Top 10 Board Games of 2020: Guys Edition -

Top 10 Board Games of 2020: Guys Edition

Tantrum House
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Will, Jonah, Ryan and Kevin talk about their favorite board game from 2020. Best 2020 board games!!

0:00 – 2:53 Introduction
2:54 Number 10
6:55 Number 9
6:56 – 7:39 Calico
7:40 – 8:30 Pitch Meeting
8:31 – 9:51 Number 8
9:52 – 12:14 Number 7
12:15 – 14:35 Number 6
14:36 – 16:48 Number 5
16:49 – 19:09 Number 4
19:10 – 19:27 Board Game Theory
19:28 – 20:18 Fallout Shelter
20:19 – 23:13 Number 3
23:14 – 26:42 Number 2
26:43 – 30:45 Number 1
30:46 – 32:13 Ending

10. Inner Compass (AEG)
9. Ganesha (CrowD Games)
8. Fort (Leder Games)
7. Chrono Corsairs (TMG)
6. Tammany Hall (Pandasaurus Games)
5. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (Cephalophair Games)
4. The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine (KOSMOS)
3. Cubitos (AEG)
2. Merchants of Dunhuang (Mandoo Games)
1. Wingspan: Oceania (Stonemaier Games)

10. Santa Monica (AEG)
9. Oceans (North Star Games)
8. Calico (AEG)
7. Project L (Boardcubator)
6. Ohanami (Pandasaurs Games)
5. Dwellings of Eldervale (Breaking Games)
4. Cubitos (AEG)
3. Merchants Cove (Final Frontier Games)
2. Scooby Doo! Escape from the Haunted Mansion (The Op)
1. Viscounts of the West Kingdom (Garphill/Renegade Games)

10. Project Elite (CMON)
9. Apollo NASA Moon Mission (Buffalo/Pandasaurus Games)
8. Splendor Marvel (Space Cowboys)
7. Calico (AEG)
6. Super Fantasy Brawl (Mythic Games)
5. Holi: Festival of Colors (Floodgate Games)
4. Fallout Shelter: The Board Game (Fantasy Flight Games)
3. Stygian Society (APE Games)
2. Ettin (WizKids)
1. Court of Miracles (Lucky Duck Games)

10. Gates of Mara (WizKids)
9. One Small Step (Academy Games)
8. Mariposas (AEG)
7. Merchants of Dunhuang (Mandoo Games)
6. Holi: Festival of Colors (Floodgate Games)
5. Beyond the Sun (Rio Grande Games)
4. Lost Ruins of Arnak (CGE)
3. Whistle Mountain (Bezier Games)
2. Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun (Board & Dice)
1. The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine (KOSMOS)

Honorable Mentions:
Small World of Warcraft
Planet Unknown
My City
Time Stories The Hadal Project

Nods to Ryan George of Screen Rant’s Pitch Meetings and The Game Theorists/The Film Theorists/ The Food Theorists Matthew Patrick!


  1. I have tried quite a few of these games love the list. And thanks for the ideas for my girlfriend.

  2. Trying to start a game night with my family now. More talks less screens. We just started with Horrified and are looking forward to more awesome new games

  3. Wonderful video, fellas. Belated thanks for doing this. Really great games in there and best of all, infectious enthusiasm and obvious passion for the gaming hobby.

    And you all bounce off each other really well. Lots of positivity. And I love the way you put the games on the shelves as you went. Stellar stuff, gang. All the best to you and yours. x

  4. i’m so excited to get the wingspan oceania expansion!! 🦆

  5. Love it can’t wait to try some of these!! Wingspan for the win!!!

  6. Another great video! Can't wait to add a few of them to our collection.

  7. Nice job guys. New to your videos. I also love that you each had ten games to really up the variety. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Played small WOW, not bad but I was expecting more elements like battles, conflicts and loots. Blizzard can do better.

  9. Sadly I have not played any of these games.

  10. Do you know the game NIDAVELLIR ? Here, in France, it s the top of the top 2020… with THE CREW.

  11. Ryan, absolutely got it right! Court of Miracles got my game of the year (shared with Guild Master) Just a wonderful game

  12. This was a great list! I want that Wingspan Oceania Expansion.. Right after I get the base game first 😀

  13. I like the pace of the video. I had a lot of fun, thanks guys

  14. I did watch the ladies video first. Dont hate me for that. It was in my suggested feed. But you guys convinced me to subscribe so there's that.

  15. These games look hard to play 🙁
    But the crew looks good

  16. My mum got the wingspan oceana expansion for christmas last year but has refused to play it so far, which is a real bummer. But of course wingspan is my favourite game of 2020 too!!

  17. Help me find merchants of dunhuang. Cant find it anywhere 🙁

  18. thanks for the info, cant wait to play the top three

  19. I have been dying to try so many of these games!

  20. Too many games. I don’t have the time nor the space for all of them 😩

  21. Nice video! I'm gonna follow you all because I think I'm going to enjoy watching more video of you guys! 😉☺

  22. My list of Games I want to get just doubled! have to say I just got Wingspan and because of this video I am looking into Wingspan: Oceania  and Mariposas!

  23. Great vid guys! Planning to grab Gloomhaven myself soon!

  24. My list of games I want just got longer. Thanks guys!

  25. Santa Monica is a great lighter weight game we were able to play with friends & family before things locked down. Calico is definitely in our Top 10 of course we playtested earlier versions so might be biased. We still need to get Mariposas to the table. Sigh. 😉 We love Fort! Yes, that tension of losing your cards from your yard to other players is a great decision space! Been hearing lots of good things for Lost Ruins of Arnak! Scott Caputo has definitely been killing it with his tile layers. His game The One-Hundred Torii is one of my faves. Viscounts is so fantastic! It's definitely my fave of the whole West Kingdom series! I think Rococo Deluxe is my #1 for last year though!

  26. Got the Crew and it is absolutely awesome!

  27. Thanks guys for the game recommendations. i looked up several from BGG to see if it was going to be a good fit for me. your energy in the video kept me watching.

  28. I love you guys! Thanks for the positive energy!

  29. Merchant's Cove looking really good, can't wait

  30. very nice video…i am jus getting in boarding game with my girlfriend and came for some reccomendetions

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