Top 10 Board Games of 2022 -

Top 10 Board Games of 2022

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My top 10 board Games in 2022!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – 10
2:46 – 9
5:08 – 8
8:14 – 7
10:09 – 6
12:45 – 5
15:04 – 4
19:05 – 3
21:45 – 2
25:55 – 1

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  1. I hope you enjoyed my top 10 board games of 2022!

  2. Great list!Two games that I really enjoy playing from 2022 are Oak and Mosaic. Always interesting to see if your favorite game make other people's lists.Take care

  3. Nice wok, Dan! I always like your list and Joel Eddy´s because they seem to focus on other games than the majority of content creators.

  4. What happened to Turing Machine? I thought you had loved that one and was expecting it to be very high on this list. 😕

  5. This list of highlights was great to listen to! I'm looking forward to getting many of these. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

  6. Thanks to Dan, I purchased 10,9,2,1 this year.

    I seriously considered 7 and 5.

    The Gameboy Geek is my go-to on new games. Maybe it's because we're both engineers

  7. how do you feel about ready set bet vs unicorn fever? it's probably the most similar

    also what are the names you use for the horses

  8. I’m surprised Cathala’s Orichalcum is not on this list. I think it’s fantastic.

  9. This was a great year of games, and agree completely with your commentary on Foundations of Rome. I only purchased 8 games that came out in 2022, and you had half of them on your list. You were just missing one of the best of all though with Dead Reckoning :).

  10. I certainly agree with you about Foundations of Rome. I picked it up with the monuments expansion. That game is great!

  11. Played 1/2 of these with you, now I need to play the other 1/2! Great list, thanks TheGameboyGeek!

  12. Great list! I need to play some more of these. I was hoping Monopoly would make the list! 🙂

  13. Great video, great selection that include some interesting selections! Thanks for this. Will be looking at The Lost Code for sure now. and a plastic-free Foundations of Rome.

  14. Can you zoom out a little bit please? You’re a handsome man but on our 70” tv it’s a little to close😅

  15. Foundations of Rome is a good game, but they really shot themselves in the foot with its design.
    There was no reason that they couldn't have made the game with polyomino tiles and then released a massive deluxe version with all the plastic. So many people will never play the game just because of their design choice to make the game cost way much more than it needed to and forcing anyone interested to have to buy this massively overproduced deluxe version.

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