remiss not to mention an oldie almost as old as the original Diplomacy–Origins of WW II. It's about the political wrangling between major western countries up to the breakout of WW II. I remember playing it in high school and having lots of fun. Someone made a version that covers the far east in the same time frame, 1930s, and yet another version was made on the Origins of WW I, though I never played either. I wish someone would update the graphics and gameplay of Origins of WW II for today's gamers. It's fairly simple but could use new mechanics, maybe cards instead of chucking dice, for example. Similar games on diplomatic development leading to WW II tend to be fiddly with a lot of rules that make your eyes glaze over.

  15. What software do you use for all the digital implementations of the games?

  16. Instead of GoT which is an absolutely horrible slog that overstays its welcome at the table, Warrior knights would take the cake for me. It is phenomenal. Your diplomatic options are a bit deeper than diplomacy as not only you have alliances and betrayal, you can literally send a player to china. and he might die in a horrible expedition gone wrong. Truly outstanding design. Also, GoT is a lot like TI4 minus the everything that makes TI4 a good game. imho that is ^^ Great list though.,

  17. Game of Thrones is technically the "most" like Diplomacy. It's very clearly inspired by the same. But I feel like all the changes they made, to make the game original, are worse. They added in so many little features, many involving randomness, that really didn't make the game better. I like how sleek and simple Diplomacy was, but it had that chess-like element because there was no randomness (aside from which country you play as). The nice thing is that it takes less time to finish the game, and you can play with different numbers of players. But still. If I'm in the mood for a game like Game of Thrones, I'd rather play Diplomacy.

  18. Great video. Love most all of these titles but you missed Warzone! The best Diplomacy style game you never heard of.

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