Top 10 Board Games of 2021 - Not The Best of Years? -

Top 10 Board Games of 2021 – Not The Best of Years?

The Broken Meeple
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Much like 2020 I don’t think this year was that great for games, but I managed to find 10 that were worth talking highly about! As for the others, you can find out my thoughts on those at the end of the video!

What is your favourite game of 2021, let us know in the comments and Merry Xmas!!!

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Who Am I?

One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

The Broken Meeple is a variety channel that hosts all kinds of board game content from reviews to Top 10 lists to playthroughs to live stream collaborations with special guests (predominantly small channels who deserve more exposure).

I look forward to engaging with you, the community on my live streams or in the comments on my videos!


00:00 – Introduction
02:20 – No. 10
04:20 – No. 9
06:51 – No. 8
10:25 – No. 7
13:48 – No. 6
17:39 – No. 5
20:03 – No. 4
22:40 – No. 3
25:49 – No. 2
29:54 – No. 1
34:46 – What I Thought Of Other 2021 Games

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  1. I think once you have been gaming for a while you do get a feeling that lots of games that come out are just “OK”. Not bad games, but also not unique and fantastic.

  2. Thats a good list of games, did you get to play The Great Wall? That is one that would defo be in my top 10, great game if a little long.

  3. Perhaps it would help if you only play games at their optimal player count, like I do. When you have a different number of people, play a different game

  4. This is a solid list. I am really interested in Mortum, but its not available in the US yet. That being said, will definitely purchase it when it comes around. Quality content, as always, Luke! 🙂

  5. yup… does seem like a weaker year, doesn't it. Brick and Mortar and Furnace do peak my interest however.

  6. "Not the best of years" – yep, I haven't seen nor heard anything about any of those games, visited Kickstarter & LBGS weekly, cept sleeping gods, saw its box…. must have been bad year for games

  7. I appreciate the honesty on games that didn't make the top ten. Not everything can be puppies & roses. Plus these games are not cheap, so good to be aware of some of the cons.

  8. Mortum sounds cool, hadn't heard of that one before. My game of the year is probably The Initiative. Whole family loved it and it was so clever.

  9. your number 1 might have learned from mars but dont be too quick to underestimate the mars theme. animal husbandry is not a theme i enjoy greatly. Similarly, Ian Livingstone must be highly amused seeing his roll and move adventure books still going strong. Sleeping Gods can f#£k right off when i've got a bookshelf full of Howard's conan, and Vance's Cugel to read. Hold some dice in your right hand while reading 'real' books is my tip for 2022.

  10. awesome, playing a few coops horrified american monsters, death valley as recommended by zee, glad you liked ark nova.. want to play that

  11. Yep, 2021 has been a disappointing year overall for the hobby. There haven't really been any gems or classics. Here's hoping crazy shipping costs and rubbish virus restrictions don't make things even worse next year.

  12. I prefer bad years, I still can't afford all I'd like to "possess". 😉

  13. Always a joy to listen to your reviews 👍 enjoy your time with your family! 🍾

  14. I never thought of the worker placement of Dominant Species as programming. It's just worker placement. The resolution of migration actions caused the most analysis paralysis in my group. Marine is definitely shorter in my experience. There is less time to prepare for events in Marine which felt worse like you said.

  15. According to Tom Vasel every year was an amazing year for gaming.

  16. Sleeping Gods and Roll Player Adventure are both going on my “To Buy” list. There are a few games I’d like to play in 2022 that I missed this year.

  17. Nice list! I've only played 4 of them, but really want to play Ark Nova & happy to try the others. Sleeping Gods, Roll Player Adventures & Cascadia are all near the top of my best 2021 games list too. I won't be making my video until January because I have 5 more 2021 games on my desk waiting to be played in the next 2 weeks. Happy Holidays!

  18. Curious to hear your thoughts on Seize the bean (disastrous kickstarter timescales aside).

  19. That description of Bitoku makes me want to play it more.

  20. Still a good year for dry euro fans. We got Golem, Corrosion, Boonlake, Messina 1347, Origins First Builders, Tabannusi, etc. I have no complaints.

  21. Sleeping Gods was actually 2020 game as it arrived in Australia before Xmas (though with quarantine and flight delays I didn’t actually get to open mine until just into 2021)

  22. Gotta say, as much as your top 10 interests me, I am seriously turned off when you criticize what others may or may not choose for their top 10. It's even funnier when you then utter "different strokes for different folks.' Maybe just worry about what you like and what you get to play and review. I don't hear other content creators panning your reviews, maybe don't worry about what someone else likes more than you? After all, "it's only a game."

  23. Thanks for a year of excellent content! Have a Merry Christmas and festive New Year!
    I honestly didn't play too many new to 2021 games, but out of the few that I did get to, my favorite is Furnace.

  24. Nice list but I still disagree with Calico/Cascadia :p

    From 2021 I got: Canvas, Agropolis and Micro Macro full house (also the new descent but did not like). Still it felt like a good year because I got Spirit Island and TMB and they both became top 3 games.

  25. For me, Golem should be right there with the other forgettable titles, but like I said on another one of your videos, Ark Nova – heck yeah! 🙂

  26. Thanks for yet another great year of content Luke. Ark Nova and Sleeping Gods are titles I'm certainly looking forward to playing. Here's wishing you happy holidays!

  27. Would agree Imperium doesn't have great components but the card art imo is great

  28. Odd I think this has been a pretty strong year overall and everyone in my game group agrees but we definitely have different tastes in games.

  29. Great video, thank you. Enjoy the holidays, hope you get some rest.

  30. I watched Michael Wibners playthrough of Ark Nova a couple months ago and it was an instant preorder for me when the preorder of it became available in the States. As far as new games go definitely the game I have been most excited for.

  31. Interesting take on some of those hyped games. Im really surprised that so many people really love Destinies.. it didnt trigger any excitement for me at all but i will love to try Ark Nova, looks really fun🤞🏻

  32. You're killing it friend! Thanks for the list!

  33. Golem isn't even out yet for regular people…

  34. I have only played Cascadia off your list and love it!

  35. it has been a good year. i dont know why everybody is complaining

  36. How about Tabannusi, Imperial Steam, Anno 1800?

  37. Agree. The last couple years have been weaker than previous years. Glad to have you point out the gems to seek out. 😉

  38. I can’t wait to finally play Ark Nova. I played Bitoku and was mesmerized. Iconography was unnecessarily weird but otherwise it was a beautiful looking game with a lot of tension between players.

  39. Great list! So far my top 3 games are Furnace, Imperium Legends/Classics & No. 1 (by a wide margin) Hadrian's Wall.
    Possible usurpers being Ark Nova (about to hit the table today) & Golem!

  40. Luke have you done a review for Mortum?
    Looks cool. Would love an extented video review. Ty.
    Thnx for the list. Great games!

  41. Great Video! I really liked it and enjoyed as well the recap of others games at the end!
    Maybe that’s something interesting to make, a recap at the end of your videos ^^
    Great stuff Luke! Thank you for the content throughout the year

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