Top 10 Board Games? of 2022 -

Top 10 Board Games? of 2022

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Psydekick Larry and AmyEggs give you their Top Ten List of 2022.

Psydekick Larry’s Top Ten:
Marrakesh by Queen Games
Cat in the Box by Bezier Games
Frosthaven by Cephalofair Games
Green Team Wins by 25th Century Games
Terracotta Army by Board and Dice
Turing Machine by Scorpion Masque / Hachette Boardgames
Tiletum by Board and Dice
Mosaic: a Story of Civilization by Forbidden Games
Ark Nova by Capstone Games

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11:23 Number 3
13:00 Number 2
14:36 Number 1
17:43 Honorable mentions
18:46 Outtakes

Thank you for watching our top ten list of 2022!!!

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  1. Great list! Just got Mosaic and can’t wait to try it!

  2. What was in those cookies 🙂 you seemed to have too much fun being cookied out…

  3. Cookies! 🎉 Glad to see the pecan cookies. The Polish ones look great!

  4. Aeon Trespass Odyssey has arrived. It is now on the 2022 list along with Wonderlands War and Everdell.

  5. 15:09 – umm… I found it in my local BAM bookstore in 2021, and they don’t carry the best selection of board games in store! 😊

  6. Sweet video! 😋 I skipped all the content about board games… sorry not sorry 🙃

  7. I am still waiting for my copy of Frosthaven and I think that I will get it but it might be a lot like Etherfields and just surprise me since I got everything for it just like I did with Etherfields, Oh and I finally got my copy of Etherfields several months ago (yes it was a 2020 game but for me it is a 2022 game better late than never).

  8. Oh and you can never go wrong when you combine board gaming with "Cookies" – really you can't. Great selection of games and fantastic selection of cookies. Now throw in some really good "Rum" and you would have a great night of gaming.

  9. Our family is also Polish and I grew up in Kona! Stawberry-guava kołaczkis sound ono! Mele Kalikimaka!

  10. Have you guys heard of the game "Dodging Diabetes" it might fit your list? 😃

  11. Great lists! Hope to see you in a few months!!!

  12. This is the best top 10 list Tantrum House put out this year. You two are fantastic. Thank you!

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